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  1. 3 hours ago, Smokeyham said:

    @JC in CA

    Thanks so much for the feedback!  I'm also from Santa Clara..... I agree, we don't get many thunderstorms.  🙂


    Small world!

    I did save all of the daily Passages - I forgot which way you are planning - if LA to Miami - I'd be happy to loan them to you!


  2. On 3/16/2021 at 5:48 AM, Smokeyham said:

    From your post I take that the cooler side of the ship is the port side if going from the Pacific to the Atlantic?


    We were in suite 863 (starboard) on the Mariner.  We traveled  the eastbound route - from LA to Miami.  We were ALL over the ship on canal day!  The observation lounge and the 2 outdoor areas next to it were quite crowded.  Two of our favorite spots were the outdoor area of La Veranda - seeing the gates close behind us, and the Mariner lounge as we were going up in a lock- watching the wall as we rose was really something- really gave us a sense of how fast we were rising!  The transit takes a long time, and I would encourage you to experience it in as many different places as possible.  


    My comment about heating up our suite is that in the afternoon, as we were southbound from LA, we had the sun coming into our suite which definitely could be felt, and our balcony was quite warm!  The A/C in our suite, and all over the ship, was very good. 


    One thing we found quite by accident is that there were thunderstorms many nights.  We leave our blinds open at night - not like anyone will be looking in- and got to see some wonderful lightning shows from our bed!  (We are from CA - not many lightning storms here!)


    This was a very enjoyable cruise for us - our 1st on Regent - we hope we will do more in the future!

    enjoy your cruise, whenever it may take place!


  3. On 3/7/2021 at 2:40 PM, BSR said:

    Any other tips can you can share with us?


    We have only been on one Regent cruise - although we have been on Princess, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. We REALLY enjoyed the Regent experience!  We chose to book Concierge because we wanted best chance of getting our 1st choice excursions (and we did). 


    Tips to share - check this board - tons of good stuff!  Make sure you participate in the "block party" - a lot of fun and you do get to meet your "neighbors".  We were able to get reservations early in the cruise for both Chartreuse and Prime 7 -  we went by the reservation desk and got a same night shared table in Chartreuse later in the cruise.  It was a - as my kids would say - "meh" experience.  One of the few times we felt someone we met had to show off - talking about the business and houses they owned.  We would still do a shared table again - was just a bummer that they weren't as easy going as so many others we met!  We also received 2 invitations to dine with senior members of the staff - we accepted both.  In both situations it was with another couple (both had had hundreds of nights on Regent!) us, and the staff person. We enjoyed the experience.  My only guess is that this happened because I had set up the "roll call" here on Cruise Critic- and we may have been picked because of that.  We had a good time on the roll call - prior to boarding getting to know folks, attending the meet & greet, and seeing everyone throughout the cruise - highly recommend joining and being active there!


    Daily activities - we had a number of sea days on our cruise - one thing that we did was take the beginning bridge lessons.  We had never played, thought it was just something that our grandmothers did back in the day, but - wow- we had a great time!  We are so glad we went, met some great people there too! 

    I do have all of the "Passages" from our trip - there was usually at least one enrichment lecture, exercise classes, walk a mile, sometimes a dance class, arts and craft activity (I did origami boxes), the social hostess often puts on various other activities, and there are the games against the crew- lots of fun!  
    I'm pretty sure there are copies of different Passages posted here on Cruise Critic. 


    If its been less than 14 days since you booked - you can get a $250 savings by being referred by someone - there is info on the Regent website under Regent Ambassador Referral.  I'd definitely recommend that - our TA told us about it and helped us get a referral.  

    Ask questions - lots of helpful folks here!


  4. On 3/5/2021 at 5:47 PM, BSR said:

    maybe the shower would be a better choice for us


    I am 5'9" and hubby is 6'3" - the shower was great for us.  As we understand it, if we had had the tub/shower option, my husband very well would have had to duck in the shower.

    Also- we found out on our 2019 Panama Canal cruise on the Mariner that if you order orange juice in the restaurants, you will get from concentrate (we saw someone else with a darker orange colored juice than ours and asked our server about it).  You can order fresh squeezed orange juice as well - which we did and enjoyed it a lot!

    Enjoy your first Regent Cruise!


  5. I loved the scallops in both Chartreuse and Compass Rose.


    The caramel corn dessert that everyone talks about was good - but I really enjoyed just the caramel corn - I asked the waiter if I could just order that next time, he said sure.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get another reservation.


    For breakfast in Compass Rose - I can't remember the name, and the breakfast menu isn't on the RSS website - it has small chunks of fruit and a blueberry (sorbet like) scoop in the middle.  Very tasty, and made me feel like I was starting the day off a bit healthy!


    One morning I really wanted eggs benedict - wasn't on the menu- but I asked, no problem!


    I think you are very wise to scour the CC boards for info on Regent. I was glad I had!


    We really enjoyed our 1st Regent cruise on the Mariner in 2019 through the Panama Canal .  Such a different experience to be on a smaller ship, than we'd been used to.


  6. 5 hours ago, Lorac3 said:

    Has anyone stayed in one of the 3 Horizon View Suites, (1082, 1083, 1084) on the Mariner?  The suites are below LaVeranda Restaurant and there is dining inside and out, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Concerned about the noise level.  All replies are appreciated. Thank you.


    There is a review for 1081, but not the others, on the Suite Guru post on this board.



