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  1. Excursions: independent excursions are much cheaper and usually less crowded. BUT, if the excursion involves a long bus trip to the interior, you're better off paying the extra for the ship's tour, because if if the bus breaks down or if there is another delay, you have troubles. If you buy the drink package, learn what is included, because sometimes it includes specialty coffee or fresh squeezed orange juice - which can make the difference between being a bargain and maybe being almost a bargain. Forget the specialty restaurants, UNLESS you happen to really like what they have. I usually visit Johnny Rockets at least once in the cruise because what I pay is worth the fun. But there is so much good free food on the ship, I just don't see the point in paying high prices for Italian or a steak. Consider whether the balcony is worth it to you. Some cruises it isn't - if you're on one of the giant ships, it might be worth it because there's so much competition for the good seats overlooking the ocean. On a smaller ship, there will usually be plenty of places you can find a place to sit and enjoy the ocean. Smuggling alcohol onboard is a gamble. If they confiscate it, you've lost money. If they don't catch you, you still have to go to the cabin to add rum to your drink. Is it worth the back and forth? Maybe you're real good at hiding it (I know some who are), but if you got your tip on these boards, so did the team trying to catch you. Your best chance of success is to figure out your own way to hide it, and you'd better be original. Take the time to learn what the bargains are. You can save money in the gift shops, believe it or not, but you have to know when they're making you a deal vs. when they're charging you way more for your stuff. Then there's the stuff you can't get at home. If you haven't priced it before you leave home, best leave it. I like to also avoid the crowds. Everybody eats in the Food Jammer at lunch, and the dining room for the evening meal. Reverse the two! Much easier to get a seat, and the food is just as good. Stay away from the art auctions unless you just want free drinks or something. They are never a bargain. They represent huge profits for the cruise line. Please don't cheap out when it comes to tipping. The money you save will cost you in karma.
  2. Yes, the roll call is very useful for that sort of thing. You do have to put up with large numbers of other people who are also trying to arrange such things, but then you may come across somebody else already trying to do it! Other things you'll come across are slot pulls and cabin crawls. But often people try to find other people interested in card games and so forth.
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