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  1. 2PinaColadas

    Carnival Paradise Drink Question

    If you drink 4 martinis a day-- that $44. Add on water, sodas, specialty coffees, etc... you are easily spending $52 a day, so yes. However, if all you are going to drink is 4 martinis and nothing else, other than free stuff in dining areas, then no it's not. For us it is worth it. I drink fufu drinks, Diet Cokes, lots of water and smoothies. DH drinks beer, whiskey, lots of water and coffee.
  2. 2PinaColadas

    Valor mattresses?

    We've never gotten a "sagging" mattress on Carnival. But I agree with above post-- call and request what you need. You won't enjoy your cruise without good nights sleep.
  3. 2PinaColadas

    cruise songs

    Castaway and Island Song-- Zac Brown. Cruisin'-- Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis.
  4. 2PinaColadas

    Sapphire Beach - facilities?

    We have been since the hurricanes. There was some shade, even back in March.
  5. 2PinaColadas

    St. Johns Question

    You can get to St. John by ferry if you are in port in St. Thomas-- Havensight or Crown Bay. Take a taxi to Red Hook-- take ferry to Cruz Bay, St. John. Once at St. John, there are pretty beaches (need taxi to get there), fun bars, snorkeling excursions, shopping-- depending on what you are looking for. Phillipsburg is St. Maarten.
  6. 2PinaColadas

    Safe St Thomas beach

    Sapphire is always my first choice-- it's my happy place :) . Lindqvist, Magen's Bay, and Secret Harbor are also very safe.
  7. 2PinaColadas

    Sapphire Beach - facilities?

    When we were there in March, you could rent loungers, not umbrellas. Yes, there are bathrooms and changing rooms. Plus a bar with food.
  8. 2PinaColadas

    Any beaches to recommend?

    Beautiful Bill-- this may sound like an odd question, but is the Dive Shop going on dives. I know they rent loungers, kayaks, sell drinks etc.. but are they diving? My DH can't find anything on the internet about their dives. We are staying at Sapphire in March. Thanks!!
  9. 2PinaColadas

    Why so early morning?

    I agree with other posts-- do an excursion on your own. Easy and cheaper.
  10. 2PinaColadas

    Is it worth getting of the ship ?

    Have you considered Hull Bay? Few cruise ship people go there. It's rather secluded, but there is a restaurant/bar close--locals hang out there. You would want to pre-arranged with your taxi a time to come get you as they are not common. It's a pretty place to get away from it all.
  11. There are no beaches within walking distance of where cruise ships dock. Lindbergh or Emerald is probably the closest to Havensight. There are beaches with bars where the bars are not the main attractions. Bolongo Bay, Secret Harbor, Sapphire Beach, Magen's Bay etc-- when we are cruising, we pack a large soft side cooler so we can grab drinks at the port and take to the beach. I cannot think of any tour in StT that includes drinks. One may allow you to take a cooler with you, I am not sure.
  12. 2PinaColadas

    How is Maho Beach?

    Yes-- you need to take a cab there and ask them to pick you up. Yes, it is family friendly. Very laid back and relaxed. No food or drink-- we pack a cooler when we go. Good snorkeling and calm water when we were there.
  13. 2PinaColadas

    Diving St Thomas and Family Ideas

    DH has never booked through the cruise line, so I'm not sure. He says he's never experienced a "bad" dive shop in STT. And that Coki has a very good shore dive, if that interests you. You would be done before noon and would be able to do other things with the family. Have fun.
  14. 2PinaColadas

    Diving St Thomas and Family Ideas

    My DH is a diver. He has gone with Coki and Secret Harbor. If you are the only ship in port, Coki is a good option to just hang out on the beach while the hubby dives. However, if there are several ships in port, Coki gets way too crowded. With two or more ships in port, Secret Harbor is the better option. I'm not sure if Dive In at Sapphire Beach is operating, but if so, that would be my first choice. I'm just not sure if they are back in business since the hurricanes. Sapphire is beautiful and a great place to relax for the day. Last but not least, my DH has also dove with Red Hook. The taxi dropped him off there then took me to Sapphire Beach which is less than a mile from Red Hook. When he finished diving, he called me, I grabbed a cab to Red Hook, we ate at Tap & Still, walked around a bit, then taxied back to the ship.
  15. 2PinaColadas

    St. Thomas vs. St. John

    I'm not the one you asked but I will offer our experience. We just took a cab to Secret Harbor. It was a nice, quieter beach that is located at a resort which has a bar with good drinks and food. We were able to use the hammocks and loungers, but I have heard that others were not unless they were staying there. We did not pay a fee, but my husband did go diving with the dive shop there, so that probably made a difference. Very relaxing day for me and my DH greatly enjoyed his dives.