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  1. mtbchik9


    Thank you so much for your reply about Captain Galiatsatos. I am so sorry to hear about his passing but do appreciate the information. You are lucky to have so many great memories and to have been a part of creating so many memories for other folks. Keep cruisin'!
  2. mtbchik9


    I see that several of the people on here used to work on the Dolphin IV. Does anyone know what became of Captain Kostas Galiatsatos? He and my family became friends but we lost touch with him. I read on a website that a captain with his name passed away at sea in 2004. If anyone knows, please post a reply.:confused:
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    I am so glad I found this - I just finished researching the Dolphin IV and its fate and was saddened to learn of its demise in 2004 in India. I cruised on the "Leetle ship with a BIG heart", as Captain Galiatsatos used to say, a number of times from 1994-1997, and had the time of my life. I became friends with the Captain, and brought my parents on the ship to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. They were treated like royalty and it was thanks to the sweet and thoughtful crew and staff that we had such an amazing time. The food was always outstanding and while the ship was small and dated, I have never had a better cruising experience since the Dolphin. I also went on the Seabreeze in 1995. I have been on a number of ships since that time (like many here, my Dolphin experience made me fall in love with cruising) but I have never found the sense of belonging that I had on this ship. Thanks to everyone who has posted on here for bringing back some cherished memories and keeping the spirit of the little Dolphin IV and her "family" alive. By the way, I think the Oceanbreeze is still in service, just under a different name.