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  1. Based on advice here we switched to a starboard side cabin for our Miami to Rome TA in April. The friends we are traveling with are on the port side so we have all the bases covered for scenic arrivals and departures if we choose not to be on deck for those occasions.
  2. Of course taste and favorites are such a subjective thing I don’t know if this will help you much but I’ll throw out a few thoughts. I prefer Speyside and Lowland Single Malts. I’ll drink a Highland from time to time (especially if someone else is buying) but they are a bit too Smokey and peaty for my taste. Islay ( eye-la) and Jura malts are are way too Smokey and not pleasant at all. They taste like someone filtered whisky through campfire ashes. Wish I could give you my tasting notes but the truth is I just don’t have that sophisticated a palate. Some people can tell you how many clo
  3. Thanks for the thoughts and the reminder that some posts are repeated too often... Having to pay upfront in an uncertain environment was something I’d thought about but wondered if a savings was worth the risk.
  4. Yes, I’ll cruise with a mask. I wear one 8-10 hours a day in the hospital where I work. Is it my idea of the perfect vacation ? No. However to me it’s worth it. We will probably spend a bit more time on our own balcony where I would assume masks would not be required. There might be a few other changes to our daily routines but I can’t think of any that would cause me to give up the fun and relaxation of cruising. As for those of you claiming that mask use reduces oxygen levels I say “Baloney” Maybe if you’re running a marathon or power lifting..... certainly not sitting in a cas
  5. We received the Classic Beverage pkg as part of our booking on Infinity for April of 21. I plan to upgrade mine and was wondering if people saw a significant savings by doing it this far in advance. Would I likely see the same price a few weeks before the cruise (if it even happens) as I would today. Are either much better than just buying it on board? I’ll appreciate your thoughts and experiences.
  6. Several years ago we sold our boat and built a pool. I miss boats but wouldn’t go back. However I can honestly say neither replaces the fun and relaxation of a cruise. Neither gives me glimpses of other lands, foods and cultures. I will continue to cruise even if it means some changes and a few inconveniences. I’m holding out hope for our April ‘21 cruise but accept that it may not happen.
  7. I’m an OR nurse. I wore a mask for much of my day before Covid. Now I wear one 10 hours a day. While it wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s not going to keep me from the sunrises, sunsets and the total relaxation I feel on a cruise. My wife does not share those feelings, however.
  8. I’m a surgery nurse and wear a mask 8-12 hours a day. If I have to wear a mask in close public spaces In order to escape “reality” for a while and enjoy the relaxation of a cruise.. I’m in. No criticism of those who can’t or won’t. We all have to decide what we will or won’t accept.
  9. I do think it’s worth the risk. We can still make smart decisions about what we do and where we go in that day before we cruise. With the explosion of food delivery services we are likely to have food delivered to our hotel vs going to a crowded restaurant.
  10. I don’t even risk the 4 hour drive to Galveston when we cruise from there. There’s no way I’d fly in the day of a cruise. Besides, we enjoy getting in early, having a relaxing afternoon, and a nice dinner someplace. On Embarcation day we take care of any last minute detail and arrive at the ship ready for our vacation.
  11. Wasn’t asking for it . Simply a comment that CC wasn’t really losing anything by offering this.
  12. I’m 94 points away from Elite. I have no illusions that Power up Points is going to get me to that level before my next cruise in April of ‘21(providing it even happens) The 26 nights in a Concierge cabin will just barely do it. Even so I won’t even see the benefits until the cruise after that😡 Celebrity is certainly not losing anything by letting me pick up a few crumbs along the way. They get some targetable marketing info and I get to stay connected to a lifestyle I love. Everybody wins.
  13. Thanks for the replies! While every cruise is different and who knows what things will be like in the future it’s nice to know there are some lectures and other activities. Normally we’d just plan for 6 pool days but I’ve heard the weather can be a bit unpredictable In April, even on a southerly route.
  14. Just curious if Celebrity offers more lectures or other activities on those cruises. I’m certainly not someone who needs to be entertained every minute of the day but also have never been 6 straight sea days. I plan on bringing several books.
  15. Thanks for this Steve. My wife and I, along with some friends, have booked a B2B of 26 days aboard the Infinity in April of ‘21. We start in Miami, and finish in Venice. Many of the ports we hit are in your itinerary so I’m anxious to see what you do in them. We sailed on the Infinity in ‘19 from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale through the canal so we know we like Infinity. Since I figure there a less than 50% chance the cruise will actually happen thanks to Covid, I may have to enjoy those ports through your eyes and explanations. No pressure...😉
  16. Curmudgeon? Not at all. I feel the same for the most part on all those topics. I do enjoy getting on the ship early and getting settled in. Any rush to get off the ship on port days sort of depends on what we have planned. Never been a fan of shows. My wife will usually get me to one but lately she has lost interest. Usually after dinner and a little wine we’d call it a night anyway. We are early risers. Walking up on deck or sitting on our balcony as the sun rises will always be more enjoyable than any production show or comedian. I still get a lot of
  17. We’ve booked a B2B Transatlantic and Mediterranean for April/ May of 2021. That’s so far away there’s no telling what will happen between now and then. I’m 61 and in healthcare so I am pretty much face to face with Covid all the time. Hand washing and masking are such a part of my life anyway that I doubt anything required on the ship would pose a problem , at least for me. Aside from this seeming like a fun cruise with friends this was sort of my way of saying we weren’t going to stop planning and living.
  18. We’ve been on 3 cruises with Celebrity (with 2 booked for ‘21) after years of almost exclusively sailing on Carnival. I have to say “Spif’s” description of Celebrity is spot on. I think of Celebrity as family friendly vs family focused.
  19. Thanks, that’s good to know. We are going from Miami to Rome next April.
  20. We are booked on The Star for a May 3rd departure from Southampton. I don’t think there is a chance that cruise will happen. I’m pretty sure every country on the itinerary is locked down. It appears NCL is just playing “chicken” with everyone hoping they”ll cancel first. I’ve already canceled a couple thousand worth of shore excursions but am holding out for the cruise itself. I’d rather have the money in my account earning interest than in NCL’s.
  21. My wife and I are booked on The Star in May. We have no plans to cancel .However, based on posts on the roll call it appears that people are beginning to cancel this trip. Not wishing to seem too opportunistic over the difficult decisions people are having to make but.... Has anyone experienced a cruise that had a lot of cancelations? Did it create upgrade possibilities? We are booked in an aft facing balcony but would certainly be open to something better for a decent price. Thanks
  22. Bob++ and JB, Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts. We only have part of a Friday, a Saturday and part of a Sunday before we have to be in Southampton ( providing our cruise doesn’t get canceled by one or several governments....) We are going to have to get in as much as possible but HMS Victory and The Mary Rose are absolute musts.
  23. We have no intention of canceling our May 3rd cruise on the Star through the British Isles. However since there are many other factors in play I've begun to explore backup plans. Both my wife and I have to schedule vacations pretty far in advance we would have to have something if NCL or some governmental entity caused our cruise to be canceled.
  24. Cruising from Southampton in May. We have no plans to cancel. I am becoming a little concerned that as this virus spreads NCL may , in an abundance of caution, cancel the cruise. So far I don't think there are too many cases in the UK. However two months ago we were barely talking about Coronavirus. Where will we be two months from now?
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