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  1. Just back from Symphony: Jackie Santos and Willie Salaya are the SL concierges! Raul is the Diamond Club concierge! Jennie Pasamba went on vacation yesterday!
  2. Just received a PM from Willie Salaya, on Symphony! He will be in the DL until July 20 and then he’ll be in the Suite Lounge! happy cruising to all!
  3. As of yesterday, Willie Salaya was transferred to Symphony! Sorry I don’t know which lounge! I’ll try to find it out!
  4. No, I don’t know! usually they have 6 months contract! He didn’t tell me when he got back.
  5. Mohamed and Elaine are in the SL, since the Harmony was charted on March 24! Jeremhia left on the 24th! friends of mine were cruising on the charted one, and they loved Mohamed and Elaine! Willie Salaya is in the DL on Rhapsody, since March 16. Ricardo Mock is back on Anthem Concierge, after few month of being MIA.cruising on Mariner on Monday; I had Nadja on Navigator! It will be nice seeing her again.
  6. Willie is in DL and KK is in CL After 3 months they will change!
  7. No, sorry I forgot to asked him! got a message from him from Manila airport! ill know on March 23rd, when I’ll cruise on Rhapsody! If I hear from him (I think I’ll) I’ll ask and let you know! happy cruising!!!!!!!
  8. Got a PM from Willie Salaya, few days ago, telling me that he’ll join the Rhapsody on March 16. He was suppose to go on Mariner, but his contract got changed! Now I have cruises booked on Mariner and Rhapsody: hope RC won’t change his contract again🤗
  9. Willie Salaja left for vacation on Jan 18,2019! His new assignments will be on Marinarer, starting March 24!
  10. Santiago Scarone is on Navigator, as of Dec 21! Going home during dry dock and he’ll be back sometime in June! wife and son, where on board with him! Meet them on Oasis in 2010....
  11. Hi, Willie Salaya, won’t be going on Enchanment tomorrow, as it was scheduled, due to family issue! He’ll be going home tomorrow, and he doesn’t know, when and where he’ll be going, when ready to come back!
  12. Thank you everybody![emoji171] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Just wanted for all you that cared to respond and sent best wishes, that my husband passed away on Sept 18! Thank you![emoji174] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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