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  1. Not sure I'd call their front cabin "business equivalent"....maybe equivalent of the 1980s/1990s...
  2. Is it worth what? I know people who have flown them and said it's fine...they have some oddball routes that legacy carriers require a connection to make instead. Personally Spirit is an airline I won't touch as they don't offer the inflight and ground services I look for when flying.
  3. Even in the best times you can't really assess a baseline for what your fare will be 14 months out from travel. Half of airline pricing is based on competition. What Joe Schmoe paid to fly a vaguely similar route in 2018 has literally no bearing on what you'll be paying 4yrs later. If multiple airlines were operating a given route with competing schedules but one or more has since withdrawn then fares could skyrocket and it could work in the other direction as well. This is before you factor in the COVID-19 side of things. Pricing seems to be all over the map with some airlines sel
  4. If this is for October next year then chances are you'll experience at least several involuntary reschedules, most likely on your flight into JFK. Depending upon how much that changes you can get a free switch to a different connecting flight. It depends on the itinerary but generally speaking I wouldn't go with a 46min layover at JFK, especially onto an international flight where the doors close early. However: 1) Some domestic flights are massively padded so you could end up with a true layover time of much more than 46mins. 2) If you're on the first flight of the day
  5. fbgd

    LHR to ATL

    There's non-stop rail service from Southampton to Gatwick on the rather unreliable Southern Railway service. Takes about 2hrs as it's not an express line. Trainline.co.uk allows you to look up rail timetables and options across all UK operators but book tickets through the actual operator to save a few shekels on fees. By road Heathrow is certainly more direct than Gatwick, especially on Sunday where the aforementioned congested roads of the M3 and M25 for getting to Heathrow will be a lot less of a factor. All things being equal I'd certainly pick Southampton to Heathr
  6. Was going to say the same...summer is low demand for transatlantic business and first class. In normal years the sales are announced in the months leading up to it. I've paid only about 25% more than the listed $2600 for BA First across the pond in summer sales.
  7. fbgd

    LHR to ATL

    This has been discussed regularly on here and the other subfora (that I don't venture to). Grew up in the area so very familiar with the options... If you are going by rail the station in Southampton heads right into London and takes you about as close to Heathrow as mainline trains go. Most people who are taking the train to Heathrow would disembark at Woking where you can get the regular RailAir coach service the last few miles to Heathrow. The M3 motorway that leads into London from Southampton is a decent road but can get very congested in rush hour as you near Lon
  8. http://www.sfo777.com/content/check-and-pan-am-lounge
  9. Intersting. Due to status/class of travel preferences it has been a long time since I've been to the Galleries Club lounges in Terminal 5. Was this the South lounge in the main T5 building or one of the others?
  10. These whinges are so greatly exaggerated. I've personally flown Club World countless dozens of times (always paying my own way so if it was that bad I'd just fly a different airline) and it's perfectly fine,. Yes, the "old" seat it is slightly outdated but BA are introducing world class, industry leading seats fleetwide so you could end up with them. The primary whinges people have about the old seats are: 1) That you have to step over your seatmate...If that person is fully reclined then their feet will be elevated about a foot off the floor. You can balance yourself against
  11. The divider only needs to be down for the safety demonstration. It even says this on the divider itself...
  12. Plenty of information out there about BA's business class so you can judge for yourself, however, for only $200 you'd be nuts to pass it up. Not sure quite what you mean by "broken up into different classes". BA have different business class seats on longhaul and shorthaul and are introducing a new seat on longhaul aircraft. CDG-LHR will be on a narrowbody aircraft where it's essentially coach but with the middle seat blocked off. You will be served a meal with a full bar service. You'll have access to the lounge at CDG (BA use the very nice Cathay Pacific lounge) and there will be
  13. Bizarre...FRA is widely considered a pretty awful place to connect through. The exceptions being when flying Lufthansa in FC where they put a car on for you planeside or SQ's JFK-SIN service (which isn't a true connection per se). If you are connecting through the same terminal at LHR, and so therefore most likely a T5-T5 connection on BA, then it's remarkably simple. A blanket "I hAtE cOnNeCtInG tHrU LhR" statement is rather shortsighted.
  14. Similar for me. I went into banking out of University...my first business trip in my early 20s was on a private jet, staying at the Four Seasons and with a $200 per diem...in St Louis. It's pretty hard to spend that kind of money there, like Brewster's Millions. Way to be spoiled on my first business trip haha. My current business travel policy doesn't include anything private but at least covers F regardless of flight length and with no restrictions on hotels, per diem etc. Just to be sensible which can still sometimes mean 5* if the price is only a bit more than the "executive ho
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