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  1. paul58

    Shipwreck Bar on St. Kitts shutting down?

    It was open when we were there on November 30th & December 1st.
  2. paul58

    Carambola Beach Club - St. Kitts

    I have seen people arrive at the beach with liquor, beer, soda and food that they purchased from one of the local grocery stores such as Best Buy, Rams or IGA. They may have bought their own cups but then have the gall ask the bartender for some ice! Over the years I have gotten to know some of the local shop owners and they tell how people come off the ship and only go to the duty free shops for liquor and cigarettes then go back to the ship without spending much more.
  3. paul58

    Big black Schooner in St Kitts

    The only large sailboats in St Kitts that are available for excursions are catamarans. The Maltese Falcon has been in St Kitts/Nevis waters but I would be very surprised if they offered any excursions. It is one of the largest sailing yachts at over 286 feet long. It charters for about $400,000 per week with room for 12 guests. There were pictures of it posted on facebook at the time it was offshore of South Friars Beach.
  4. paul58

    Anyone have a good email address for Carambola

    Try this e-mail, reservations@carambolabeachclub.com or if you are on face book, use the message function to contact them from the face book page
  5. There are many tour operators at the port offering their services. Tour prices for the most part are somewhat negotiable as to price and itinerary.
  6. paul58

    Carambola Beach Club - St. Kitts

    A person that does not want to pay for something like a beach chair/lounger/umbrella according to Port Royal a frequent poster on this site. I could be wrong of my interpretation of his posts but I have seen them.
  7. paul58

    Carambola Beach Club - St. Kitts

    It still looks like $10/chair/umbrella total $30.00
  8. There will be many taxi/tour operators at the port offering their services. The train is usually booked through the cruise line and depending what line you are sailing with, the only way to do this excursion.
  9. The cheapest would be to stop at Caribelle Batik's shop in Port Zante( the pier & shopping area at the port) then take a taxi to South Friars beach. Taxis will do it both ways either pay at the completion of the round trip or pay for each way.
  10. paul58

    Blue Water Safari Tours?

    I am guessing that you are on a cruise ship stop. I would do an island tour to get the most out of your brief visit to St Kitts. Most land tours will end up the tour with a stop at the beach. They usually stop at South Friars or Cockleshell. I would be concerned about the amount of time allotted for the Nevis visit.
  11. paul58

    Blue Water Safari Tours?

    They have been in operation for years. They have been operating their sailing/snorkeling tours since at least 1995 during my first stay over visit to St Kitts. I have been on several of their trips over the years. They are a very reputable tour operator and have expanded their offerings. I believe that they offer a trip worth the price. They compete with Leeward Island tours which also offers many of the same tours. Leeward does an excellent job also.
  12. paul58

    Carl's Tours (or Premier Tours?)

    This is the St Kitts & Nevis forum page on cruisecritic.
  13. paul58

    Nevis - Pinney's Beach via Catamaran

    I believe that at the present time they go ashore near Sunshines which is south of the Four Seasons resort. Pinney's Beach stretches from near Charlestown north to Cades Bay. The length is over 4 miles. I would stay right there and enjoy the beach & day.
  14. paul58

    Train tour: A bus ride always part of it?

    They offered a trip back on a power boat(I believe it was a catamaran) several years ago but I think the additional cost was rather high. I do not think they had many takers. When it gets busy during the heavy cruise season stay over guests staying on St Kitts have a hard time booking the busy excursions such as the train, zip line and the sailing catamarans to Nevis.This what they offered several years ago: St. Kitts Scenic Rail and Sail Tour The narrow gauge St. Kitts Scenic Railway is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. Originally built between 1912 and 1926 to deliver sugar cane from the fields to the sugar mill in Basseterre, the "Last Railway in the West Indies" now provides a new way for visitors to circle the island with this unique tour that includes the train ride and a cruise on a Catamaran sailboat. The Railway portion of the tour hugs the Northeastern coastline where spectacular vistas of the ocean, surf, cliffs and lush vegetation surround you. The train rolls across tall steel bridges spanning deep "ghuts", or canyons, and winds through small villages and farms. Dark green rain forests are skirted by rippling fields of sugar cane, with the volcanic cone of Mt. Liamuiga rising above the railway. Arriving at La Valle Station, you will be transferred the short distance to New Guinea to board your state-of-the-art Catamaran. Sailing along the western coastline of St Kitts you enjoy excellent vistas of Brimstone Hill Fortress, the British "Gibraltar of the West Indies", and many of the small fishing villages. Abandoned sugar estates nestle amongst the cane fields on the slopes of the mountains. Pass Old Road Town, the first British settlement, founded by Sir Thomas Warner in January 1624, and sail around "Bloody Point", where the French and the British came together to destroy the power of the Carib Indians in 1626. During the cruise back to Basseterre, you can enjoy our open bar and light refreshments. The Catamaran will return you right to Port Zante's Marina, located beside your ship. The 18 miles by rail and 12 miles by catamaran make a complete 30-mile circle around the island. Duration: 4 hours (approx. 10 minutes from cruise ship to rail station, 2 hours on train, 10 minutes on shuttle bus to catamaran dock, 1 hour 30 minutes on catamaran, and 10 minute return to cruise ship pier by shuttle bus). PLEASE NOTE: the tour may operate in reverse as "SAIL/RAIL".
  15. paul58

    Train tour: A bus ride always part of it?

    The train excursions all start with a bus ride to the train. The train does not circle the island, you will be brought from the where the excursion end back to the port. They may offer several alternatives on how you return to the port area. The bus return is included in you excursion. They do offer a return via a power boat along the coast at more money. If you are into trains, you may not care about the price. The cruise lines have the train excursions pretty much under their control. You can not book it independently if your ship has an agreement withe the train.