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  1. https://balticlivecam.com/cameras/iceland/reykjavik/midbakki-port-old-port/ Live web cam of Eclipse in port
  2. I have been following this thread for over a year when our cruised was cancelled July 5 2018 for our September 2018 cruise on the Eclipse. Hoping you have any (or anyone) good updates for your Aug 15th cruise or any cruise date. Can’t wait to see this ship set out to sea. 🤞
  3. here ya go with the roll call not sure if they have a Meet & Greet have a great cruise
  4. Not sure how you would reassess your preferences when you get a table you want and table mates don’t show.
  5. You will have better luck asking this question and or searching for answers here on this thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/82-st-thomasst-john/
  6. Your so right with the views that you can’t beat.
  7. My perks are: Being able to reserve your chair and leave your belongings for the day the staff will get you your drinks they will get you food, ( I get my own) you can can order food off a menu for a fee cold towel afternoon tee and as you said peace, quiet plus away from the crowds
  8. I guess this is one of Princess little secrets
  9. The Pacific Princess would be one without the Sanctuary
  10. Not sure which cruise line but on Princess You can stay at the airport hotel and the cruise line bus will take you to the port the next morning
  11. I have been in that same cabin before and enjoy the aft for some great views of where you have been when cruise out of port.
  12. Your cabin is going to be great The aft cabins have plenty of deck space for four people, with a great view enjoy your cruise
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