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  1. As an aside, never got a receipt for any drink. Didn't have to swipe our cards in the dining room at any time. I assume our package was "in the system" so the waiters already knew what we were entitled to. All food ordering done by them on palm type devices, all very slick.
  2. Hi, As alicat has mentioned, the bar menu highlights the drinks availability by package. We had the brindiamo package, your wine selection will be the same, as the menu says, wine by the glass. In the main dining room there was a choice of one red & one white, constantly rotating between Chardonnay, Vermentino, Pinot Grigio(I think), Merlot, Cabernet & Nero d’avola. Some were better than others, you may get a better choice in the buffet. There are serving stations at the end of the buffet lines as well as some free standing ones serving wine & Heineken (the only beer included). We found that one station may have say a Cabernet, move along and the next a Merlot, so shop around when you get to know what you like.
  3. Thanks G.M.T, we guessed that's what they meant, but there was no key on the menu to indicate as such. The snow flake logo was for ingredients previously frozen.
  4. Just back from Favolosa, hopefully I can attach a couple of MDR menus, food was fantastic, by the way.
  5. In case you need more info on Marseille, check out Tom's port guides, a quick Google will find them.
  6. Hi, I've recently received confirmation of shareholder obc, the small print states it can't be exchanged for cash, or used for casino charges or service charges.
  7. Thank for all the info guys, really looking forward to our upcoming Costa trip. We're well used to the foibles of other lines, inc MSC, this board has been invaluable in answering our Costa specific questions.
  8. There is so little info online, it's probably as good as we're going to get. We have our first Costa cruise coming up in September, so this has been the sort of thing I've been searching for too.
  9. Scroll back to page four, Post "what drinks are included" by ClaudiaYVR
  10. I was wondering the same, first Costa cruise this September. I've been browsing the list posted by greg2014 looking at the differences between brindiamo & piu gusto. As an example I can get the components of a negroni on the brindiamo package but will they serve me one?
  11. We're at the stage of looking for new to us ports too. Be it Caribbean or Mediterranean you can only go so far in say 7 days. Recently booked our first Costa sailing for Sept, ten nights out of Savona, the length of the cruise means we get Cadiz & two days in Lisbon amongst some of the more regular Med ports, great price too, like some of the prices MSC used to have!
  12. We've found that the bar staff can be hit or miss on any line. Our most recent sailing was on MSC Lirica & most mixed drinks were good, other than the occasional bad one from the pool bars. We found that the two bar tenders in the Lord Nelson Pub (Dev & Nitin) went above and beyond in mixing off menu drinks once they got to know our tastes. We too had the old package & on a 20 night sailing, made good use of it!
  13. CF, same thing happened to us when we tried to do web check in for our Lirica sailing in March. The site wanted us to update our profiles but wouldn't let us input anything, got our travel agent to do it. Speaking of Voyagers Club, we did Status Match in January. It had been over four years since our last MSC cruise, my wife's status had disappeared & mine had Welcome status ( although still with the correct amount of points). We were matched to black, she was issued a new VC number, mine stayed the same. Fast forward to now & she was credited points for the Lirica sailing, I wasn't, so chasing that one now!
  14. Hi again We were on deck 9, inside cabin 9101, never had any noise problems. The crew started to set out deck chairs at around 6/6.30am. Does anyone know if the spray park section of the ship is new after the lengthening? And if so are the cabins any more modern? There was nothing wrong with ours other than the shower space being very small.
  15. Hi, Re children, not many & any that were on board were unobtrusive. We don't do any of the spas on ships. Would normally use the gym, but there was enough walking space on deck for our daily walk, so didn't even see what was in there. I'm sure someone else with more comprehensive MSC info may chip in at this point. Our ports differ a little from next year's itinerary. Unless there was a must see location we just wandered around the towns. The ones that we visited........ Muscat The ship docks right in town, it's an easy walk along the Corniche & a double back through the souk. Wifi available in the duty free shop in port, €3 For 2 hours, if memory serves. Eilat Ships tour to Dead Sea & Masada fort. Although the latter was cancelled due to flash floods earlier in the day that closed the main road. We received a 30% refund onto our onboard account. One peculiarity of MSC is that any positive balance left at the end of the cruise has to be collected from guest services in cash, most would just refund onto a credit card. I suppose at least you know you're got it back there & then. Aqaba Petra, the highlight of the trip. Given the distance from Aqaba port we went with the security of not missing the ship & went with an MSC tour. Limassol Very new looking cruise terminal, a couple of miles from Limassol town. There is a local bus stop (route 30) just outside the terminal building €1.50 each way into town. Piraeus Would have taken the metro into Athens, had we been able to dock. Rough seas & high winds routed us to Corfu instead. Katakolon Hadn't decided if we wanted to go to Olympia, there isn't a lot left to see. On exiting the port there is the usual gaggle of taxi drivers as well as private coach companies offering transfers there. At €8 it was too good to pass up. On arrival the options were to either pay the entrance fee if you want a close up look at the site & museum or stay with our guide for a short walk to get an overview. We walked with our guide which took around 30 mins & went for a wander into the town for lunch. We were back in Katakolon in good enough time for a wander around the shops there also. Split Another easy wander around the town (Diotlechians palace is the historic core of Split), not far from the cruise port, unless you want to go further afield. Feel free to ask any other questions. M
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