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  1. Well, I found the mug and he thinks it's great! I went to Target to look at the Aladdin, didn't like the screw on lip since my husband will probably use it without the top from time to time. Found this one, with a push in rather than screw on top. https://www.target.com/p/proof-14oz-stainless-steel-travel-mug-dark-blue/-/A-76149459 Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions! I hope others found ideas to help them. Jerie
  2. We had a club class mini on the Grand Princess in May, 2018 (10 day out of San Francisco to Alaska). Was our first time in Club Class, and we would definitely do it again. Pros: Only waited about 5 minutes one time, every other time, seated right away. Ana, the hostess, knew our names the 2nd time we were in the dining room. We saw her all over the ship and she always greeted us by name. We met 2 different couples in CC - once Ana saw us chatting with them, she would make sure we had the opportunity to sit with them or at the adjoining 2 top. Lunch embarkation day, so very nice to sit down and be served a very nice lunch Breakfast debarkation day, Ana took our carry on and set it aside for us, was a very pleasant breakfast. Debarkation waiting area is separate and was a very short walk off the ship. Couch in the cabin, not just a chair. Great cabin position, mid-ship Cons: The two 1/2 bottles of wine were not very good. Two tops are very close together - nearly the same as a table for 4. Cost - but considering all the Pros - definitely worth it to us.
  3. When we took the Ultimate Ship's Tour in May 2018 on the Grand Princess, the gifts were -Robe -picture frame -personalized note pad -apron -picture of our entire group on the bridge it was all delivered to our room in a Princess bag It all definitely took up room in our bags going home!
  4. This is exactly the type mug I was thinking of. Looks like my Target has them in stock - will check them out soon. thanks!
  5. They come in so handy. A fun shape (starfish, boat, etc) would be great in a cruise gift bag. What a great friend you are to prepare such a thoughtful gift for them.
  6. JC in CA

    Whale watching

    We were on a whale watch with Jayleen last summer. She is fantastic! Since she grew up on an island there, she really knows the area. As we left the harbor, the motor snagged on something - pretty scary for a moment or two, but she handled it like the pro she is! I would definitely book with her again!
  7. Pad of post-its. We've found this handy to leave notes for each other or to request ice from our room steward. I forgot them last time and wished I had them!
  8. I'm hearing that the cups on the ship are rather small - his mug at home is probably double the size on the ship. I won't hear the end of how small the cups are on the ship, especially the afternoon cuppa.
  9. this would be most like his mug at home - thanks!
  10. Thanks Ule - good info, just in case it goes in a bag sometime.
  11. nice looking! His birthday is just before the cruise - might be a perfect gift! thanks!
  12. Does anyone have a favorite travel coffee mug? I understand that the ship we will be on this fall has only regular coffee cups - no take away paper- and they are pretty small. My hubby is use to having a good sized cup of coffee at home, and for his happiness (and mine!), I would like to find him a good travel mug. His one sticking point on coffee mugs is a handle big enough. Anyone have a favorite they would like to share? thanks in advance! -Jerie
  13. Absolutely! Thank goodness you were able to get replacements.
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