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  1. I wouldn't necessarily choose BA based on the aircraft type as things are changing a great amount at the moment. I flew between London and Washington dozens of times on BA over the span of quite a few years and even then aircraft might change several times from booking until travel.
  2. The airlines specify the bathroom configuration not Boeing/Airbus.
  3. BA's new business class is top of the line...fully enclosed B/E Super Diamond seat (AC use this same seat on some aircraft) but with a door. Not been in the Galleries Club lounges in many years but they weren't all bad last time I was in them, jsut very overcrowded. The First lounges (where my Gold card gets me) seem to be much quieter at certain times...no complaints from me.
  4. DL do not offer first class on the A350, or in fact first class on any longhaul flight. Delta One, their business class product, is the highest cabin offered.
  5. Tricky proposition. Even if you flew an airline that only operated 787s on longhaul (such as Norwegian, yes, am aware they have 737s on some longhaul too!) then there's a chance they could sub in an aircraft on a wet lease. DY have been doing this for years on longhaul due to issues with the RR engines on their 787s.
  6. Call your credit card company.
  7. My guess is that you're comparing apples and oranges. As Delta don't offer first class on international flights I'll assume the AA and DL flights you reference were shorthaul domestic flights. AFAIK, WestJet and Air France only offer Premium Economy on longhaul flights and longhaul and shorthaul products are always going to vary massively. Very rough generalization here but I'd compare domestic first class (as in 2-2 narrowbody recliner seats) to longhaul premium economy.
  8. Amex have always issued me with immediate credits for "investigated" chargebacks. I had some UK domestic flights on Easyjet for travel the other month and the flights were cancelled. I couldn't get hold of Easyjet within the three days of travel so called Amex. The agent looked it up and noted the flight was cancelled and issued a credit right away. I've found Amex to be amazingly consumer friendly on things such as this. In the early 2000s I had to make a call from a payphone and was charged £17 for what amounted to a 40 sec call to a landline. I called Amex to confirm the charge was correct and the rep asked me how much I think I should pay so I said about £1 and they gave me a £16 credit :D
  9. As a local I have actively avoided LGA for the last couple of years but this year have used it maybe half a dozen times and it's worked perfectly well (on a mix of Delta and AA). I've used the new concourses and they're bright and really not very LGA at all! The rideshare options are a lot easier than they were, at least on AA where it's just a short walk to the new parking garage. (I had no waits for Black Cars on the Friday PMs and Monday AMs that I've arrived) My primary objections are for the tiny gate areas in the older parts of the airport (not applicable on arrival) and the crappy lounges at LGA for both Delta and AA compared to JFK (again not applicable on arrival, necessarily). From the west coast (assuming you are travelling from Fresno) you are guaranteed to connect flying into LGA, but not into JFK. As for getting into Times Square (eek...nowhere else you can stay?) I'd give LGA the nod over JFK.
  10. Airlines lose or misplace bags on non-stop flights too. A very tiny percentage of bags don't make it to their final destination on time and the vast majority of those are reunited with their bags within a week or so. Is it ideal? No. But to put very punitive restrictions on your flight options for this reason seems to be a rather fruitless exercise, IMO.
  11. I'm confused as to why this is Singapore Airlines' problem. You hired them to transport you between two places, you just don't need their services anymore. Check your travel insurance policy.
  12. Personally I struggle to get excited about anything that involves flying economy...
  13. Don't trust? Millions of people every day use connecting itineraries. What's not to trust? You'll probably be rebooked onto a Delta or mixed DL/VS itinerary through Atlanta or similar.
  14. I pay for premium cabins primarily for the space...yes, having a middle seat free in the cheap seats helps but for the most part you still have limited legroom, width, recline etc. International FC is a different story altogether. Value proposition is still there even with reduced service elements on many airlines. Lying across three seats in coach will never be better than even the worst flat bed.
  15. I've flown AA hundreds of times, usually about once a week on average, mostly domestically but some international too. Can't say any of the reported stories ring true with my experiences. The sources of this "may be late" information is pretty key here. AA had problems with their mechanics union in the past year which has resolved itself for the most part. The casual travelling public often have long memories for what is long out of date information. I know we have other AA regular flyers on here too.
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