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  1. Small world! I did save all of the daily Passages - I forgot which way you are planning - if LA to Miami - I'd be happy to loan them to you!
  2. Smokeyham: We were in suite 863 (starboard) on the Mariner. We traveled the eastbound route - from LA to Miami. We were ALL over the ship on canal day! The observation lounge and the 2 outdoor areas next to it were quite crowded. Two of our favorite spots were the outdoor area of La Veranda - seeing the gates close behind us, and the Mariner lounge as we were going up in a lock- watching the wall as we rose was really something- really gave us a sense of how fast we were rising! The transit takes a long time, and I would encourage you to experience it in as many different places as
  3. BSR, We have only been on one Regent cruise - although we have been on Princess, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. We REALLY enjoyed the Regent experience! We chose to book Concierge because we wanted best chance of getting our 1st choice excursions (and we did). Tips to share - check this board - tons of good stuff! Make sure you participate in the "block party" - a lot of fun and you do get to meet your "neighbors". We were able to get reservations early in the cruise for both Chartreuse and Prime 7 - we went by the reservation desk and got a same night shared ta
  4. BSR, I am 5'9" and hubby is 6'3" - the shower was great for us. As we understand it, if we had had the tub/shower option, my husband very well would have had to duck in the shower. Also- we found out on our 2019 Panama Canal cruise on the Mariner that if you order orange juice in the restaurants, you will get from concentrate (we saw someone else with a darker orange colored juice than ours and asked our server about it). You can order fresh squeezed orange juice as well - which we did and enjoyed it a lot! Enjoy your first Regent Cruise! Jerie
  5. I loved the scallops in both Chartreuse and Compass Rose. The caramel corn dessert that everyone talks about was good - but I really enjoyed just the caramel corn - I asked the waiter if I could just order that next time, he said sure. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get another reservation. For breakfast in Compass Rose - I can't remember the name, and the breakfast menu isn't on the RSS website - it has small chunks of fruit and a blueberry (sorbet like) scoop in the middle. Very tasty, and made me feel like I was starting the day off a bit healthy! On
  6. There is a review for 1081, but not the others, on the Suite Guru post on this board. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E5nMQZ0NjNb7DvUER9jBGH2AUlMw9VuaDa6lPDzIZS8/edit#gid=264249254 And the entire post is here
  7. Yes! That is it! Sheese- can't believe I missed it ! thank you!!!!
  8. cabin guru ? nope - that's not what I remember. The one I remember had specific suites - but number- and then comments about them. And it was on cruise critic.
  9. Ok- maybe I am dreaming this up - but, wasn't there a post at the top of this forum with all of Regent's ships and each cabin listed? People were able to make comments as to their experience in that suite - noise, vibration, etc. I can't find that post - does anyone know what happened to it? Jerie
  10. thank you! We have been on the Mariner once before - through the Panama Canal in 2019 - loved the ship and crew! Someone posted a video review of this cruise (Jan 2020) - just looking at it now. Very tempting......
  11. Would love to be on a cruise.... instead we are thinking of what we might want to do in the future. The San Francisco to Papeete 5 Jan 2022 has caught our attention. Has anyone here taken a similar cruise? Your thoughts? Specifically on the Pacific Ocean crossing - rough, cold, enough to keep you busy on board? Thanks for any information! Jerie PS- San Francisco is our homeport - we are just 1 hour south.
  12. We were 1st time Regent cruisers and booked a Concierge suite on the Mariner for our 2019 Panama Canal Cruise. We did not use Regent Air because we wanted to use our local airport. (Did not make sense to us to drive 1 hour when we could have someone easily drop us off 10 minutes away!) We did receive a credit against our final payment for using our own air. Because of this, we had to arrange our own transport from airport to hotel and then at the end of the cruise from ship to airport. The reasons we felt concierge was the way to go for us were: -earlier excursion selectio
  13. I had similar concerns prior to our 1st Regent cruise this past fall. We felt ABSOLUTELY comfortable! We did have 2 dinners (a shared table in Chartreuse and a dinner with the General Manager) where our dining companions wanted to make sure we knew how many nights they had been on Regent and not in a good way. Otherwise, everyone we met was welcoming and really nice! There are going to be "those sorts" everywhere. We felt that the Regent experience was very nice!
  14. Prior to our Panama Canal Cruise out of LA Sept 29, 2019, Regent used the Beverly Wilshire. We did not check in until 8:30 PM and they were out of king beds. We were put in a Junior Suite with two double beds. This was fine with us. It is a beautiful hotel, and quite extravagant! We found the buffet breakfast to be fine. There was a selection of pastries, yogurt, fruit, eggs, potatoes, sausages / bacon. Upon check in everyone was given their boarding groups for the bus. The desk was closed by the time we arrived, so we picked ours up the next morning. The rep
  15. This will only be our 2nd Regent cruise - which puts a check in the concierge column Departing from NYC - lots of choices for pre cruise stay - which puts check in veranda column We prefer to depart from San Jose, CA (10 min drive) rather than SFO - so air deviation or booking our own depending on how prices work out. Will also want at least business class - we are both tall and will potentially have 3 suitcases. with the stock mkt going crazy today - check in concierge column.... Thank you!
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