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  1. I trained Egyption in Chicago under Jasmine Jahal for a couple years. I love the elegance, but I'm not elegant. Not in the least. I love tribal, it's so earthy. As Lady McBeth said, "screw your courage to the sticking place." In other words, wear the dress :D
  2. Chiming in late, but a Belly Dancer? I belly dance, Turkish. I'm not as elegant as the Egyptian types are and sadly, I am not juggle free. sigh. I demand pictures of the two of you, she in her tux and you in your dress. I bet your a smashing couple. Now, on to the pantyhose, ewww, I detest them. I know I'm almost alone, but just ewww. Not that it matters, because those who love them won't be seperated from them on a bet. Which is good for them. They can have my share too :D
  3. I should have said this, I am sorry. Emmy, that dress is STUNNING!!
  4. The more posts I read of yours, the more I like you. Seriously. Since the "dress" comments are still happening... If Darth Vader was on a more, "open minded cruise," it is possible her dress did fit in and was tasteful for her cruise. If she was on a family cruise...well I can't put blinders on my boys, but I might try. Believe me, I am NOT a prude in any way. The problem with putting your photo on the net is people are going to like and not like. It's their choice. Just like people may not like my formals. It is what it is. So if you put it out there people are going to comment and some are going to make some comments you don't like. Goes with the territory. Not liking a dress is not the same thing as not liking a person. Although I see a lot of people making judgemental clothing comments, I've seen very little of people from CC, that I've met in real life being judgemental of other CCer's onboard ships. For all the opinions I've seen posted that shocks me. Of course *I* might be the one with blinders on :) OH FOR CRIPES SAKE! I meant, DarkJedi and I posted Darth Vader. My excuse is that I have a sick kid with a horrible ear infection laying on me and looking terrible. I'm half attended on him and on the other kids and the dog is barking and I'm reading the boards...you get it. Sorry about that.
  5. Yes they are and I was not clear. I'm sorry. I meant Victoria from PR and that just all came out wrong. Again, sorry. It's sort of been a bad day today.
  6. I'm fairly confident that she's had something Botoxed. Not to stop wrinkles, but to remove her ability to smile. She's like Posh Spice, who also appears to have had that done. Although, I did see someone's blog post with a camera phone that was a short series of shots of Posh actually smiling. Which led to the consideration that she was once told not to, because she does lose some of her Prosh-ness when she smiles and looks a bit more human. I still maintain she's an alien.
  7. I thought the human hair was wonderfully innovative. Would I wear it? No, but I would wear hair extensions, so that's me being a big-ole hypocrite. I wanted Chris to go through. I wanted it so badly. Christian will win in a walk. He's charmed this year, although I find his styles to be too much for very thin women. Which means Posh Spice will adore them. I thought the second dress of Rami's was awful. The judges loved it. Clearly they do now know any women with actual hips. Since that drape would exaggerate them. I'm not sure Jillian's mom picked Jillian. I get the feeling that Jillian's mom is a bit of a whip cracker to all those kids.
  8. Cough, cough, a WHAT? :eek: An Ohio state flag??? Pardon me while I get slightly seasick. "Hail to the victors valiant. Hail to the conquering heros. Hail, Hail to Michigan the champions of the west." I feel much better now. Thank you.
  9. Third of January Robyn. Got a whole year... San Juan, St. Martaan and Labadee, and.... ME!!! How much fun is that? Shelbylook is going too.
  10. When I don't have a cruise booked, or about to be booked, this site makes me sad and depressed. LOL! You can tell I'm gearing up to sail by my post count. I'm just about to put money down on a cruise in '09 on the Liberty of the Seas. Husband and two oldest offspring included. Youngest offspring taking a sojourn with grandma :D There is no way in the world I am chasing a five year old with autism around a cruise ship for a week. Love him dearly, as I do and the now three year old, then four, can forget it. In my family we have a rule. Six can sail. Works here.
  11. Standing and applauding here! Thanks Robyn for the wonderful post! Most vacations are what you make of them. I bet that most of yours are a slice of heaven.
  12. I am sorry, but I must disagree. This is not the review of the year... ...It's the best review in Cruise Critic History and I've read most of em. :D
  13. Simply the funniest and most entertaining review I've ever read. You should be a sitcom writer. This is just hysterical and I applaud you!!!
  14. The lobsters they have on cruise ships are in inferior, my nature. However, long freezing and overcooking are common. I'm not a fan. However, to each his own. Some people live for cruise ship lobster. Leo Jay, funny post!
  15. Lots of islands in the caribbean allow topless sunbathing. Coco cay is not one of them, but if you're alone on the beach...
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