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  1. @terry&mike Thank you for posting about your travels. We have been enjoying your descriptions. We will be doing our first river cruise on Scenic Jade in October, 2022. I will be interested in your thoughts about the two cruise lines and appreciate you mentioning the differences you have noticed so far. Have a wonderful time and thanks for taking us along.
  2. Jacqui, please remove Divi from the October 20th, 2021 TA on the Rotterdam. ☹️ Thank you
  3. We have enjoyed watching the Olympics this past week. We are watching the closing ceremonies now, one of my favourite parts, seeing the athletes relaxed and having fun after they have all competed so hard. We were at the cottage the first week and weren’t able to watch. A cruise friend from Australia sent us daily updates. We looked forward to the news and the connection with her. Safe travels to all those fortunate to be cruising now. Thank you for this wonderful thread. Enjoy your day. Deen
  4. @kazu Thank you. I actually saw your post about the change but apparently it was before my first coffee and it didn’t register. 🙄 We are booked on the Rotterdam TA and hoping for clarification before final payment. Still hurdles to overcome including Canada’s travel advisories against international travel and cruises. We are very grateful to be fully vaccinated and don’t regret the vaccines we received. I know it will all be sorted, just hope the timing works for us. Deen
  5. @ger_77Where did you read that HAL is now accepting AZ + Pfizer/Moderna as fully vaccinated? Thank you, Deen
  6. Our vaccination document shows two valid doses and last vaccine given . In Ontario . Nowhere does it show what the first shot was, could have been the same or something else
  7. @puppycanducruiseHave you read Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)? SharonBolton? I like the Midsummer Murders series and I just started the books. The characters are far more detailed as are the story lines. The author is Caroline Graham. Deen
  8. @smitty34877 I love to read British detective books. Are you referring to books by Martin Edwards? I often have to ask a British friend to translate 😀 Deen
  9. @Overhead Fred, we have quite a few American cottagers on our lake who are asking the same question. I would be surprised if the border is open in July, August seems a possibility . As everyone knows though, it’s foolish to predict anything. Sorry this really isn’t helpful. Deen
  10. Our first cruise was the Baltic on the Rotterdam and our first port was Arhus. We walked everywhere and then took the bus to the park where the Queen has her summer residence. We met a lovely woman and her family. Her husband was the minister of the church the Queen attended when she was in residence. She invited us to her home for tea and said her sil would drive us back to the port. We were paranoid about being back at the ship on time so we declined. We still regret that decision.
  11. @Quartzite Cruiser, as others have said, your DH’s pictures are amazing. Please thank him and please post more. We are booked on the Auckland to Seattle cruise next March and it would be wonderful if there was an astronomer to speak and show us the stars.I can picture standing on deck and looking up in amazement. We live near an area that bills itself as “The Lilac Capital of Ontario”. I love lilacs but we are a few weeks away from them blooming here. This is the best thread on CC. Thank you all. Deen
  12. @ger-77 , thanks for giving me a reason for my bumping into walls and furniture 🥴 @kazu, most of our family leaves the black jellybeans so I sent them your cartoon. 🤣 Our second Easter not being able to celebrate with family but, unlike last year, we can celebrate vaccines and more and more people being vaccinated. We will soon have those family gatherings. Dinner here will be ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus and lemon meringue pie. Shhh, don’t tell my dh about the pie, it’s a surprise. Have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing. Deen 😷🐰🐣🥂
  13. @highscar, I think the alerts are for abductions.
  14. We both received our first shots of AstraZeneca yesterday at a pharmacy in Kingston, 1.5. Hrs from our home. All went well and we are very grateful. Second shots booked for June 10th although might be sooner with increasing amounts of vaccines arriving. There was an Easter miracle this past week in our area. A 3yr old boy wandered off on Sunday in a heavily wooded area with lakes and streams and swampy areas. He was found alive and well on Wednesday. 🙏 Definitely not a dry eye in the house. Thank you for this thread and all who post and share their kindness. Deen
  15. We were at a restaurant in South Carolina with a group of friends, all Canadians. One of the men asked for pecan pie. The waitress patiently explained that “PECAN was something you put under your bed at night, PECON was in a pie”. 😁
  16. We have appointments for our first shots! So happy!! Canada has approved AstraZeneca for over 65. It’s 100km drive each way but so worth it. Road trip. 😀
  17. I think we were on the Ryndam when we were in Monte Carlo, no tenders required. We were standing at the railing as we were docking and pointing out which mega yacht was ours. One of the ship’s officers stopped and said his wasn’t there, it was one with two helicopter pads. 😁
  18. We have done one cruise to Alaska with our son and family and several friends. We enjoyed it all and had wonderful weather the entire time. The captain said it was the only time he had been in Ketchikan on a sunny day. No plans to return though as we have quite enough snow and ice for far too long right here. 🙄🙂
  19. On the first leg of our VOV cruise we missed several ports due to weather. Molde was a last minute stop. It is a beautiful city, called City of Roses. We walked around with another couple (Hi Barbara and Allan) and then went into a restaurant. My DH still says it was the most expensive beer and club sandwich he has ever had! 😁
  20. I love hearing bagpipes. We were at Peggy’s Cove on a foggy morning and we could hear bagpipes as we walked towards the lighthouse. As we got closer we could see it was a female piper. The mist was swirling around her, beautiful. I love pea soup but it is one of the few things my DH doesn’t like. My middle name is my Mom’s first name. If I call my children or DH by their 1st and 2nd names, they know they are in trouble. 😁 We plan to go to Rouen on our Rotterdam TA so looking forward to any and all pictures. Roy, hope you don’t have to wait long for your results. Stay safe and well everyone. 😷 Deen
  21. We were in Oslo on our first cruise. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed every moment. At one point we were walking past the Canadian Ambassador’s residence. I think there is something very special about seeing your flag flying in another country. I do like poutine but try to have it very rarely. It is definitely on my comfort food list. Canada is receiving more and more vaccines and we are hopeful that we will receive ours next month. Hope you all have a safe, happy weekend. Deen
  22. We were in Qaqortoq in 2012 on the second half of our VOV on the Maasdam. We missed another port in Greenland on the first leg of the cruise as we were outrunning a gale. A friend from the cruise celebrated her birthday that day. Abra was, and still is, very happy to say that not many people have celebrated a birthday in Qaqortoq. 😀 We finished the celebration that night in the Pinnacle. Deen
  23. Thanks Bruce. Very exciting to read about sea trials next month and the crew arriving in July.
  24. Thank you for the warm welcome, makes my heart smile.🥰 In another 45 minutes, our living room will transform into The Ocean Bar where we will be meeting our friends via FaceTime for happy hour. We are so hoping we will be meeting them there for real on our Rotterdam TA in October. Deen
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