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  1. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS Currently, the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis welcomes only fully vaccinated visitors. Exemptions are made for Citizens and Residents. Entry requirements for international travel for vaccinated visitors can be found on the Travel Requirements page. Information on the status of Covid-19 cases in the Federation can be found on the Destination Updates page. St. Kitts and Nevis removes travel restriction for UK travelers. https://www.stkittstourism.kn/travel-advisory-update We urge all visitors to reach out to their Travel Approved hotel before arrival to confirm the status of the property and what amenities are presently available. Please note St. Kitts Tourism Authority website (www.stkittstourism.kn) is the official source for any information about travel requirements. Check back regularly for updates as you plan your visit.
  2. I believe at the present time only "bubble" tours are offered to cruisers. The requirement are very fluid and could change several times before your cruise. Check with your cruise line and St Kitts's tourism site. https://www.stkittstourism.kn/
  3. St Kitts is not know for its snorkeling.
  4. Here is Thenford's latest contact information. https://www.thenfordgreytours.com/ I think it may be a while before the large cruise ships schedule stops on St Kitts. My guess is Fall of 2021 at the earliest but all could change overnight.
  5. I believe that is WAY too early to make plans for an excursion off of a cruise ship that is not until April of 2021. Too many things are unsettled at this time.
  6. There are several operators that have smaller power catamarans that offer this type of trip. Look in trip advisor
  7. The operators of the large sailing catamarans are for the most part have agreements with the cruise lines for the excursion you are looking for. The most popular excursion is the sail along the SE Peninsula with a snorkeling stop then continuing on to Nevis with a stop at Pinney's Beach with lunch. This excursion is almost always booked through the ship's excursion desk or their online website.
  8. The day passes seem to be a decent way to spend a day on St Kitts for cruisers. The best pricing would be a walk in. There is "a resort for a day" website but they charge extra for the service. If your cruise is in January you should not have any problems getting a room. There are times when they are busy(holidays such as Christmas) that they will be full and will not have rooms available for the day pass program. Good luck!
  9. The beaches on South Friars Bay. There is Carambola and Shipwreck, plus a few smaller beach bars. The beach at Cockleshell Bay, Reggea Beach Bar and others. The closest to the port is South Friars.
  10. from their web page: : What are the age limits? A: Our age limit is 6yrs of age incorporated with a weight minimum of 60 lbs to partake. Our maximum weight capacity is 275 lbs.
  11. according to their social media site, hours are Hours 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  12. From the port to Shipwreck on South Friars should be about $15 each way for up to 4 passengers sharing the ride. All traffic to South Friars goes over Sir Timothy Hill. It is probably one of the most visited stops on St Kitts.
  13. If it is a busy day with several large cruise ships in port it may be a good idea to make a reservation.
  14. The street BBQ's are for the most part, a Friday & Saturday event. We have been to St Kitts many times as non-cruising visitors and have not seen them out except for the Friday and Saturday operations.
  15. It is about a 20 min taxi ride from the port. A reservation may be advisable if there are a number of ships in port.
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