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  1. I see freighters still regularly going in and out of the port of Tampa when I’m hiking in the park near my house. I bet you could hop on one of those and maybe even get paid to sail!
  2. Clearly our governor is doing this for the benefit of those travelers from NY, NJ, and CT so they won’t have to be infected by us, lol...
  3. We sailed the Last sailing of the Dawn out of Tampa on March 8th and it wasn’t terrible. They didn’t allow boarding till 12:30 due to some coast guard drills (probably coved-19 preparedness stuff). It is a small terminal so there is not a ton of seating but if it had been a normal embarkation it would probably have been fine. They were allowing the use of the escalator for our debark as long as you had one hand free to grab the railing (you could only have one bag with you to use the escalator not two). The activities around the port are very accessible with Sparkman Wharf right at the dock, the Riverwalk right across water street and Ybor city a quick walk or trolley ride away. For those driving in, parking is right across from the terminal and you can find online deals for $50 for the week.
  4. Looks like even US sailings will be effected by Coronavirus. The Grand Princess is heading back to home port to conduct tests based on one of their prior customers passing away today, a California citizen. https://nypost.com/2020/03/04/grand-princess-cruise-cancels-latest-voyage-after-former-passenger-dies-from-coronavirus/
  5. I’m interested in them. Email me at marcquin1s @ Gmail.com.
  6. We had the steak and lobster on the Sun last month so it must be fleet wide at this point.
  7. We just got off the Sun and experienced what the other Sun cruiser mentioned with the nicely printed trifold showing the benefits, and we’re only Gold. The one interesting thing I noticed about the towel station is that the towel guy did not request my room number when I flashed my card, so I’m thinking they are not putting lattitudes members through the pain of signing towels out, unless it was just me. This was similar to my experience on RCCL where they didn’t make me sign out towels as a diamond member.
  8. Yes, I’m not sure if that was policy or as a make good since NCL originally cancelled one of her holds while I was transferring one of my certs to my wife so it could be used on her room ( she said they’d allow me to use 2 certs to book the one room she still had on hold for me since they claimed there were no more insides left to book a second room since they cancelled the second hold) . I had her push back and NCL was able to honor the cancelled hold and book the second room ( they must have bumped somebody up to an OV, we even got 2 rooms next to each other!)
  9. Yes, you have to call in. I used my TA and it was a piece of cake! She even offered to apply two certs to one cabin but the single supplement was so small and the TA OBC offer per cabin was so good that the wife and I just booked two cabins for next week’s Sun sailing. I think we got the last two insides as the rates went up immediately after we booked. Good luck!
  10. Hello folks, Just curious if it’s any cheaper to wait and purchase a dining package once on board or should I buy now before the cruise. Not sure if they run promo’s once on board for things like this. Thanks!
  11. The host of the cruise habit podcast said he was able to upgrade the internet package on his recent cruise ( they gave him $15/day credit toward a larger package I believe) so I was hoping something similar was available for the dining packages. Maybe someone who is going on a cruise in the near future can inquire while on board?
  12. Hello folks, Strange question, but the cruise I’m looking at comes with 5 nights of dining. Is it possible to pay the difference between the 5 night and 12 night package rather then buying an extra 7 night dining package? This would save around $80pp + gratuity so i’m curious if anyone has had success doing this. Thanks!
  13. Hello folks, Dumb question but do I need to actually print out my cruise ticket to get through the terminal or can I just show it on my phone? I usually print it out but I recently retired so I no longer have free access to a printer so if I don’t have to print it, I’d rather not. Thanks!
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