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    Tour recommendations from Kotor

    We also used Milos tours posted in this thread. He was excellent and a highlight of our trip. He took us all around Kotor with some beautiful views and a stop at a family run farm where we tried different brandies, wine smoked ham, cheese bread and locally grown tomatoes.The hospitality of the family could not be beat - 3 generations making everything from brandies to honey. Milo also gave us very interesting information on Kotor. I highly recommend him if you are visiting the area.
  2. I used the customer service link on their website and they sent me the ETA at each port which was spot on. This helped me plan some private tours in Dubrovnik,Korcula and Kotor Montenegro. Our private tour guise in Kotor was wonderful and I was glad I booked ahead. I will do a full review soon we were on the royal clipper Croatia, Piren and Montenegro. Two tours one private in Kotor and the private lunch in Piren (ship tour) were both great.
  3. I am on a cruise from Venice to Croatia and plan on doing 3 tours on my own, one is private and I only paid one ahead which agreed to a full refund if the ship does not dock
  4. Thank you I contacted star clipper and they did give me ETA at the ports
  5. Has anyone found it difficult to book a private tour (or tour outside the ones offered by the ship) since you have no idea when you will arrive or leave a port? We will be on a cruise that includes a few stops in Croatia, and Kotor and would like to set up some of out own tours
  6. beth555

    Bar drink menu

    I was just wondering did they have a bar menu and the cost of drinks Thank you
  7. When I looked at our itinerary in port, there are no times listed in port. Does anyone know if they list this when you get your cruise tickets online?
  8. beth555

    Bar drink menu

    Thank you somuch
  9. beth555

    Bar drink menu

    Does anyone have a copy of the bar drink menu on board the Royal Clipper. I have seen a wine list but I am curiou about the bar drinks Thank you
  10. beth555


    Does anyone know when you get a list of excursions from Star Clipper? We will be sailing on the Royal Clipper in June and are interested in what excursions the ship may offer.
  11. beth555


    Thank you, I know that sailing to/from Barbados can be rough, that was why I was asking specifically about Croatia and sailing from Venice. Our trip is concentrated along the coast of Croatia
  12. beth555


    I know this has been asked before but wondering if anyone sailed between Venice and Croatia and how the Adriatic sea was as far as being rough. We are on the Royal Clipper next June and I am trying to convince another couple to take the cruise but they are concerned about seasickness. We are traveling round trip from Venice and will be visiting Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro
  13. I was sorry to hear that the ultimate dining package that you could purchase on-board the first day is now gone. Does anyone know if the new dining packages include a lunch.
  14. beth555

    Take on-board credit as cash in casino?

    We were on the reflection and cashed out OBC- but we did play at the casino. On the eclipse they said you could not do it. So it is very inconsistent
  15. If you want to use OBC at the casino do you need to tell them that at the casino or just take the cash and use it