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  1. Yes, I’m not sure if that was policy or as a make good since NCL originally cancelled one of her holds while I was transferring one of my certs to my wife so it could be used on her room ( she said they’d allow me to use 2 certs to book the one room she still had on hold for me since they claimed there were no more insides left to book a second room since they cancelled the second hold) . I had her push back and NCL was able to honor the cancelled hold and book the second room ( they must have bumped somebody up to an OV, we even got 2 rooms next to each other!)
  2. Yes, you have to call in. I used my TA and it was a piece of cake! She even offered to apply two certs to one cabin but the single supplement was so small and the TA OBC offer per cabin was so good that the wife and I just booked two cabins for next week’s Sun sailing. I think we got the last two insides as the rates went up immediately after we booked. Good luck!
  3. Hello folks, Just curious if it’s any cheaper to wait and purchase a dining package once on board or should I buy now before the cruise. Not sure if they run promo’s once on board for things like this. Thanks!
  4. The host of the cruise habit podcast said he was able to upgrade the internet package on his recent cruise ( they gave him $15/day credit toward a larger package I believe) so I was hoping something similar was available for the dining packages. Maybe someone who is going on a cruise in the near future can inquire while on board?
  5. Hello folks, Strange question, but the cruise I’m looking at comes with 5 nights of dining. Is it possible to pay the difference between the 5 night and 12 night package rather then buying an extra 7 night dining package? This would save around $80pp + gratuity so i’m curious if anyone has had success doing this. Thanks!
  6. Hello folks, Dumb question but do I need to actually print out my cruise ticket to get through the terminal or can I just show it on my phone? I usually print it out but I recently retired so I no longer have free access to a printer so if I don’t have to print it, I’d rather not. Thanks!
  7. We just sailed her in April and loved it so much we’re sailing her again at the end of next week. I’m usually a big ship guy as you can see from my history but there were things I loved about this ship: as don’t use real name noted the front observation lounge is great, very quiet and has a unique outdoor forward facing deck that is only accessible from the lounge so it was rarely used. Great spot to hang out and get those port pictures. the great outdoors was one of my favorite spots as well. This is the area at the back of the ship behind the buffet. Great bar here to watch the sunsets and tons of tables if you like to dine outdoors(fun fact from our bartender: once the sun hits the horizon, it will be less than 2 minutes before it is completely gone. I timed it as I couldn’t believe it and it turned out to be true!). There is a great little deck area just above the bar that offers even better views and is quieter. This is also the spot where the 24hr buffet can be found. I would head up there at 1:30AM to grab a cheeseburger when I was done losing money in the casino. Another great placement is the sports bar which is right next to the great outdoors. You can catch a game on the TV’s and when you want to get some fresh air, just step out the door to the great outdoors. I also second the vote for the inside cabin. This was the first time we’ve ever booked and inside and I swear this room was bigger than the balcony we had on the Escape. We booked another inside for our current trip. Once again I’ll give props to the staff. I could head to any bar and by the third time they pretty well knew what I wanted. Hope this helps!
  8. Yes, you should just cancel the soda package for your DD. We were on the Sun in April and we’re sailing the Sun again on the 24th. They just give you whatever you order at any bar unless it’s super premium but it sounds like you have that covered with your premium package. I really like the way the open bar works. Wish they weren’t going away from it. https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/terms/sun-beverages
  9. qdog123


    How did you get back to the ship after the show? Was your driver that dropped you off waiting for you?
  10. This was nearly my exact situation this past weekend. We were due to sail out on the Brilliance of the Seas on Monday from Tampa, a short drive from our house, and I had developed the upper respiratory thing on Saturday. It didn’t get better by Monday so dialed up the video chat with the doc to get him to fill out the required medical report to submit to the insurance carrier as I can’t stand being sick on a cruise. The weird thing is, RCCL couldn’t cancel my booking at that point becuase the manifests had closed, but they said I would show up as a no show and I could file my claim after the cruise returns. I noticed today that they had cancelled my drink packages and dining packages so that money came back quick. I filed my claim with AON yesterday since I know it takes them weeks to resolve so I didn’t want to waste any time. I too started the Mucinex on Monday per doctors orders and it’s now Friday and I’m starting to feel better. It definitely would have been a waste of cruise as I know I would have pushed myself in the ports and wore myself out worse than just sitting at home this week. Good Luck!
  11. In our 19 RCCL cruises we’ve been upgraded twice, once from a balcony with a rediculous room number (1666) to a JS on the Explorer of the Seas and once from a JS to a GS on the Allure of the Seas. The JS upgrade was on our 2nd cruise and the GS upgrade was on our 10th. We did book a couple of GS’s after that upgrade, so I guess it worked on us! No clue why we were selected for either of them, prices paid were about average for those sailings, both bookings were made through online TA’s. Both upgrades were in September, so maybe those boats were less full then normal sailings so upgrades were more available?
  12. Yes, we were on the last Adventure sailing out of San Juan before Maria wrecked PR last year. Since we couldn’t come back into PR to terminate the cruise, we sailed back up to Ft Lauderdale and ended the cruise there (although native Puerto Rican’s could stay on and go home if they wanted). To my knowledge the only thing the cruiseline was doing for folks was opening up the wifi so people could change their flights. We’re from Florida so we just rented a car and drove home. Our cruise insurance covered the cost of the rental and fuel.
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