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  1. we did the vow renewal 4 years ago and we did NOT get to pick out the flowers but the bouquet was beautiful! mostly white flowers (real flowers) so it will go with anything you wear. the cake was given to us with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. it was delivered to the room and was already there when we got back to the room. A photographer will be there to take pictures at the ceremony also. you get to keep the glasses and you get a certificate. I brought the cake to dinner the next evening to share with our tablemates. The cake is about an 8 inch cake I think. no need to purchase! wait until you see the vows the captain recites to you...absolutely beautiful! it is not your typical vows, the words had to do with the years of marriage, and the years you are together. at the time when we did it, it was our 25th anniversary. he talked about the trials and tribulations to get to that milestone. you will love it! I found this to be more beautiful then our actual marriage ceremony because you are so busy trying to pull off the perfect wedding. they do that for you in a vow renewal and its perfect in every way possible. The captain will ask if you will be exchanging rings before the ceremony starts. We did this on Diamond princess. be sure to ask them to turn on the camera before the ceremony starts. My family watched the entire ceremony online. I wish you many years of happiness!!!
  2. I just returned from the same cruise....this was the most tuxedo worn on any cruise that I seen. many many men were wearing tuxs and many women wore gowns. it was the "smart casual" that was different. I didn't see many suits worn. People were commenting on how much tuxedos were worn and loving it! I thought the 2 formal nights was the most beautiful I've ever seen! People dressed up to the nines! Gowns looked so pricey! I seen many beautiful expensive gowns worn!
  3. I am diabetic also and I take insulin at dinner time only. I wasn't sure what to do either. So thank you for starting this...I'm not sure what to do especially wearing a dress. I was going to pick up crackers or something light to take back to my cabin so that I can do it before going to traditional dining. Now that I know there are washrooms right outside, that opens up another option for me. I don't want to hold people up from eating and I certainly don't want to embarrass or make anyone queasy!! That would never be my intention!!! Why would someone leave needles sitting on a table? That's having no respect for their fellow tablemates! First of all, its a pen, leave it attached until you get back to the room. Even though I am diabetic and understand the situation, I would NEVER leave a needle sitting on the table for other people to see!!! I'm sorry but that's disgusting!!! I've been a diabetic for almost 2 years, DH still has never seen me do it, I just excuse myself for 20 seconds. I really look forward for people open with their suggestions concerning this...thanks in advance!
  4. I'm from Cambridge, Ontario and we have a storm too. I am so sick of snow!!! Emerald, take me away, I'm done with snow!!!
  5. thanks so much! this is definitely helpful!
  6. thanks so much! this is helpful for sure!
  7. Are there any shopping areas at the ports listed below close by to shop or will we need to take a taxi in town to do some souvenir shopping? Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Aruba Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands Grenada Dominica St. Thomas, U.s. Virgin Islands Princess Cays, Bahamas
  8. Thanks everyone! I am happy just to be on the ship. The balconies on the Riviera and the Baja are the same size but I don't spend a lot of time on the balcony anyway so that's no big deal to us. another question though...we have filled out all of the paperwork on the princess website. Are we suppose to print off everything or do they go on their website and pull up the booking # when we arrive on the ship? that's a lot of printing!!!! I printed off the boarding pass, and travel summary, plus excursions. Do I print off the immigration forms also or is that done online by them? thanks in advance.....
  9. I'm just happy and excited to go on the ship upgrade or not. I now see why it would be upgrade, I was comparing the rooms and trying to see the difference and that's why I was questioning it. thanks so much for helping me see the difference. you people ROCK!!! Happy cruising to each and everyone!
  10. We originally had R234 On the Emerald Princess deck 14, upgrade fairy came and gave us Baja deck level 11 room 610. I'm not seeing an upgrade! The only difference I am seeing is a different floor and from forward to mid back? Would you consider this an upgrade or the same? either way it doesn't matter, its a cruise and I can't wait!!!
  11. Thank you, am I suppose to make reservations for parking then?
  12. We are driving to Port Everglades and will be parking our car in the parking provided at Port Everglades. How far away is it to get to the cruiseship to pass in our luggage? will we need a transfer or is it walking distance?
  13. The Diamond Princess had the champagne glass waterfall on the last formal night celebrations. Does the Emerald princess have special celebrations on the last formal finale night? Hubby and I will be on Emerald Princess in April 8, 2014 sailing.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving from Cambridge, ON to all Canadians!!! Enjoy your family time!!!
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