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  1. Called at 8:10 Eastern time this morning. Waited on hold 10 minutes. Very nice agent solved our issue in about 10 minutes- she had to text her supervisor and apologized for the wait. I thanked her and wished her a good day with not too many problems.
  2. We booked a day room at the Hilton last year and it was a good decision. Our flight did not leave until midnight and we had discovered the check in wait at the airport on a previous trip. It was walking distance for us- we travel fairly light. Enjoyed breakfast with a great view. Left the luggage in the room after breakfast and had a good walk around. Back at the hotel we took a nap being careful to set our alarm. Headed to the airport about 7 and still had to wait but it was so much easier. We do love Auckland but facing a 12 hour flight was too concerting and this worked well for us.
  3. Hi Jim- Thanks for the live thread- I always love your info. We are also onboard now and I want to thank you for mentioning the MDR. The spacing of the tables has been a continuing issue for many of us in the MDR at lunch and dinner. First, even before chairs are filled, the spacing is tight in numerous areas. Once people are seated, you really need to figure out how to pass behind the chairs. At lunch today, we were seated at the railing with a nice view to the lower dining room. We were at a 2 top with another 2 top separated by about 3 inches. The waiters could not get to our table to set anything down and actually reached in front of the diners at the other table to hand us our filled water glasses, bread basket, and plates of food. When we left the table, our neighbors had to get out of their chairs to let us out. Our regular table is at the back of the upper dining room. Just walking to our table before anyone is seated requires moving chairs so we can pass. After dinner, if we leave before everyone clears out, finding a path is frustrating. This is our 3rd time on Summit- we are lowly Elite. 😊 I don’t recall ever having this problem on Summit or any other cruise ship including HAL or Princess. Did the designers not measure space with people in the chairs? The tables seem bigger maybe, or maybe the chairs are longer front to back? Attached is a photo I took today of the lower dining room. Space looks ok, especially at the round tables. But picture it with people in the chairs and you can see the problem. Thanks for letting me vent! Enjoy the rest of your cruises!
  4. Just got one Friday for a cruise in 4 weeks. Came in at 4pm EST. I had been expecting this since there were 9 Neptunes left on the Maasdam. Email arrived and I called within a minute- call was answered immediately. Since I had watched the cabins available, I asked and got our first choice. We always book direct and have frequently been offered upsells. Some we take and some we don’t. This timing was common thinking of past offers. Never on a weekend and usually within a day or so of the cruise being suddenly “sold out” and then being available again. Assume they are assigning the guarantees during that time and then figuring out the upsells. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. We have been checking hotels in Auckland for an upcoming visit. Several Novotel brand hotels have an inexpensive add on for early arrival or late departure. Found the option when starting a booking and it came up as an option. I hate sitting in hotel lobbies after a long flight, but feeling too tired to walk around. This will be a good option for us and less than the cost of the previous night add on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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