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  1. Thanks for the review. We were on the Crown in the Mediterranean a couple months ago and enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, when you miss ports , the only compensation you can expect are port fees to be refunded, if any. That’s just the nature of cruising. Mother Nature dictates. We miss ports many times when cruising.
  2. 4cats4me

    Equinox Boarding Delay Due to Previous Charter

    It appeared to have a lot of participants for an only four-day Cruise. https://thefriendship.com/lineup/ Seemed to be like an electronic music festival at sea. Modern Luxury.
  3. 4cats4me

    The Royal Should Do Well in The West

    We booked immediately ( may 2017 for an April 2019 cruise) upon learning that the Royal would be coming out west. We got a great deal, and also a sip and sail promo, but we didn’t want the drinks package so they gave us $300 instead for our 7 day cruise. Combined with TA credit and future cruise deposit, we have $500 to spend on a 7 day cruise. I haven’t really seen a better promo since we booked, along with the great price we got, too.
  4. Andrew, I always love reading your reviews. Come back “poo.” OMG. LOL!
  5. 4cats4me

    Avocado Toast

    Yes, I always put it on sourdough toast only at home. The sliced sourdough from Trader Joe’s works well, but Boudin’s is amazing. Over 25 years ago we used to eat avocado on fresh sweet french bread. To me, avocado toast is just avocado and bread, not all fancied up with tons of other stuff, except maybe bacon crumbles. 😃
  6. 4cats4me

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    Last week of June twice, great weather except for one day in Juneau 45* and sleet. Other time in Juneau 72*; last week of August, foggy all week, foghorn blew every five mins. One cruise mid July. Perfect weather. People on deck in bikinis when we sailed into glacier bay. 65* so far, August was the worst june cruise we had 550 kids onboard. Rarely saw them. We had youth security onboard that trip and there were no issues. We like the extra daylight in June. Sun went down at 11: pm. Rose by 4:00 am
  7. 4cats4me

    Avocado Toast

    It goes on toast. That’s how we roll here in CA. 😃 yes, avocado toast was available on the Crown at slice. Be careful. Those calories really add up fast
  8. Many cruisers book dozens or hundreds of nights per year. On our last cruise on another line, the most-traveled had 1,687 days at sea, so the cruise lines wouldn’t be incentivized to give someone with 40 days special consideration or be inclined to break the rules, nor would they break the rules for those who have sailed hundreds of days, either. Nobody is “special” to the cruise lines. They are in it it to make money.
  9. I always travel with my own... Stevia in the raw is very good.
  10. Same here, but it didn’t happen on my iPhone. Yesterday iPad cooperated, and tonight it keeps reloading.
  11. We turn off cellular data and THeN put phones in airplane mode. (Just in case) Turn on WiFi, and then you will be able to use the intranet to get the Princess Patter without using minutes. To use your free minutes, it is very simple and you will find instructions through the Messaging app or via the Patter. We always keep our phones turned on the entire time onboard and have never had any problems. Main thing is to keep that phone in Airplane Mode and enable WiFi. While on land, you can still keep it in airplane mode and bounce off the free WiFi at cafes. Most places give you a WiFi code when you purchase food or drink. IF you need to make a call, then of course you will need to take it out of WiFi to text I think. We enabled our i phone through ATT before going to Europe to use the $10 per day unlimited text, call, data plan, but we never used it. You have to set up the capability with ATT before leaving home, and even if you turn on the phone for one minute and receive a text or a call, that will start the clock ru nning and you will be charged $10 for that 24hour period, but within that 24-hour period you can text and talk as much as you want, (well within reason) or surf the Net using data. Just remember to put your phone back in airplane mode before getting on the ship, because that plan is only good on land, unless you buy a cruise ship calling plan.
  12. I loved Secret Silk. We saw it back in April when it was brand new. Love Encore, too.
  13. Yes, we use OBC to book a couple excursions for our last cruise in October. This rule has been in effect for at least 9 months now, if not longer.
  14. 4cats4me

    USA Today first look Edge photos...

    The “love” wall looks like graffiti. LOL What’s the deal with those balconies? They look claustrophobic. Beautiful ship though.
  15. 4cats4me

    transfering reservation from Princess to TA?

    Had no idea Princess had implemented a no-transfer policy after 60 days from booking date. Good to know.