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  1. Refund Received 😁 Cruise: Queen Mary 2, Transatlantic roundtrip departing 18 April, Britannia cabin Cancellation email received 30 March and online refund request submitted the same day Refund cheque ( booked through. TA) received today!! Pretty much on the 60 days. Surname begins with a C, if that is relevant.
  2. If the story is an accurate reflection of what actually happened on the ship MSC and their captain have covered themselves in glory. Not the way most world cruises came to an end!!?
  3. I'll be using mine to help my daughter who is now out of a job
  4. Having completed the online form for a cash refund it would be helpful to receive some sort of email confirmation. The lack of response gives rise to concern that it has just dropped into a black hole somewhere and when, in 60 days, no refund arrives must start the whole battle again
  5. I booked our cruise, roundtrip transatlantic departing 18th April, about 18 months ago to secure the cruise and cabin I wanted at the price I was happy to pay. Current cancellation terms mean that I could only move to 2021 at a much higher cost. If Cunard would offer the same cruise and cabin for 2022, two years hence,at the same price by which time I'm sure we all hope this nightmare will be over - I would be much more willing to let them keep my cash. As things stand I am just waiting for the, inevitable, cancellation and subsequent refund.
  6. We are due to sail on the first roundtrip Transatlantic departing 18 April and would very much like to go but can't see how we can if we are unable to enter the USA. Don't want to cancel and take the future cruise credit but looks like we are going to be kept on the hook until just before our scheduled departure.
  7. The Queen Mary set sail a few hours ago from Freemantle are there any passengers left on board making the journey back to Southampton or only crew?
  8. I always take the stairs if I possibly can, need the exercise, and avoid using the handrail if possible. If I do use the lift I use a knuckle to press the buttons and again don't hold the handrails. Followed by a handwash as soon as possible afterwards.
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