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  1. If this was the differentiation wouldn't it be more cost effective to give the wrist bands to the unvaccinated? Then they only need 5%.
  2. They have started putting punch hole in the corner of the sail and sign card for awhile now, so you may use a lanyard. There are holes in our last 4 cards.
  3. I have been on her twice before, but can not remember if the 1 and only outlet is a 2 or 3 prong plug. I would love some help here. Thank you
  4. A couple years ago when we tried to check our bags earl in Seattle, they would not allow us to do so. You could only check in a couple ours early. I forget if it was 2 or 4. So we sat outside until it we could.
  5. I was pretty sure I read somewhere that they are sailing at 100%
  6. Looking into that right now.
  7. We usually stay at the Hotel Current. On my next cruise we are staying at Pacific Inn in Seal Beach. There are several Hotel that have shuttle to airport, but I think that may just be Long Beach Airport.
  8. Thank you. Pictures are so awesome. On our Alaska cruise it was so overcast we couldn't even see the shoreline.
  9. How do you hook your hammock? Is it allowed? That sounds amazing.
  10. I asked John Heald and he told me you may bring 2 each, you Just have to show them both boarding passes.
  11. I never figured it out, but I will wait. I think they have temporary blocked it due to all the flack from passengers who no longer have "PRIORITY" on their luggage tags.
  12. He was on our Panorama Inaugural Cruise. He is pretty awesome.
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