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  1. One of them is a cancelled Hawaiian cruise. We booked another cruise, from a different port, that actually overlaps with that one. I'm assuming that's the issue but wanted to make sure it was possible to see more than 2 cruises.
  2. I have 3 cruises booked but the app will not show me any more than the first 2. I've linked it multiple times and the app keeps telling that the 3rd cruise is already in there. Can you see more than two booked cruises?
  3. That would suck! Thanks for the warning, I'll keep checking to make sure I stay in group A.
  4. We're sailing from SF on November 22nd. We were able to choose our arrival group about a week ago.
  5. We're sailing on November 22nd out of SF. We got into arrival group A, which is from 11:30-12:00. It's our home port and based on past experiences, this is pretty normal for the first boarding group.
  6. We got a similar upgrade this week. We went from a standard balcony to an aft premium deluxe balcony room on the Majestic Princess. We've always wanted an aft balcony and now we get to try one!
  7. We've cruised on the Grand out of SF a couple times. We're booked for the Ruby for Thanksgiving and again over Christmas. I looked at the menu for Share and was not at all impressed. I was really hoping Share would be replaced with something more appealing while in dry dock.
  8. We do the Christmas/New Year cruise from SF to Hawaii. It only lines up with school holidays about every other year, at least for our district. We do that cruise because it's full of kids. I think they said on the last one that there were a little over 500 hundred kids signed up for the kids club. There are a lot of activities for children. We get a separate itinerary with the kids club activities each day. There are also a lot of family friendly activities that parents and kids can do together. Santa also comes and hands out presents to all the kids on board. The first time we did the Hawaii cruise, my boys were 10 and 12. They always tell us that it's their favorite cruise.
  9. My children say the Hawaii cruise is their favorite vacations, ever! There are a lot of sea days but there are also a lot of different activities. We did the Christmas/New Year cruise in 2018 and we've booked it again for this year. It was basically cold and rainy from the minute we left the SF bay until we got to Hawaii. It was the same on the way back. I spent very little time our on the deck or on our balcony. IMO, it's the perfect length. We were all ready to get off the ship by the last day and were looking forward to going home.
  10. My boys are 13 and 14. We went to Alaska 2 years ago. I asked my youngest what advice he would give to a 10 year old. He said it's extremely important to go to the first day of kids club. He says that's when everyone buddies up and you meet the friends you're going to hang with for the rest of the cruise. He said kids club was amazing but that it only goes for a few hours before and after lunch so there is a lot of time when you get to meet your friends for ice cream or go to the pool. He also said he would recommend the nature talks, the comedy shows, and the international cafe. He's a very independent kid so he tends to do his own thing all the time and we only see him at meal times and before bed. My older son isn't a fan of kids club. He likes the crafts, the game shows, the comedy shows, and the movies under the stars. As a parent, I think it depends on the kid. My older son would say there isn't a lot to do and it gets boring. That's because he doesn't make friends outside of his brother and parents. My younger son is always running from one activity to another and making plans with his friends. He would say there is a lot going on and it's tons of fun.
  11. Maybe - I get my second shot in a few days. My husband is months away from being eligible for the vaccine. My children don't even have a vaccine approved for them. We've got a cruise booked for November and another in December. I would certainly feel more comfortable if my kids were vaccinated before getting on a ship. Ideally, I would love for vaccines to be mandatory and for everyone to be eligible to get one.
  12. Yes, I would definitely sail if masks are required. I wear one all day at work. I cannot imagine they won't be required for at least the next year or so.
  13. We did this Christmas Hawaiian cruise in 2019 and we're going to do it again this Christmas. Last time we did it with our family of 4 and my mother, who was 65 at the time. It was an amazing cruise for multi-generations. My teenage son ended up doing crafts and games with my mother. On board, there was just so much for all of us to do as a family. It's definitely a cruise with a lot of really old people and a lot of kids. My mother many times commented that she had never seen so many elderly people on a ship in her life. Shore excursions were a little more of a challenge. We went scuba diving on two stops. My mother went and did her own excursion. I can't remember what she did but I know she enjoyed it. We did two excursions where my mother joined us. One was a luau, nobody really enjoyed that. We did a tubing adventure at another stop. That one pushed my mother a little outside her comfort zone but she enjoyed it. It's a fun cruise and they do a good job of entertaining everyone.
