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  1. For years, (not Elite yet but traveling in suites) we didn’t realize that we could swap out. We like to swap all alcohols to Skyy vodka now.
  2. Maybe X booked the flight. Maybe her flight got changed. Maybe the X transfer bus left half an hour earlier than expected. Now, please go away.
  3. The X transfer dropped her off. She had no control over that. You're just being argumentative.
  4. Earlier she posted 75 mins total , from stepping off the bus transfer to getting onboard the ship.
  5. Yes, it is true. A whole bunch of us received the e-mail today.
  6. Perhaps the cruise line itself if they pause cruising for much longer? Carnival has lost several billion, so I’m sure we can expect more disappointing news like increases for drinks, specialty restaurants, cruise fares, et cet.
  7. No more loyalty credits, either. “ We’ll no longer offer onboard credit based on the number of cruises taken. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to earning your loyalty.” 🤣
  8. And switch to say, Celebrity, where one will end up paying more to cruise, when they could have just purchased a Medallion package at a fraction of the cost, while also losing some nice perks like priority tendering, priority boarding, disembark, et cet.
  9. Maybe Princess should have removed the free internet minutes from Platinums but left the free minutes intact for Elites? Re: To those who are thinking of going to Celebrity or a different cruise line, Celebrity is a wonderful line, but there was a major overhaul with their pricing structure a few years back, cuts from Loyalty program, et cet, they removed the foot stools from the Aqua Class balconies, Concierge, et cet, and many people were extremely unhappy, enough to leave the cruise line. The grass is not always greener.
  10. The Elite discount. We had to forfeit our free internet minute to get the discount.
  11. The cost for me was 49.99@ 50% off, forfeiting all my elite minutes for a 7-day cruise on the Royal in April 2019, and 59.99 for a 10-day cruise in Oct 2019, same ship. These were pre-tax prices.
  12. We’ve been on a couple Med cruises and highly recommend one that starts In Barcelona and ends in Rome, and definitely spend at least 3 nights in each. Favorite places of ours were Santorini and Kotor! We booked private tours for each destination and tour shared with others we met on roll calls on CC
  13. We have done a few X and a few RCCL and many Princess Cruises. We’ve enjoyed them all, for different reasons. RCCL best entertainment, X felt more upscale/sophisticated, more of a European vibe, beautiful dining rooms, laid back, prettier ships. Buffets on newer Princess ships are our favorite, but X comes in second, and Royal third. Regarding dining rooms, X first, Princess 2nd, RCCL 3rd. Entertainment: RCCL first, Princess second, X third. Staterooms, X first, Princess second, RCCL third. Shopping X first, Princess 2nd, RCCL 3rd Adult (free) pools, X first, RCCL 2nd, Princess 3rd Internet: X and Princess Tied. Specialty Restaurants: X first, RCCL 2nd, Princess 3rd cabin stewards. all good bar service. Princess, hands down! Bar service really suffered on our last X cruise 4 years ago, since majority had all inclusive. It used to be great service. RCCL had decent bar service, too Activities: RCCL, first, Princess second, X third. Not enough activities coffee bars: X first, Princess 2nd, RCCL third
  14. They’re not forbidding you from getting off the ship. They’re telling you you will need to take a ship’s Excursion. For this, you would throw away thousands of dollars? These are not normal times. You need to roll with the punches. Just go on your trip and have a good time.
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