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  1. Hi Karen, Seems it's getting closer to cruising again. Got a email from Crew member in the Philippines, saying half a dozen crew friends reported to Diamond Princess in Singapore. Maybe things are starting to happen. Guessing that it may take a month or so to get everything ready for those land locked polly wogs. Take care and hope to see you soon. Stan
  2. Ship capacity for Quantum of the Sea, "Cruise To No Where" out of Singapore three days ago was only 40 % of passengers.
  3. Word from crew member is Princess is getting 7 ships ready. Onboard the three ships are the full staffing of Deck, Environmental, Engine, Electro Technical Departments. Partial Food Services, Medical and Housekeeping. A few others like Plumbers, Carpenters, Storekeeper and Crew Manager. I'm guessing that during the ships down time, contractors were installing and completing the Ocean Medallion and other up grades planned.
  4. Hi Karen, It looks like things are starting to move. Crew in the Philippines wrote saying some are getting notices for the Med. Exams before returning. One Accommodation Officer got his. Three Chefs join Ruby last months and they were transferred to Majestic, who's on her way to LA. My neighbor, a Music Director for Princess wrote saying there's going to be a online conference for all Music Directors tomorrow. All I can say is HOO RAH ! Return to cruising has to start somewhere, sometime, and this is the beginning. Yes Majestic is a lovely ship.
  5. We were on the Third Phase of their Maiden Voyage and here are the menu for the Lobster Bar and Noodle Bar. But as for the Salty Dog Grill, they serve a free Triple Smoked Burger. For me, it was a winner. Beef patty, made with hickory smoked bacon jam, bbq smoked onions and smoked gouda cheese. I always had them add extra bacon jam and bbq onions. Yummy ! If you are a beer drinker, then the Ernesto burger is a great deal. Beer alone cost about 5 to 7 bucks. The Ernesto combo cost 8 bucks, which makes it cheap for a rib eye burger. Dos XX cost 6.95, and so the burger is only $1.05.
  6. John, remember Coffee is very subjective and always in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes the Barista will make a difference. We know this Barista that makes art out of his coffees and many ladies love him. Here are a few of his creations and a price list from 2019, just to show you the varieties available.
  7. John57, Here is what was served on Grand Princess. I was a a 10 cupper for 30 years. C O F F E E .pages
  8. Hi Tom. Tired, waiting for another cruise. Yes, three ships are Lay-up in the Port of Oakland. The Norwegian Jewel and Oceania Regatta are tied up at the Outer Harbor-Ports of America. Both facing the SF/Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. The Seven Sea Mariner is berth at the Inner Harbor-Howard Terminal, across from Alameda. My understanding is that they have a 3 months contract to stay there and can extend it. Fran and I are booked on the Ruby's Oct. 24 to Hawaii, that's if things are going well. My friend Brian Vasquez, the Hawaiian Ambassadors that got off Grand Princess and was quaranti
  9. Final scoop from Island Princess. Crew member just wrote that there are still 78 crew of mixed nationalities onboard, still waiting for a chartered flight home. The Zimbabwes and Mauritius crew member are flying out on July 2nd. The Chinese crew members are flying home on their chartered plane on July 4th. This makes the Thais, Malays and Kiwis still waiting for their schedule flights. It seems that with those 29 Cruise Ships anchored in Manila Bay, some organization is putting together crew members from different Countries/Nationalities, from different cruise ships to fill chartered plan
  10. He was a bartender and three years ago he became a Barista. He does art on coffee mochas. He does faces of his customers, but here are a few others he does.
  11. He's been working for Princess over 12 years and he's Link with his wife. They are assign to the same ship but their Link is off by 45 days. His wife left Island Princess before the Pandemic started. They generally work together for at least 7 months each year. He's a real pro.
  12. Just in, so far 300 Filipinos were release to go home. Another batch will be going home tomorrow. They still have crew members from the Mauritius, Thailand and Chinese waiting far their charter flights. Crew from Japan will sent home today. Since he was a crew member of Island Princes, he will be the last to leave. He is on day 356.
  13. He's Filipino, and can't wait to get home. His wife got off Island Princess in February and their Link is off by one month, so he got the worst of the deal. This was their first rotation on Island and previously, the did 2 rotations on Grand Princess and they were my adopted family, for 10 of my cruises.
  14. My crew friend is still onboard. His contracted on Island Princess started July 17, 2019. Today, he's been on Island for 355 days. He was one of the Barista.
  15. Crew onboard Island Princess wrote "On Monday at 5 am on all the open decks, covered with crew screaming and waving to other Princess ships anchored. In view were Majestic, Sun, Sea, Diamond and Sapphire Princess. Some waving flags and many had tears and some crying. I've been on Island for 352 days." This was a three months journey and two more periods of quarantine to go. It's been a very long road home, but I'm so happy for all of them.
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