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  1. I completely understand. We had that type of experience on the Carnival Spirit. We said we'd never cruise Carnival again. Wrote a detailed letter to Carnival explaining our displeasure. After their response we decided to try one more time. Took a cruise on the Pride and we were back in love with Carnival. I know it was not the ship or the cruise line, but the management of that ship at the time. I understand for some it is their favorite ship.
  2. What was it about the ship you disliked. Have you been on the other spirit class ships? We have been on all of them and love the layout.
  3. I don't see why you could not receive a COVID test onboard the 1st cruise. It is my understanding the they may be doing them on board.
  4. Won't the Radiance be joining us? I will be on the Miracle.
  5. We will be there also. Booked this back in February, before the craziness began.
  6. My first and favorite. Sailed on her 3 or 4 times.
  7. It has just gone up 39%. If you are going to buy, it was $19.25 today. We bought ours in March for $15. (in Jan it was over $51) and I understand it went down as low as $7.something.
  8. I did not know that 8+ day cruises were banned through next November. Our is in 2022, so we will wait and see. If this pandemic has taught me anything it's I am not in control, but I know the one who is and will trust Him.
  9. I am not very tech savy. On our last cruise I tried to get internet in port in Mexico, (our plan covers Mexico) and could never make it happen. Thanks for the comparison. I think I will choose the value. It is not for work, so speed is not important. I lead an email prayer ministry and my emails would take forever to answer if I waited until I returned. Thank you for your help.
  10. I have always purchased the social package so my family could contact me through Facebook messenger. (I never tell anyone through social media I am leaving for a cruise until I return). It have always be sufficient. My next cruise is 15 days long and I just do not want to deal with 15 days worth of emails when I return. My question is; Is the Premium package $51.00 better than the value package. ($102.00 Social $153 Value $204 Premium). Thank you for all your help
  11. Never too soon to get excited. Ours is February 2022. I am already packing in my head.
  12. So did you find these again? If so where, please?
  13. We would not be eligible due to pre-existing conditions
  14. I bring huggable hangers. They take up less space in the closet than the ones provided. And I use packing cube to be able to stack items on the shelves, yet still keep them organized.
  15. I thought I had read several years ago that Carnival had banned over the door organizer because it damages the door. So I purchased a smaller version which hangs on a hook or in the closet. I keep seeing over the door organizers on cruise websites as an must have item to bring on your cruise. So can you bring an over the door, or not? Thank you for your input.
  16. I did go through a TA. I don't usually. I hate not being able to make payments online or see what payment have been made.
  17. Thank you for your help. It will not allow me to do this, no guest details. Maybe you must check in first. Our check in is not open until Nov 21 of next year.
  18. I could not find Guest Details. Our cruise HI cruise is not until 2022 so I am living it day by day through your review. I am thoroughly enjoying each page. It will also be for our 25th Anniversary.
  19. I not sure I would book any non Carnival excursions. They may follow in Costa's footsteps and only allow you off the ship on one of their excursions and you are not permitted to leave the excursion. We were going to book the inaugural 4 day of the Radiance, until I told my husband that and he said no thank you. Which makes me said because my favorite cruise director is going to be bringing it out.
  20. I heard suggested I heard was to have more showings so that less people would be at the show. That may proof a little difficult when you take into consideration that most of the cast serve double duty running activities during the day.
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