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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. We are staying at Holiday Inn London - Kensington Wrights Lane Kensington London GB W8 5SP, which I believe is South Kensington. The only thing that is a must is to tour is Tower of London and I want skip the line tickets for that. We'll be in London August arriving on Thursday to Gatwick and leaving Sunday. Since we aren't in a hurry to get to hotel, we are thinking of taking the National Express to Victoria Station and then cab to hotel. The train is only 30 minutes faster and more money. WE were going to explore around our hotel that afternoon. I think the Victoria and Albert Museum isn't too far from our hotel. We were thinking of Victoria and Albert Museum also. We have been to Natural History Museums elsewhere and would like to see more thing pertinent to England.
  2. Is there a place in London to purchase last minute theater tickets at a discount like in New York? Can you please advise where this can be done either on line or in person. TIA.
  3. Our top things to visit are Tower of London,Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Big Ben Thames boat ride, Harrods,Westminster Abbey, museums if we get a chance. Hotel is in Kensington. We will have two full days arriving 9:30 am the day before, just planning to get to hotel from Gatwick. The next 2 days we'll be ready for sight seeing. The following day we are taking International Friends from London to Southampton with a stop at Stonehenge. Thanks for your help.
  4. We plan on taking the same tour and then being dropped off at Sabrada Famila for. 3:00 pm tour. How would you suggest we get back To Ship? Taxi? What did did you do for lunch , earring places to Sagrada Famila? Thanks
  5. We'll only be in London 2 full days prior to cruise. Anyone use Premium, Evans or Grayline tours for an all day tour? What are your thoughts. Any suggestions what to see on our 2nd day in London not on the all day tour? We are leaning towards using Evans tours. They are go to the same places are about the same price. We are taking International Friends to Southampton with a stop at Stonehenge. TIA
  6. Is there something when you are flying from Gatwick that is available to go thru an express lane like the one coming in to Gatwick ? Thanks
  7. We are also staying at Room2 the same night. I think we must be on the same cruise.We are taking another cruise that ends on 8/31 and we booked this hotel because it had self service laundry facilities. Have you booked yours tours yet for the fiords, etc.
  8. We are taking International Friends from London to Southampton with a stop at Stonehenge.It's more money but includes pick up from hotel and admission to Stonehenge.
  9. I am also taking back to back cruises , with an overnight between cruises. I booked Rooms2, they have a self service laundry on site.
  10. Any updates on going to Cuba. Are the cruises to Cuba still a go ?
  11. Orlando news just said RCCL has canceled next 3 cruises. WESH news. Here in Orlando
  12. We are looking into a tour with Norway Excursions AS for Geiranger. Anyone have any experience with them, good or bad? Any recommendations for other tour companies in Geiranger or Bergen? Thanks in advance
  13. Where do we get off train and then how do we find hotel TIA
  14. Can you please provide advise how how to get from Gatwick to Holiday Inn Hotel Kensington, London W8 5S. Should we rake a train or airport shopping title. We also need instructions how to get to Southampton on a Saturday . How would we pick up the bus you discussed from our hotel Thanks in advance
  15. Can you please clarify, which of the two tours did you like better" Golden Circle of South Coast? I'd love to see the Northern Lights but was told the time of year that we are going no guarantees to see them. Looking for maybe something to do or see when we arrive at 6pm.
  16. Yes, when I call NCL they tell me docking time is at 8am. Which leads me to believe the agents at NCL are only providing info that NCL provides to them which appears to be incorrect.Not very reassuring . This will probably be my first and last NCL cruise.I'll go back to RCCL ,Celebrity, Disney, Carnival or Princess who appears to be more reliable, when it comes to providing information on their Itineraries.After almost 60 cruises we are interested in the itineraries so we can visit new places. We only booked this cruise because we had two full days in Iceland. Now we we only have one full day in Iceland but we'll make the best of it. I have not received an Itinerary change, only the people who booked prior to December received the change letter. My TA hasn't received any notification of the change either.
  17. We booked in December , after some of you received the changed in itinerary letter from NCL. The itinerary showed two full days in Iceland , as it still does on NCL we stem, which is very misleading since 2 days in Iceland was the main reason we booked this cruise. I have not received a letter with any changes .We already have a non refundable airfare booked so we are committed to this cruise and will make the best of it. I spoke to my TA today, they called NCL and the supervisor at the "Big Box TA spoke with a NCL supervisor and confirmed arrival is to be at 6pm on 9/8. Our TA was very apologetic and said they are following up to make sure NCL changes their web page. and told me they don't like to sell cruises that are misleading and have the wrong itineraries. They were clearly not happy with NCl. They have not received any written notice from NCL about the itinerary change. We’re new to NCL and not impressed with such a big discrepancy in the port arrival time . We are seasoned cruisers, 50 + cruises and never had anything like this happen on another cruse line . NCL is not making a good first impression. Hopefully, there won't be any more unforeseen changes on the cruise.
  18. Is it better to purchase HOHO tickets in advance or wait until you are in port. I'm afraid to buy in advance in the unlikely event of a port being cancelled. Thanks
  19. For those traveling to Europe, do you usually purchase Hop On Hop Off tickets in advance or when you get to the port? Thanks
  20. Thanks for the info. Is there a hotel you'd recommend near the Atlantic Dry cleaners.We currently are booked at the Holiday Inn near the cruise . Are we better off there, or at one near the laundry? T Hanks,
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