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  1. Thanks all for the recommendations!! I will go to the Alaska forum as well. My wife pointed out that I should have noted that we are cruising the beginning of June. Does that info change anyone's recommendations?
  2. My family and I will go on our first Alaska cruise in 2022. We have been on several Caribbean cruises over the years but not Alaska. I am looking for recommendations for excursions, and most important PACKING. I have no Idea what to expect for the weather and cold. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. THANK YOU!!! I would not have thought of doing that!!! Bad day when I got my phone bill!!!
  4. The Celebrity App is an App that allows you to check in, has Express Pass, Menus and all sorts of things for your cruise. In addition it allows free texting while on board the ship. Others are probably more familiar with it and can give better information.
  5. Thanks, that is good to know. I was concerned with getting home to a huge bill from my wife and I texting each other while on board. and I don't want to get WiFi
  6. Is there a cost associated with texting using the Celebrity App while at sea or in Port? Do you have to have a WiFi package and text through WiFi or is the App just special?
  7. Can you tell me what thread you saw that in? We are booked in one of those cabins in Oct.
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