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  1. Not spending another dime on-board other than the daily service charge and any set service charges for the drink or dining packages that were “free perks” would be a way to send a message that you have given NCL all the money that they are getting from you.
  2. The islands rely on tourists for their livelihood. Tourists are important. In Antigua years ago there was a huge billboard that read “Tourism is everybody’s business” Hotels, resorts, restaurants, taxis, excursion operators ect really rely on tourists so it is the Ministry of Tourism’s job to attract tourists. I think those that don’t partake will just avoid the places that sell drugs but I really don’t think that many people will avoid Canada or St. Maarten ect just for that reason alone.
  3. Write a letter. Cancel the cruise. Book another line next time. Complain on here. Stiffing the hardworking crew for things that are out of their control is down right mean.
  4. Fly to Canada and enter the US from there. Winters almost over so the time is right for a visit.
  5. You must cruise the more luxury lines that go to smaller less touristy Caribbean Islands. Mainstream cruiseships are catering to those that are willing to travel with 2000-6000 passengers and visit places like PR, Barbados, St. Maarten and Jamaica for example compared to St. Vincent, Virgin Gorda and St. Bart’s.
  6. I am not sure if marijuana is legal in other Caribbean islands and they are seeking out a niche. Perhaps they want to be ahead of the curve on this.
  7. Since they are thinking of replicating it I would think that they believe the positives outweigh the negatives in their minds.
  8. Yes they did say that Amsterdam has increased tourism due to this. The Canadian tourism prediction for 2020 seems like a normal modest increase from 2019 and not a huge spike due to the legalization of marijuana. Perhaps there are those that changed their travel plans because they are not happy about the legalization. To be honest, other than the first day you would never notice a difference in our city.
  9. It must be land vacationers that they are targeting. I agree with others that mention how busy the port is with cruiseships already. Personally I have no idea which islands if any have legalized marijuana or which states other than Colorado have for that matter.
  10. Interesting. I wonder if Canada gave a lot of thought to tourism prior to legalizing marijuana and if tourism has gone up or down since legalization. My thinking is that it’s the dollar and how low it is to the US dollar and the Euro that will affect tourism in Canada more so than people agreeing or disagreeing with legalization.
  11. I am of the same mind here. I am a little surprised that the government thinks that it could be a big draw for tourists though.
  12. Just because St Maarten has one place that sells drugs legally it does not mean that there are more drugs than other islands. Again I referrance Jamaica here. We do not partake but I have never been asked to purchase drugs in all of the visits I have made to St Maarten over the last 25 years but I sure have on my 4 trips to Jamaica.
  13. Ok good point about people being hired to stop the Chinese people from public spitting prior to the Olympics. I can now see why that would have been necessary and how the bathroom and yes even the urinal is a better place to spit than out on the street or pool deck, in reference to cruising.
  14. I think it’s more spitting in public that I was taught not to do. Someone witnessing someone spitting in the urinal is the icky thing.
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