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  1. We will be traveling on a Celebrity ship and we were wondering if the overnight excursion they offer to Hanoi (Halong Bay),Vietnam is worth it if we are there on a Friday. I understand the interior of the main museum is closed on Fridays. I don't know if we would be scheduled to go to the museum on Saturday because the ship departs and 1 pm and its a long ride back to the ship from Hanoi. Just trying to get thoughts if it is worthwhile. If you don't hink the overnight is worth it what would you suggest visiting near Halong Bay , we will be docked overnight. Thanks
  2. I just spoke with Princess and was told if cruise was cancelled by them I should get a full refund plus 25% FCC. She said they are way behind in processing, which is understandable. Hope she told me correctly.
  3. I cancelled my May 9 cruise on 3;11, the day before Princess cancelling cruise. I got 85% back on credit card but haven’t seen the other 25% either as a FCC or return to credit card. I get differ t answers have the 25% will be refunded , TA says I’ll get credit, Princess rep,saysrefund bit so far nothing , I’m out my 25% and airfare booked with Princess. EZ air. Do I just need to be patient?When will FCC be posted to my account
  4. Any hints or secrets how to get a reservation for the Chefs Table on Royal,Princess ? Thanks
  5. Does Princess charge for distilled water ? How do I order it?All other cruises ,distilled water has been provided for free for,CPAP. Can someone please advise cost of distilled water Thanks
  6. All my prior cruises ,distilled water has been provided for free for,CPAP. I read you must buy your own distilled water . Can someone please advise cost of distilled water Thanks
  7. How far a ride from pier to Glass blowing factory. Any idea how much for a cab ride there? Is it easy to get a cab back to pier ? Thanks
  8. Thanks for everyone's in put on the MR.
  9. Long Beach (Los Angeles), CAStarting in Los Angeles with stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta
  10. Trying to decide to take this cruise on Carnival Panorama.We have been to all 3 ports previously. We are probably just interesting in walking around on our own. Is is safe in all the ports to walk on your own. We are drinkers so we aren't looking for any bars. Any suggestions on interesting excursions. We are from Florida so not looking for beaches. Thanks,
  11. Our cruise ends in. Vancouver. The flights to Orlando are terrible or very expensive. Any suggestions how to get to Seattle which offers better flights? Thanks
  12. What is the best airport to use if sailing from San Pedro, Ca/ What is the earliest that you would book your return flight from San Pedro? TIA
  13. 1. What is best airport in LA if sailing from San Pedro? 2.What is earliest you would book a flight on the return from San Pedro? Thanks,
  14. What are the chances of upgrading to Comfort Plus. And getting an aisle seat using air booked through Celebrity? We’ve always booked our own air but ourTA is offering a package with hotels , transfer and air on a cruise from Singapore to Japan. My husband will only go if he can get Economy Plus on an aisle. What are the chances of getting his seat on the flight. The cruise
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