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  1. I got off the Sun yesterday. Emailed a member of the crew this morning to see how things were and I was told that all is okay. They are staying on the ship and cleaning. Many cannot get home as flights in/out of their countries are not available.
  2. The crew was so great on our cruise. I know people are saying the crew will be sent home but many of them cannot get home because of airline restrictions.
  3. Did you talk to Susanna and Francis? I got off yesterday morning and we were told that originally your cruise had 2200 people cruising but by yesterday morning it was just over 1000. So sorry you had to get on only to get off again. It was heart breaking at the airport in Orlando. All the kids heading home after just arriving with their vacations to Disney cancelled. It is so hard for them to understand it.
  4. This was this morning when we disembarked - before the cruises were cancelled. Just saying that crew members cannot just fly home because of flight restrictions. At the time I was talking to him - he had extended his contract for 1 month. Hopefully they will be able to stay on the ships during this time.
  5. Just off the Sun today. Our butler said he was due to go home but with the flight situation he can't go and also his replacement can't make it to the ship. Hopefully now that the cruises have been cancelled the crew can stay on the ships until they can continue to work or can travel home.
  6. Agree completely - if I had a compromised immune system I would not travel. Since I never eat at the buffet or take the elevator on a cruise then those don't worry me. I worry so for the elderly after what happened in Washington state. Stay healthy! Remember to wash your hands every time you come in from being out somewhere!
  7. Newfun4me - I still feel that everyone (unless you are going to stay isolated in your home for the next few months) will be in contact with this virus. I could just as easily catch it at my grocery store, gas station or even my mailman as on the ship. If you take precautions (washing your hands, keeping your hands away from your face, keeping a distance from those that are ill) then you lower your chance. I am healthy with no underlying conditions. Chances are if I get it - I will be sick, self isolate myself until the 14 days have gone by and be fine. China is reporting that for those areas outside of the epicenter the mortality rate is about 0.7%. ( https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/03/809904660/why-the-death-rate-from-coronavirus-is-plunging-in-china ) I just feel that unless you are elderly and/or have a compromised immune system you shouldn't panic. These are just my thoughts and everyone does not have to agree with them.
  8. Call NCL - no one here can give you any information on what they will do.
  9. I leave on the Sun from Port Canaveral this Saturday. We plan on being on the ship. You are so correct about influenza deaths and you will find that many were the elderly or those with compromised immune systems the same as with Covid-19. Although they report that the instance of death is higher with Covid-19 than influenza they also report that the % is probably high because there people who have the virus and it is never reported. They never see a doctor because it is the same as having the yearly flu for them. The threat of catching influenza or the norovirus does not stop people from cruising.
  10. Thanks for the WorldOMeter.com info. Fascinating information.
  11. Thanks so much for this review. I will be on the Sun March 8th. Taking my BFF on her first ever cruise. DH and I have been on the Spirit twice and love the smaller ships. I think 5 days on the Sun will be perfect for us.
  12. Will be on the Sun in two weeks so will let you know my thoughts on her then. Have been on the Spirit twice and we love the smaller ships so my recommendation would lean toward the Sun. Balcony is a must - the views cruising through Alaska are so wonderful.
  13. I have two cruises booked and no problems. I would check with your travel agent.
  14. Carlos Zarate was the concierge on the Spirit in October. I am thinking at that time he mentioned he would be back on the Spirit after dry dock but not sure since it moved. I know he loved cruising the Greek Isles.
  15. Might not be him - Carlos from the Spirit had a big personality. Will have to look for his card to find out his last name.
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