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  1. Here's what I do with those magnets.......,
  2. Yes, the plain Croissant were buttery and light, though, they seem a bit smaller in size.
  3. I forgot to post the photo of the Pistachio Croissant. It was only okay, cause the pistachio was too soft. I like the hot monkey bread and the peanut butter cup the best. The Almond Croissant is still my favorite.
  4. Just off Grand. Don't know about brew coffee, but there are new pastries every morning. Here they are.....
  5. Just off Grand. Here what we got...... Avenger:Endgame Bohemian Rhapsody Breakthrough Fighting with My Family Isn't it Romantic Poms Shazam The Upside Xmen:Dark Phoenix The Aftermath Inside Out Aquaman Captain Marvel Rocket Man John Wick #3 Men In Black International Aladdin Crazy Rich Asian A Dog's Journey The cruise before our's, they installed "On Demand TV" in your staterooms. There is over 60 more movies available, along with many TV Program Series and a Music Listening option.
  6. The August 14th was a 10 days Alaska Cruise taken by my neighbor Simon. I'm going on Grand this Tuesday, Sept 13th for the same 10 days out of San Francisco. I doubt they do much changes to the scheduled movies until the end of the Alaskan Cruising Season, which is one more 10 days Alaskan Cruise and then it starts the Mexican Riviera Season.
  7. Grand Princess August 14. Avenger: End Game -x Bohemian Rhapsody -x Breakthrough -x Fighting with my Family -x Isn't it Romantic -x Moms -x Shazam -x The Upside -x Men: Dark Phoenix -x Inside Out Aquaman Christopher Robin Hotel Transylvania #3 Fantastic Beast Long Shot Dumbo Ralph Breaks the Internet The Great Showman The x- were played at the MUTS and the remainder in the Vista Lounge, Staterooms.
  8. Mikado, What's the date of your Hawaiian Cruise? Fran and I will be on the November 3rd cruise. We love doing those 15 days and with your live blog, WOW !, going to be wonderful read.
  9. I've had similar drying problems on Deck 5 dryers, but on Deck 10, those machines were newer, and worked out fine.
  10. "BRAVO ZULU", job Well Done to you, Mikado & Cougaraz. I felt I was cruising with you two, but I was still hungry. This has been the most complete on going coverage of any cruise I've ever read. THANKS. I'll be boarding Grand one week from today, so I'm primed and ready to go.
  11. Mikado, any chance you still have Day 2 Princess Patter, August 15, 2019. You double post Day 3. Thanks a lot.
  12. Here is what I wrote back in April about Grand's dry dock.
  13. Hi Andi, you are right on about those measly little crab cakes, but at Tracey King Crab Shack, I was paying 18 bucks for those. I had one of this King Crab Leg and it was scrumptious, and it was only $28.
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