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  1. Got my 2nd shot Friday night. Woke up Saturday feeling a little “blah” but honestly that was just as likely from wine😉. Normal injection site discomfort was gone by Sunday. No additional side effects. 103 days until our cruise, if it doesn’t cancel.
  2. What confuses me is that the TA we’re booked on ;Celebrity Infinity ,Miami to Rome in April of ‘21, is still being sold on Celebrity’s website. The Infinity is currently sailing around off of Greece. Would the really bring her back to Miami just for a few short Caribbean cruises (also still being sold) prior to loading up and sailing back to the Med? At some point Celebrity is committing fraud by continuing to sell a “product” that doesn’t exist.
  3. I certainly hope that the vaccine combined with socially responsible behavior will begin to turn the tide. Got my first shot a week ago. (I’m an OR nurse) No ill effects at all. A little injection site discomfort as with any injection but even that was gone in a day. My wife isn’t in healthcare so there’s no telling when her turn will be.
  4. I go with slacks and a sport shirt. My wife usually opts for a dress . I bring a blazer but that’s as much for warmth as anything. Haven’t packed a suit or a tie in years. Of the many things I appreciate about Celebrity is their adherence to published guidelines for attire. I have on several occasions seen guests quietly and politely told that their shorts and t-shirt were not allowed in dining rooms at dinner. Should it really matter what other people wear to their dinner on their vacation? Of course not but having sailed Carnival for many years and watched their standards drop it just
  5. Based on advice here we switched to a starboard side cabin for our Miami to Rome TA in April. The friends we are traveling with are on the port side so we have all the bases covered for scenic arrivals and departures if we choose not to be on deck for those occasions.
  6. Of course taste and favorites are such a subjective thing I don’t know if this will help you much but I’ll throw out a few thoughts. I prefer Speyside and Lowland Single Malts. I’ll drink a Highland from time to time (especially if someone else is buying) but they are a bit too Smokey and peaty for my taste. Islay ( eye-la) and Jura malts are are way too Smokey and not pleasant at all. They taste like someone filtered whisky through campfire ashes. Wish I could give you my tasting notes but the truth is I just don’t have that sophisticated a palate. Some people can tell you how many clo
  7. Thanks for the thoughts and the reminder that some posts are repeated too often... Having to pay upfront in an uncertain environment was something I’d thought about but wondered if a savings was worth the risk.
  8. Yes, I’ll cruise with a mask. I wear one 8-10 hours a day in the hospital where I work. Is it my idea of the perfect vacation ? No. However to me it’s worth it. We will probably spend a bit more time on our own balcony where I would assume masks would not be required. There might be a few other changes to our daily routines but I can’t think of any that would cause me to give up the fun and relaxation of cruising. As for those of you claiming that mask use reduces oxygen levels I say “Baloney” Maybe if you’re running a marathon or power lifting..... certainly not sitting in a cas
  9. We received the Classic Beverage pkg as part of our booking on Infinity for April of 21. I plan to upgrade mine and was wondering if people saw a significant savings by doing it this far in advance. Would I likely see the same price a few weeks before the cruise (if it even happens) as I would today. Are either much better than just buying it on board? I’ll appreciate your thoughts and experiences.
  10. Several years ago we sold our boat and built a pool. I miss boats but wouldn’t go back. However I can honestly say neither replaces the fun and relaxation of a cruise. Neither gives me glimpses of other lands, foods and cultures. I will continue to cruise even if it means some changes and a few inconveniences. I’m holding out hope for our April ‘21 cruise but accept that it may not happen.
  11. I’m an OR nurse. I wore a mask for much of my day before Covid. Now I wear one 10 hours a day. While it wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s not going to keep me from the sunrises, sunsets and the total relaxation I feel on a cruise. My wife does not share those feelings, however.
  12. I’m a surgery nurse and wear a mask 8-12 hours a day. If I have to wear a mask in close public spaces In order to escape “reality” for a while and enjoy the relaxation of a cruise.. I’m in. No criticism of those who can’t or won’t. We all have to decide what we will or won’t accept.
  13. I do think it’s worth the risk. We can still make smart decisions about what we do and where we go in that day before we cruise. With the explosion of food delivery services we are likely to have food delivered to our hotel vs going to a crowded restaurant.
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