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  1. I had similar concerns prior to our 1st Regent cruise this past fall. We felt ABSOLUTELY comfortable! We did have 2 dinners (a shared table in Chartreuse and a dinner with the General Manager) where our dining companions wanted to make sure we knew how many nights they had been on Regent and not in a good way. Otherwise, everyone we met was welcoming and really nice! There are going to be "those sorts" everywhere. We felt that the Regent experience was very nice!
  2. Prior to our Panama Canal Cruise out of LA Sept 29, 2019, Regent used the Beverly Wilshire. We did not check in until 8:30 PM and they were out of king beds. We were put in a Junior Suite with two double beds. This was fine with us. It is a beautiful hotel, and quite extravagant! We found the buffet breakfast to be fine. There was a selection of pastries, yogurt, fruit, eggs, potatoes, sausages / bacon. Upon check in everyone was given their boarding groups for the bus. The desk was closed by the time we arrived, so we picked ours up the next morning. The representative told us that they expected to be ahead of schedule and to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to our time. The bus pulled away from the hotel before the assigned meet time! Arriving at the port, there were quite a few people in the terminal and we were again given a boarding group number. There was plenty of seating; however no beverages / snacks of any sort. We waited 20-30 minutes and were then called. We were grateful that they had us sit and wait to be called rather than stand in line to wait!
  3. This will only be our 2nd Regent cruise - which puts a check in the concierge column Departing from NYC - lots of choices for pre cruise stay - which puts check in veranda column We prefer to depart from San Jose, CA (10 min drive) rather than SFO - so air deviation or booking our own depending on how prices work out. Will also want at least business class - we are both tall and will potentially have 3 suitcases. with the stock mkt going crazy today - check in concierge column.... Thank you!
  4. Papaflamingo, Would love to hear of your experiences!!
  5. Thanks Flossie! Exactly what I was thinking! Hoping to hear of anyone's experience tendering in Greenland! Doubt we would use a butler - so we have narrowed down to E or D - eliminated F after looking at cabin placement- all aft. So glad to have this forum and so many experienced Regent folks to help! Jerie
  6. Thank you Ladys Mom - it looks like an incredible cruise. Note taken about lots of layers! I had forgotten the difference in internet between the levels, good point. Jerie
  7. Hello, We have Greenland on our "really want to see" list and are seriously considering the May 31, 2021 NYC to Iceland cruise. I was reading on the Princess boards about a cruise of theirs that visits Greenland and how difficult it is for many people to get off of the ship due to the very small dock and the ship having to tender. Thinking that a small ship like Regent Navigator is the only way to go (besides the wonderful Regent experience!). I'd love to hear from others who have been on a Regent cruise that has stopped in Greenland. Would you recommend it? What excursions did you take? We are also debating Veranda E or Concierge D. The cabin sizes are exactly the same. There is a price difference of $700 per person. I have read about vibration in aft cabins, so would want mid or forward, which either category would give us. I'm having a difficult time justifying an additional $1400 for the two of us to get the pre-night hotel stay in NYC, transfers, and earlier excursion / Prime 7 reservations. Our first Regent cruise this past fall was on the Mariner through the Panama Canal and we did book a Concierge suite. We enjoyed staying at the Beverly Wilshire and meeting other passengers at breakfast that morning. We were also pleased to book all of our 1st choice excursions. thanks for any info! Jerie
  8. We made sure we chose a shower on our Mariner cruise. We are both tall and had read about issues with the tub floor being rather high, cutting down over all height of the shower. We were VERY pleased with the shower! Very large for a cruise ship! Go to the deck plans on the Regent website and look for suites with a star- those have shower only. https://www.rssc.com/ships/explorer?ship=MAR&deck=08
  9. Yes! We had Club Class in 2018 on Grand Princess. The dining room hostess, Ana, made our trip! The dining room staff was very good as well. We really enjoyed the Club Class experience.
  10. Thanks for this reminder- there was a lot of chatter about Window Suites while we were looking into our 2018 SF-Alaska-SF cruise. For the Greenland itinerary, a balcony won't be that important to us. Something to consider....
  11. ahhh- thank you all! The club class suites on the cruise I am looking at must all be sold out! I had jumped to the conclusion that the ship didn't have them. Thank you!!!!
  12. By any chance does anyone have a list (or know where to find one on the Princess web site) of which ships offer club class mini suites? We really enjoyed club class on the Grand in 2018 and would like to look at cruises that offer this option. When looking into a Greenland cruise - I realized that not all Princess ships offer club class. Thanks for any info! Jerie
  13. We were on our 1st Regent cruise in October. Yes, it is pricey - but you do need to add everything into the price of a non-inclusive cruise to compare. The small size and very friendly passengers were one of our favorite things about the Mariner. The bridge instructor was a nice surprise - we'd never played and definitely learned the basics to start us off. Excursions were managed extremely well! We were on a large cruise once, where we sat and waited and waited in the theater to be called to leave. On Regent we arrived in the theater a bit before the listed time- exchanged our tickets for the bus number ticket and were often called out to the bus before our time! The table was well staffed and very well organized. I missed having a full promenade deck as we've experienced on some of the larger ships we have been on; but on a smaller ship space needs to be carefully allotted - and it is well done on the Mariner . I greatly appreciated all of the open public spaces- inside and around the pool. Room service was the speediest of any we have ever had. Meals were always complete and breakfasts were delivered early in the selected time window. One day our tray was still in our room late into the afternoon - someone responded to my call for a pick up quite quickly. We did come across a few crew that were not at the same level of service that we expected with a luxury cruise line. One was an assistant waitress in Chartreuse. She repeatedly walked up to our table and started talking - not paying attention to the fact that our dining companion was talking. First time, I thought perhaps she didn't realize it, but when she did it at least 2 more times, I realized that she must not have been paying attention. I saw our waitress the next day and mentioned it to her, she thanked me profusely and said she would talk with her about it. Another was the gal in the coffee connection early on in our cruise, she must have been having a tough day, but her short attitude with the passenger in front of me should not have happened. Justus (sp?) in the coffee connection was fantastic! Our room stewardess was rarely around, although she kept our room in great shape, she never checked in to see if we needed anything else - restocking of our fridge would have been nice, but we were fine getting what we needed in one of the bars. We were glad we took the plunge and tried Regent! Jerie
  14. Hammo- I can't remember where I read it - might have been on the cabin TV - but somewhere it said that credits could not be used in the casino. We did not try to use ours there. Perhaps others have experience with using OBC in the casino. My husband plays Texas Holdem at home and went to check the game- said there were only a few players and he did not like the way the tournament was set up - something about unlimited re-buys. We had $500 in OBC from our TA- spent almost $400 on Regent Choice excursions and most of the rest in the boutique and additional ship to shore minutes. We were told that these credits were non-refundable. One of our excursions had to be partially cancelled due to weather - around 5 PM the night before departure we received a letter saying they were crediting our account. We were surprised to receive a credit back on our credit card! -Jerie
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