    And the entire post is here  



  7. Would love to be on a cruise.... instead we are thinking of what we might want to do in the future.  The San Francisco to Papeete 5 Jan 2022 has caught our attention.  Has anyone here taken a similar cruise?  Your thoughts?  Specifically on the Pacific Ocean crossing - rough, cold, enough to keep you busy on board?

    Thanks for any information!



    PS- San Francisco is our homeport - we are just 1 hour south. 

  8. We were 1st time Regent cruisers and booked a Concierge suite on the Mariner for our 2019 Panama Canal Cruise.  We did not use Regent Air because we wanted to use our local airport.  (Did not make sense to us to drive 1 hour when we could have someone easily drop us off 10 minutes away!)  We did receive a credit against our final payment for using our own air.  Because of this, we had to arrange our own transport from airport to hotel and then at the end of the cruise from ship to airport.


    The reasons we felt concierge was the way to go for us were:

    -earlier excursion selection (got all of our 1st choices)

    -earlier reservation date for Prime 7 and Chartreuse (did not get the dates we wanted - but did get dates early in the trip as we wanted.)

    -location of room

    -staying at the Beverly Wilshire was an amazing treat - but also worked out quite well because we were able to start our cruise off the first morning by meeting some really nice people who we continued to run into on the ship for the next 2 weeks!


    Yes the cost is more, for us it was we were pleased with the decision.


  9. 23 hours ago, nyc2pdx said:

    I have to say, I am considering taking a cruise with RSSC, and one thing that worried me about a luxury line was the potential to feel out of place.  I am a professional, educated, and based on the responses I am seeing on this thread, I think my concerns can be put to rest.  Thanks!


    I had similar concerns prior to our 1st Regent cruise this past fall.  We felt ABSOLUTELY comfortable!  We did have 2 dinners (a shared table in Chartreuse and a dinner with the General Manager) where our dining companions wanted to make sure we knew how many nights they had been on Regent and not in a good way.  Otherwise, everyone we met was welcoming and really nice!  There are going to be "those sorts" everywhere.  We felt that the Regent experience was very nice!

  10. Prior to our Panama Canal Cruise out of LA Sept 29, 2019, Regent used the Beverly Wilshire.  We did not check in until 8:30 PM and they were out of king beds.  We were put in a Junior Suite with two double beds.  This was fine with us.  It is a beautiful hotel, and quite extravagant!  


    We found the buffet breakfast to be fine.  There was a selection of pastries, yogurt, fruit, eggs, potatoes, sausages / bacon.  


    Upon check in everyone was given their boarding groups for the bus.  The desk was closed by the time we arrived, so we picked ours up the next morning.  The representative told us that they expected to be ahead of schedule and to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to our time.  The bus pulled away from the hotel before the assigned meet time!


    Arriving at the port, there were quite a few people in the terminal and we were again given a boarding group number.  There was plenty of seating; however no beverages / snacks of any sort.  We waited 20-30 minutes and were then called.  We were grateful that they had us sit and wait to be called rather than stand in line to wait!

  11. 51 minutes ago, UUNetBill said:

    SSS status, too

    This will only be our 2nd Regent cruise - which puts a check in the concierge column

    Departing from NYC - lots of choices for pre cruise stay - which puts check in veranda column

    We prefer to depart from San Jose, CA (10 min drive) rather than SFO - so air deviation or booking our own depending on how prices work out.  Will also want at least business class - we are both tall and will potentially have 3 suitcases.  


    with the stock mkt going crazy today - check in concierge column....


    Thank you!

  12. 8 hours ago, flossie009 said:

    tendering from a small ship like Navigator shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

    Thanks Flossie!

    Exactly what I was thinking!  Hoping to hear of anyone's experience tendering in Greenland!

    Doubt we would use a butler - so we have narrowed down to E or D - eliminated F after looking at cabin placement- all aft.


    So glad to have this forum and so many experienced Regent folks to help!


  13. Hello,

    We have Greenland on our "really want to see" list and are seriously considering the May 31, 2021 NYC to Iceland cruise.  I was reading on the Princess boards about a cruise of theirs that visits Greenland and how difficult it is for many people to get off of the ship due to the very small dock and the ship having to tender.  Thinking that a small ship like Regent Navigator is the only way to go (besides the wonderful Regent experience!).  I'd love to hear from others who have been on a Regent cruise that has stopped in Greenland.  Would you recommend it?  What excursions did you take?  


    We are also debating Veranda E or Concierge D.  The cabin sizes are exactly the same. There is a price difference of $700 per person.  I have read about vibration in aft cabins, so would want mid or forward, which either category would give us.  I'm having a difficult time justifying an additional $1400 for the two of us to get the pre-night hotel stay in NYC, transfers, and earlier excursion / Prime 7 reservations.  


    Our first Regent cruise this past fall was on the Mariner through the Panama Canal and we did book a Concierge suite.  We enjoyed staying at the Beverly Wilshire and meeting other passengers at breakfast that morning.  We were also pleased to book all of our 1st choice excursions.  


    thanks for any info!


  14. We made sure we chose a shower on our Mariner cruise.  We are both tall and had read about issues with the tub floor being rather high, cutting down over all height of the shower.  We were VERY pleased with the shower!  Very large for a cruise ship! 


    Go to the deck plans on the Regent website and look for suites with a star- those have shower only. https://www.rssc.com/ships/explorer?ship=MAR&deck=08 

  15. By any chance does anyone have a list (or know where to find one on the Princess web site) of which ships offer club class mini suites?  We really enjoyed club class on the Grand in 2018 and would like to look at cruises that offer this option.  When looking into a Greenland cruise - I realized that not all Princess ships offer club class.  

    Thanks for any info!


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