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  1. Has anyone heard of a passenger hooking up with a crew?
  2. HOw about Enchantment , does the lounge have free beer and soft drinks all day?
  3. How much should you tip for room service in a suite? One dollar an entree?
  4. Do we need to tip the guy who delivers room service meals if we are in a suite? I know it is free for Suite guests.
  5. How is cell phone service around the Progresso area and on the way to the Cenotes and the Mayan ruins.I have Tmobile.
  6. Ok thanks. I am looking at the RCI excursion Hidden World Snorkel and Mayan Outback adventure. Has anyone done this excursion?
  7. They look great and fun to swim in online but are they safe? In terms of getting sick from some bacteria in the water?
  8. Has anyone done this excursion through the RCI? It has has listed that the price includes a buffet. Is it a good buffet and is it something our 5 and 3 y.o kids would like?
  9. That is a great question. If voom goes down, will cellular also go down including making a call from the phone in the room? What is the longest anyone has seen voom go down for?
  10. I was just wondering for emergency sake, if voom goes down and I need to have my phone for any emergency calls. I decide to switch my phone to cell phone and use ship cell phone at sea. If a call comes in and I don't pick it up will I get charged for it?
  11. Hi virgins we will be going in july So suite perks is not like Disney concierge. There they contact you to help with itinerary, get you into overbooked events, get you things that no one else can. Seems like grand suite perks mainly is the lounge
  12. I have booked a Grand Suite out of Galveston. Do they have a concierge to contact me and book excursions like Disney or do I need to contact them?
  13. Can you carry that every where including every day life without having women wonder "why do you have a purse>"
  14. Hello, I am not sure if this question is in right forum. Does any guy carry a man bag for all occasion. I want bag I can carry on a cruise, hiking on an excursion, to eating at the buffet. It needs to be flexible to carry for everyday use for example to the mall or the park. Is it ok for a guy to carry a man bag? I like the one Indiana Jones wears.
  15. Could you do this. Connect to wifi using cell phone. On cell phone, turn on hotspot. Then everyone log into hotspot on cellphone
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