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  1. etual324

    Live from the Whisper

    Would plz inquire if the cruise sales rep will be on in OCT and if possible an email address Thankyou so much :halo::halo::halo:
  2. etual324

    Whispering october 18 ta

    Can you advise I know you have been to Casablanca before do you think any of the SS tours are any good if you want to reply etual324@aol.com thanks
  3. etual324

    Whispering october 18 ta

    There is NO action on the meet and mingle 1 leg just me and mrs 2 leg just us again 3 leg only 5
  4. etual324

    Whispering october 18 ta

    Maybe we will see each other at the San Giorgio
  5. etual324

    Paella Restaurant Barcelona

    Looking for a nice paella lunch near cruise port any suggestions, been to Sette Porte few times need a change Thank you
  6. Check out WSJ article https://www.wsj.com/articles/parched-south-africa-city-struggles-to-avoid-day-zero-water-shutdown-1520078401?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1
  7. etual324

    Wait list

    Thank you We have been waiting since early Dec, our TA can not get our position on the list,we have called Regent a few times but I guess it will happen eventually
  8. etual324

    Wait list

    I wanted to book a trip in April 2019 and was told that the trip was wait listed and I could list myself for a opening and if I gave a $ 1000.00 refundable deposit I would move higher on the list versus those who did not submit a deposit The deposit is with Regent not with TA Has anyone had an experience with this and how prior to departure were you advised of your status Thank you
  9. etual324

    Butler Deprivation?

    ditto ditto
  10. etual324

    How Can Regent Corporate Improve???

    While on a MSC cruise many years back they had a crew member actually assigned to oversee the pool lounges and crazy as it might seem it WORKED and no one gave him a hard time Every body was HAPPY with the situation :p:cool:;p
  11. etual324

    Muse Atlantide Menu

    We boarded Oct 31 and the off menu specials appeared later on in the cruise but I can not remember when One thing the Chilean Sea Bass was OUTSTANDING
  12. etual324

    Muse Atlantide Menu

    We were on board Nov 17 and the menu looks the same,after 17 + days it does get boring The same tomato soup plz give us a break Pardon the pun but they should call the menu Ground Hog Day In the Muse defense we had a GREAT TIME
  13. Also add medical evacuation insurance which was mandatory when we went a few years back !
  14. etual324

    Cruise Critic heading out on Silver Muse!

    We signed up need one more to meet the required 6