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  1. Ah so you don’t take Bonine every night? on a side note: we’ve normally picked mid ship low floor. This time we picked top floor front of the ship just to try something else new. Ship is sky princess and route is to CA from NY. How bad are the waters? Do I need to reconsider?
  2. Thank you all again for the suggestions. Didnt realize it would result in spirited/heated discussion:) My intent in asking the question was to see specifically of the group that uses/used the Dr prescribed patches, what else they’ve used and has worked for them so I could review them. Neither I nor any reasonable person would come here for medical opinion from Doctors. And finally, question isn’t does Dramamine or other alternatives have side effects. Are they as bad as the patch (it causes blurred vision and dry mouth every single time for me)?
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions: 1. Dramamine 2. Seaband 3. Also saw on another thread about natural mq patches. Looks like nothing to lose by trying all 3.
  4. I get motion sickness from time to time. Never on trains or flights, but mainly in stop n go traffic in cabs. Been on 10 cruises. Always wear the scopolamine patches and its helped. But the side effects are bad. It causes blurry vision which is ok. But its the dry mouth /sore throat thats a killer. Any suggestions from something tried and true? A. Any good dry mouth cure while on patches? Like biotene gel B. Heard about injections. Do they help? Can’t take the risk and wait and take dramamine or ginger after I’m affected. thanks
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