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  1. We went to Rainbow Cafe in August and enjoyed it very much. Keep an eye out regarding the unrest on the French side. Looks like it should be ok until mid March at least. Hopefully when the talks restart things will go better. If you just want lunch on the French side the Tropicana at the Marina Royale is a good choice. I also think Orient Beach and the village their is recovering nicely.
  2. Nice of them to make a reservation for you for the day that your cruise finally made it to St. Maarten. They didn’t leave you hanging with nothing to do.
  3. For the items that you are looking for I would go go the Marigot Market. Wed and Sat are the best days for crafters and artists. You can take a cab there and back there and the walking is minimal.
  4. On the way back from town I would suggest Chesterfields at Doc Maarten for dinner. We have been going there for years. Good mix of locals, Vacationers and boaters. You are less than a 10 minute walk to the ship from there.
  5. Little Bay, Mullet Bay Beach Or Simpson Bay beach on Dutchside Orient, Pinel Island or Anse Marcel on French side There are others but they are not great for cruisers as difficult to get to and limited facilities
  6. You are lucky to be travelling with a ten yr old so I suggest that you make their day and take them to Maho. If you want relaxing beach time go to Simpson Bay or Mullet in the morning and Maho in the afternoon.
  7. Will you on a cruise or land trip? If a cruise what are your in port hours?
  8. We just got off the Gem and bought the dining package for all 13 nights. To us it’s money well spent. It’s not just about the food it’s about having nicer ambience and better service and booking your restaurants and times prior to the cruise just makes things easier when on board.
  9. Any update on bring extension cords on board? I always seem to sleep on the wrong side of the bed and have difficulties plugging in my small fan beside me. I plan on bringing one this time but if they are getting confiscated then I will leave it at home and ask for one when I see my room steward.
  10. The Golden Eagle is an excellent operation and they depart from Dock Maarten which is a 5 minute or so walk from the Cruiseship pier. There have been a few catamarans that do nude sailings over the years but they advertise them as such. You will not get on one of those without knowing.😂
  11. That hotel is in Great Bay. The article specifically mentioned that the failing water sample came after rain. This is easier for island residents and visitors to know than cruisers. Ugg! So disappointed that the island hasn’t fixed this issue yet!
  12. We like to use cash. We take a little more than we think that we will need for the putting and a back up credit card just in case.
  13. On the island currently vacationing and the pollution issue at Great Bay was in the Daily Herald again on Aug 4/19. Apparently recent testing by the St. Martin Nature Foundation (after rain) again showed sewage content in the water at Great Bay. Information is power and people should be informed IMHO so I thought that I should post this new information on this most informative thread.
  14. I totally understand that way of thinking and I would say that is ok to. This little girl’s family will likely need some counseling and she will need some sort of funeral and in her memory I think covering the costs would be a nice gesture, again without admitting guilt as I do not see RCCL at fault here.
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