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  1. An update. I received my confirmation email of the shareholder credit being applied within 15 minutes of faxing it. Great service!
  2. Thanks so much for the fax number! I sent it today and asked for an email confirmation once done. Hopefully they will process it.
  3. Hello. I am new to HAL. Can anyone advise me on the fax number for HAL to request my CCL shareholder credit? How long does it usually take? I am used to Princess and it takes a day or two to process. Looking forward to my Norway 06/21 HAL cruise.
  4. For an upcoming cruise late this year, I have more OBC than I can use for shipboard activities. Can I use my OBC to buy future cruise credits? Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone for the great information! I will contact my TA for a statement and wait to spend till onboard.
  6. I am new to sailing with HAL. I faxed my shareholders credit info today and received an email back that the shareholder credit has been applied. When I log into my bookings I do not see it and do not know how much it is for a 14 day sailing? Where do I find this on my booking? Can I apply this shareholders credit to shore excursion bookings, buying a drink package or buying specialty dining now? If not, when I can I apply it to onboard purchases? Thanks so much.
  7. I'm booked on Oceania and have O Choice. I want to fly in a day early to get over jet lag. Will I have to pay a deviation fee? Can anyone tell me how much that is? Thanks so much. I am new to Oceania.
  8. Cruisestitch, glad to know its been done before! I will call Celebrity.
  9. I am sailing with Celebrity ending my cruise in Dublin. I want to book Celebrity Air round trip departing Toronto on the outbound and Oslo on the return. We will be in Oslo for 6 days after the cruise ends in Dublin. Can I book a return from Oslo, not Dublin, with Choice Air. Their website shows the flights but I cannot complete the booking. Any insights would be appreciated. I have also posted this question on the Air forum. Thanks.
  10. I am wanting to book Celebrity Air after my ship disembarks Dublin. The return airfare will be 6 days later out of Oslo. Can this be done? Shows the Oslo return airfare but doesn't complete the booking when I've tried on line. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies. If I pick another O Life perk and want to pay for the premium drink package, how much is it per day? I understand I have to buy for the entire cruise. Thanks!
  12. I am new to Oceania and am considering a cruise. With the O Choice perks, what does the drink package include? Is it only wine and beer with lunch and dinner or is it drinks throughout the day subject to a drink maximum price and quantity? Many thanks!
  13. We are sailing on the Majestic Princess for the first time. Which premium aft balcony cabin would you choose - Baja 736 or Marina 727? M727 is 40 square feet bigger. Do either of these cabins have a partially covered/shaded balcony? Is one a better deck to be on than the other? I would appreciate any insights. Many thanks.
  14. We are sailing on the Majestic in a deluxe premium aft balcony on the Marina deck. Does this have partial shade or overhang from the above deck? Many thanks
  15. RocketMan275, thanks so much for the information. It is encouraging to learn you found cheaper flights.
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