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  1. Until Carnival improves their itineraries, we are not planning any cruises with them. It seems like every cruise is going to the same ports. If they wanted to get rid of some ports, Freeport and Progresso would have been better choices, IMO.
  2. We spent a week in STT this summer at Sapphire too-- Building B. My favorite part of this vacation was that there were no crowds. We enjoyed Magen's Bay more than we ever have before-- it was so peaceful without people, lol.
  3. To me, there is nothing like the Southern Caribbean, especially the Virgin Islands. I enjoyed climbing the Mayan Pyramids in Belize and my DH enjoyed diving in Roatan, but the beaches in the VI are the best!! As the Eagles sang "Peaceful, Easy Feeling". Nothing else like them.
  4. Mitsugirly -- have a great dive. Make sure you have a Bushwhacker after you dive. The VI has the best!
  5. We are not sure what to do. We leave on March 22 for the Southern Caribbean, flying out of San Juan. The scare could die down some by then, or explode. We have insurance, but would still not get back all of our money because as others have stated, it's not a reason listed. I have read that some airlines are refunding or giving credit for a future flight but don't know if that is true. We have until March 9 to get any $$ back, so guess will weigh the pros and cons.
  6. We are headed to Sapphire around 8:00 as well. We are going to ask our taxi driver to stop at Moe's on the way there so we can get our "essentials" for the morning. We usually do this when on a cruise to STT. Then, around 11:00ish, when the beach bar opens, it's fish tacos for the DH and a bushwhacker for me. 🙂
  7. Thanks Aplmac. Aww Accra-- we may have to go back. You just reminded me why we liked it there. 🙂
  8. $100 for taxi there and back! Sounds like a lot. Was that USD or Barbados $$?
  9. We are looking for a fun beach bar to hang out at that has good drinks, chair rentals and a decent bathroom. We went to Carlisle last time, but honestly, we are educators and would prefer someplace with fewer kiddos. (We love kids, but its our vacation.) Thanks!!
  10. Which is closer-- Brandon Beach or Carlisle? Would Brandon's be less crowded?
  11. DH said-- that the video is very accurate as to what you would see on these dives. Aqua Action, Red Hook etc... pretty much take you to the same areas to dive. If you are boat diving, you can't go wrong with either one. If you shore dive, definitely Coki. The owner of that dive shop, Peter, is a great guy and his staff are fun and professional. He also said that STT/Virgin Islands have very good diving, but are not as good as Cozumel or Bahamas, in his opinion. If you have any non-divers in your group, they may want to go to Lindqvist or Sapphire. Coki gets crazy crowded whe
  12. My DH definitely agrees! I miss her pina coladas.
  13. Sapphire is our favorite. Love the views, the water, the beach bar, the vibe--everything.
  14. We prefer Lindqvist. Gorgeous beach and not as crowded as Megan's. Just pack a cooler, grab some towels and relax.
  15. According to my DH, who is an experienced dive instructor and has been diving in St.Thomas numerous times with various dive shops (Aqua Action, Red Hook, Coki, and Jost) He says-- Coki is not normally rough. He has done a few shore dives there and never experienced rough water. He loves the visibility there and normally sees a lot of sea life. Red Hook has a great 2 tank dive, but probably is not what you are looking for. Great to do if you are staying on the island or have more time. Fun group. Aqua Action he said was very professional and he enjoye
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