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  1. RE: Adventure. According to current CD Katy, Drew will be back on March 22.
  2. Her social media page that cannot be mentioned says she is on for 2 months.
  3. Thank you! very helpful! After you check-in via the app and have the table available, do you just go to the dining room then? Also, are you able to make requests via the app (specific dining team, table size)? TIA!
  4. THIS! They used the same wording just increased the base price in January 2018. Technically it is false advertising... Would be better off saying "Save $5/day!". But the horse is dead.. no need to beat it!
  5. It is $51.95 which isn't 10% off from $56.95 🙂
  6. Ask how you can buy the Cheers! package for $51.26... the true 10% off of the $56.95 price 🙂
  7. I am planning for my trip in November. Went to Copa before, but as you said, recent reviews are not good. Please come back and share where you ended up going.
  8. Thanks so much. Forgive my ignorance... can you use USD to pay in cash or only BBD, hence you using a no fee CC?
  9. Thanks for the update. Only went via a private package deal... can you tell me the prices w and wo the food option is you recall. Also what was the cost of the shuttle? Did you taxi back to the port at the end?? Appreciate your help.
  10. Hey there... was hoping to hear about your trip in March!
  11. Thanks.. that appears to be the same company as one review mentioned the same driver I had. Unfortunately, it is now nearly double in price ($50 vs. $30).
  12. Yes please come back with any information you can regarding the taxi/shuttle situation. The private company I found charged $30/2 people for chairs, umbrella and transportation. Waiting to hear back if they still have that same offer. If they get back to me, I will share as it may be easier for you. But everything now has the turtle snorkel attached to it. Have already done that so just want to float in the gorgeous blue water.
  13. Sorry to hear about your experience. I went to Copacobana in Nov via private company that seems to no longer have the same deal. (transport/chairs/umbrella, etc). Going back this Nov. Was the 'taxi/shuttle' inside the gate that you got into? Do you recall how much the chair/umbrella rental was when you arrived at Copa? How easy was it to get a taxi back to the port? (And was it one that could go INSIDE the gate?). TIA!
  14. Great information. Was planning on going to SandCastle in Nov. Where did you pick up the shuttle? Was it clearly marked?
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