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  1. I know how you feel My TA gets her notices later than most on cc. I usually hear from cc them email my TA.
  2. ‘That’s what we did once we realized the cruise will not happen we booked with RCL a new cruise the refundable deposit taking advantage of a sale. Then the cruise was transferred to my ta and received the fcc. We saved $$ this way and got the cabin of our choice before the prices increased significantly. I learned from The cancellation of our March 2020 NZ cruise.
  3. ‘Just a suggestion you might want to change the font it is hard to read 😩
  4. That was my father. I remember going with him to the store to test the tubes and replace them!
  5. Oh yeah indeed I do!! I would sit for hours turning page edge down and dream. 😉
  6. Our March 2020 NZ (cancelled while onboard in Sydney) and April 2020 Transpacific cancelled. Rebooked for March and April 2021. Just decided to move them to fall 2021 Ovation cruises. Fingers crossed that the world will get a better control on the virus and that something new won’t pop up. 😂
  7. We had 3 cruises cancelled for March and April 20 now rebooked for March 21. Yes we will continue to cruise in the future since I just retired in Feb. We were in Australia for just week returned home. On our Radiance cruise to NZ on board for 3hours before Captain announced NZ closed. We are optimistically cautious and will be patient for all this to pass and a vaccine is available. Stay safe all 🥰
  8. We will be cruising the 10 day Gold Coast cruise on the Sun on Easter. Does Princess do anything special, any special events or menu?
  9. Will be on the ship March 14 for the NZ cruise, glad all is ok so far 😁
  10. Still enjoying this discussion. Hubby wears silk shorts and has no hair on legs, just incase someone is looking under our table.... Yes they are still shorts.
  11. I'm getting such a kick out of this thread. April will be my first cruise on Princess, trying to see what the cruises are like on this forum. I see nothing is new. We usually use RCCL, Norweigin and Holland America. I will approve my husband wearing his silk shorts in the dinning room. Happy travels and don't worry!
  12. This is our first trans pacific cruise in April on the Radiance Sydney to Honolulu. With a cruise this long and many sea days, what is the entertainment like? We plan to keep ourselves busy joining in the various activities. How is the meal plan, I would think many repreat menus. Any special suggestions on how to keep busy other than the usual reading, working out, shows, etc? I was looking for prior reviews on transpacific, anyone have one?? Thanks, CT
  13. I looked up the website of the large pontoon boat located at the reef they take you to for the day snorkeling, it had the prices for the extras. I know Quicksilver is one of them. CT
  14. We were on a Alaska cruise in July - the Denali excursion had cans for water.
  15. Our HAL cruise to the Panama Canal we mustered on the life boat section - which I thought was a good idea so you knew where to go - The only thing bad it was in the direct sun in the 90's in Ft Lauderdale in a lineup formation. Had to wait for all the late comers too. Other cruise lines NCL and RCCL were indoors. Non the less it is an important meeting to attend and to pay attention. CT
  16. I am new to Princess - what is this Sanctuary? Pay to sit there? Please educate me. Are there no shade seats at the main pool? Thanks, CT
  17. I just checked my credit card for excursion bookings on the Sun next year in Australia - the cc was charged in $US and the conversion was current. I was wondering myself about the OBC given for Military service, myself and husband were given $100 each. I would think it is in AU$ as everything else is....
  18. We are on the Radiance next spring for two cruises total of one month. I am signed up for the Gel Mani, sure would like to know how it turns out. Take a picture with your phone and post the colors?? Thanks CT
  19. We usually use Royal. First timers on the Sun in April next year in Australia , both myself and husband are vets. DH was in Vietnam, I am a vet during the Vietnam Era. (We will need to find our discharge docs.) We are mostly casual, don't like to pack too many clothes, food options sound wonderful and I like the idea of having laundry on each deck. I am awake at 5 am so won't have any issues doing laundry then. Is there coffee pot in room, we have a balcony.
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