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  1. Thank you for the pics, colocruiser. We just booked this cabin for Discovery Princess. Hoping for the best re soot issues. We are used to soot on everything these days, anyway, living in the fire zone, unfortunately.
  2. The courts in our county have been closed for 10 weeks, so far, with a few exceptions.
  3. You have a most awesome avatar! Go Raiders!
  4. I fail to see the logic of retaining the OBC when THAT sailing was canceled. Never thought OBC would be transferable. It won’t be an issue if Carnival should go bankrupt.
  5. Maybe the better heading would be : For those who had cruises canceled on March 12 who were due to sail for the next 60 days, did you receive a refund yet ,versus “who received a refund since March 10.” Some keep weighing in who’ve already received refunds, but their cruises were cancelled prior to the mass cancellation of March 12, and that seems to be a source of confusion for some.
  6. How will people rehydrate during a long flight, or eat? I’ve worn mask on planes before, but I also was not mandated to and was free to remove it to eat. Wondering if they will be disallowed to remove masks. On a one hour flight, no big deal.
  7. somehow, the airlines got omitted from the WSJ article, yet they are complicit in the spread of Covid as well.
  8. I only pop in on this thread occasionally and have read several responses, those who want refunds not getting any money refunded, and I did get my FCC a week ago, like many, But this is starting to remind me of the olden days when travel agencies started shuttering left and right Back in the 90s, and I worked in court and we would have these cases coming in where mom and Pop travel agencies folded because they were taking money and I think they put it into something called the Apollo system Or they were supposed to put it into Apollo? anyway people would put their deposits on trips and then the travel agencies would be short on money because they misappropriated the money and then somehow they came up short and couldn’t give everybody what they paid for and then they shut down business overnight, ie, they would be taking deposits for large tour groups for example but not putting the money into the proper repository. Anyway, I’m not trying to be an alarmist, but this is the kind of scamming behavior that those travel agencies pulled. People would come into court and testify that they paid their trips in full in good faith, with the expectation that they would get to go on their trips, but all the while the travel agency was misappropriating funds and applying it to other things , and I am sorry, this whole thing with Princess feels fraudulent at this point. If they had even given SOME people a refund, it would show good faith.
  9. We have just received our option 1 150% credit for the canceled 4/18 cruise. Still awaiting refunded port charges to credit card though.
  10. Our FCC of 150% showed up today for our 4/18 cruise. Woo hooo! Haven't checked the CRedit card to see about refunded port charges and taxes yet.
  11. Sadly, yes. We are buffet people and rarely go to the MDR, and sometimes some people exhibit really poor habits. Most people are decent but the finger lickers are disgusting, carrying their plates of food around while scouting out other food stations, popping a deep fried shrimp into their mouth here and there, or eating fries while perusing other food stations,then picking up tongs with licked fingers. My personal favorite is those who bring their used plates back to a food station for seconds and touch the spoon to their contaminated plate.
  12. And our pending cruise of 4/18 disappeared from the Personalizer altogether. Poof. Gone. It was listed as pending, and based on what others had been saying, I was expecting it to maybe show as “completed.” Regardless, we don’t need another cruise credits especially for a cruise that never took place, but it would be nice to get the FCC’s we were promised and a refund of port charges and taxes back to our CC eventually. It’s only been 34 days, so I guess we can just wait another 26 + days.
  13. We were supposed to sail in three days, and within the past couple days the booking has disappeared from the cruise personalizer. Also, under the Completed cruises section, the 4/18 cruise which showed as “future” has disappeared from that screen as well, but I’ve read on a few cruise boards that people were actually getting cruise credits for cruises that weren’t even taken,ie, Cruise not taken but showing As “completed” that Princess canceled. That certainly isn’t the case with my booking, nor would I Expect that. Just thought it was worth a mention. Also, I always take screenshots of everything in the personalizer as proof.
  14. We have nothing yet. They cancelled on us 3/12 for a 4/18 cruise. I submitted our choice of FCC option 1 on 3/13.
  15. https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/#faq
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