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  1. Going on the 10,day Canadian New England cruise. I was on the web page that shows photos of each rod’s obstruction. We got E406, almost no obstructions I. This cabin.
  2. I am also booked on the Snowbird Migration. I will keep hoping until we see Empress at the scrapyard. The glass is half full .
  3. What does this have to do with the Empress of the Seas? I don’t think this is the forum to discuss this topic
  4. I am sure Royal would rather be sailing as all of us would .I have had 4 cruises cancelled at this point. It’s disappointing for everyone. They can’t make any money if they don’t sail. The pandemic Is like nothing else we’ve all experienced.No one could have predicted what the pandemic would have done to the world. People lost their lives, Jobs, homes, life savings, etc. Royal has no control of when they can sail at this point. All the cruise lines have not been able to sail either.
  5. NCL, Celebrity , Viking and Princess also have similar itineraries to Canada and New England
  6. We were originally booked on Vision for Canada and New England October 2020. Did lift and Shift to Empress with a similar itinerary for 2021
  7. I’m booked 10/21, so far it’s just rumors ,nothing confirmed from Royal. We will just have to wait and see. I Lifted and Shifted from 10/20 🤞 that we get to sail . It’s a repositioning cruise I’m booked on , so there’s nothing else like this itinerary . If they cancel you’ll get everything back, FCC or Lift And Shift , it will be your choice.
  8. Where is the ship? Passenger Ship EMPRESS OF THE SEAS is currently located at EMED - East Mediterranean at position 35° 47' 57.048" N, 21° 31' 31.404" E as reported by MarineTraffic Terrestrial Automatic Identification System on 2020-08-10 15:39 UTC (3 hours, 59 minutes ago) The wind in this area at that time blows from Northwest direction at force 3 Beaufort. Where is this vessel going to? The vessel departed from VALLETTA, MT on 2020-08-09 15:16 LT (UTC +2) and is currently sailing at 13.2 knots with East direction heading to HERACLIO, GR with r
  9. There is nothing in the RCCL Press release of 8/10/20 issued at 8 am about the Empress.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts on RCCl economics. My question was what happens with my lift and Shift, will Royal work with me on another cruise?
  11. I too Lifted and Shifted to Empress of the Seas Oct 21. What happens to our booking if she is scraped. There isn't a similar itinerary for the one I'm booked on , Montreal to San Juan. I see they are still taking booking.
  12. We will be traveling on a Celebrity ship and we were wondering if the overnight excursion they offer to Hanoi (Halong Bay),Vietnam is worth it if we are there on a Friday. I understand the interior of the main museum is closed on Fridays. I don't know if we would be scheduled to go to the museum on Saturday because the ship departs and 1 pm and its a long ride back to the ship from Hanoi. Just trying to get thoughts if it is worthwhile. If you don't hink the overnight is worth it what would you suggest visiting near Halong Bay , we will be docked overnight. Thanks
  13. I just spoke with Princess and was told if cruise was cancelled by them I should get a full refund plus 25% FCC. She said they are way behind in processing, which is understandable. Hope she told me correctly.
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