  14. This is a conversation we often have as a family. We love the nicer amenities but would also like to cruise as much as possible. We're both working and our kids are still in middle and high school so our vacation time is limited. I always say I'm willing to do an interior cabin but we never end up that way. We usually end up at a balcony but have been know to flex anywhere between an OV and a mini-suite depending on the $/person.
  15. We were on the Grand right before the refurb and then again a couple months after. The changes made for a much more comfortable experience. The rooms and look of the ship was very much improved. We loved the changes to the quick service restaurants by the pool. I really wish they had changed the furniture in the Explorer's lounge. That was still terrible when we were on it after the renovations. I love the Grand and would happily sail on that ship anytime. Now that Ruby is moving to San Francisco, I'll finally be able to compare ships in the Princess line.
  16. Parking Lot Website https://www.impark.com/san-francisco-bay/cruise-parking/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_content=0270055&utm_campaign=local_us This is where we park. It's usually pretty empty up on the top deck. We always book as soon as possible. I think it's 2 months prior to departure. We usually go straight to the parking lot and then grab our bags and walk over as a family. It's an easy walk over to the ship. It's about $20 a day but I am happy to pay that. Once the cruise is over, I just want to walk off the ship and get home as soon as possible. We're usually home within an hour of getting off the ship. I love that!!
  17. I'm not thrilled with the shore excursions mostly because I don't see scuba diving being offered. We usually book through a private company on our own but I don't know if that will be allowed in 2021. I'm hoping that since we're going to Hawaii, we won't be quite as restricted on shore excursions. Looks like we'll have to wait and see what happens.
  18. We booked the 15 day Hawaii cruise for December 2021. The only reason we booked it is because we had some future cruise credits and didn't have to pay anything additional. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high about going. I doubt we'll cruise if we can't get vaccinated before going and kids are probably going to be the last phase of vaccine rollout.
  19. You'll be able to use both FCC but you'll only get one onboard credit if you use all your FCC on one cruise.
  20. We do plan something at every stop but that's because we don't cruise to places multiple times. We want to go places where we haven't been before. I want to go and do and see everything, sitting on a beach all day would be my personal hell. It depends on our level of confidence with the area and feeling of safety as to whether we book through the ship or not. In Hawaii, Alaska, and Europe we will book things on our own. We're heading back to the Caribbean for the first time in over a decade. We didn't have children on previous trips and I remember some pretty shady areas with lots of pushy vendors. I expect we'll book ship excursions for most of that trip.
  21. We are a family of 4. We're in our 40s and the boys are 12 and 14. I'm reading through the excursions offered by Carnival and nothing is jumping out at me and the reviews aren't great. We are an active family. We have no interest in shopping tours or lounging on a beach. I was leaning against going scuba diving because we plan to do that the day before in Grand Turk, but snorkeling would be fine. We would be up for just about anything as long as it gets us out of crowds and tourist shopping areas. I'm open to something outside the carnival excursions. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. We'll be there in late December.
  22. Without the shutdown, I would have been able to say that we had just gotten off the ship yesterday. Since that cruise got cancelled, my answer is April of 2004.
  23. We're set to cruise 4/6 out of San Francisco. We usually don't take our computers when we cruise, but we'll be taking them this time. If we're stuck in any type of quarantine, it would be nice for the kids to be able to catch up on school work and us to be able to work remotely.
  24. We're booked for the April 6th Miracle cruise out of San Francisco. If the ship sails, we'll be on it. I'm beginning to think we've only got a 50% chance of the cruise happening though.
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