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    Spa on Magica

    A design flaw, in my oppinion, the spa is directly under the kids club. Don't plan your spa visit during kids club hours. You can hear the kids running, jumping, and screaming the entire time. Not very relaxing!:mad:
  2. azcats98

    Fortuna odd shape cabins

    I stayed in 7416 on Magica which is the same. The room is great, I believe the white space is a stiarwell. The balcony is about twice the size of the others. From what I could see while they were cleaning the deck, the smaller balconies get plastic chairs. We had wood chairs that recline and have nice cusions. There was a table also, so it was perfect for breakfast, or putting your feet up.
  3. azcats98

    Roll Call Magica April 29 Whos Going?

    My third call to Costa was even more confusing. I was at first told, again, two formal nights. After further questioning, I was put on hold for a LONG time and then they came back with: Day 1 - Casual Day 2 - Formal Day 3 - Casual Day 4 - Informal Day 5 - Casual I was told that Informal and Casual are not the same thing. As they are synonyms, I can't imagine there could be a big distinction.
  4. azcats98

    Roll Call Magica April 29 Whos Going?

    I called customer service: 1-800-445-8020 ext. 5009 which was listed at: http://www.costacruise.com/B2C/USA/Support/contact/contact.htm I hope you're right. As much fun as it is getting all dolled up, I think once is enough. In the email, and phone call I was VERY clear that I was asking about the 5 day cruise. Wouldn't it be nice if Costa published this information...
  5. azcats98

    Roll Call Magica April 29 Whos Going?

    Forgive me if this was already answered, I'm a little late in the game. I got an email from Costa, and called to confirm it. There are two formal nights. Excerpt from Costa email: "We'd like to inform you that we have two formal nights (2nd night and 2nd to the last night) and yes there is a toga night as well." On the phone they stated that they last night is toga night, and confirmed again that this is for the 5 night cruise.