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  1. fbgd

    AA baggage fees?

  2. Business and First Class pricing does work a little different to that of economy although many of the same principles apply. Over the Atlantic in the summer months (particularly July and August) demand is weaker in the premium cabins as there is less business travel taking place during those months. You see that business and first class often go on sale whereas economy is higher due to greater demand in those cabins. However, you're flying to a leisure destination, and one with plenty of premium cabin demand and airlines will only put sales when they need to fill seats. Therefore the only way to really take advantage of the sales is to book the longhaul flight to an intermediary point such as London (which is reliably on sale during the summer months in premium cabin) to bag your sale fare, then book a separate ticket from there. That's risky for obvious reasons but also these sales aren't often announced until a couple of months beforehand for the most part, so you could wait around for something that'll never happen, particularly since June rarely is included in these sales, IME.
  3. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=british+airways+strike
  4. Err, did you see the links I'd provided? Both will allow you to quote and pay for the ride there and then and for much bigger vehicles.
  5. As a local (western Nassau County/Queens border) I've used these guys a few times for general car service but they have a Mercedes Sprinter on fleet too. https://limostarny.com/ These guys are excellent if you need a larger vehicle. I used them for wedding transportation on Long Island and a family event where I needed to get about a dozen people into the city. http://www.transtarlimo.com/ Of course you're going to pay more than renting a van but sometimes you have a put price on your own time and inconvenience. Driving in NYC is not the same as driving in Florida.
  6. Why not just use a car service? There's about a trillion in NYC and for larger groups you can get Mercedes Sprinters and such. They'll meet you at baggage claim and it'll be so much easier. Have you looked at the procedure for renting a car from LGA? Your plan sounds, with all due respect, a bit mad and hugely time consuming.
  7. fbgd

    Wind speed.

    I don't think it's that odd or ironic. BA have international flights to more airports in the US than AA have international flights out of the US for example. The UK has a very good transport infrastructure so people travel fairly significant distances by car/train/public transport to catch flights from LHR. Heathrow is slot restricted and BA won't waste slots operating to every hole in the hedge. It's easy for KLM to operate flights to AMS from Humberside and Teesside and other tiny airports.
  8. You can't compare apples with oranges. Domestic FC prices today (on non-premium routes) are generally speaking cheaper than coach of years past once you account for inflation.
  9. Technically you can walk it although you'll need to hop a couple of low barriers and there won't be any pedestrian crossings. Just make a right from the Arrivals level and keep on walking and you'll soon notice its familiar shape. It's only a couple of hundred yards from T4 to the TWA Hotel. The walk from the AirTrain T5 to the TWA Hotel is a really around the houses affair but if you've got loads of time... As Flyertalker says the rooftop poolbar is more restrictive than what it first opened. If you're not a hotel guest it's a $50 minimum per person. Cocktails are in the $12-$18 range and beers are just shy of $10 so if you plan on grabbing drinks and lunch there for example then the $50/pp is easy to hit. I've been a few times and it's an amazing spot and superb for a layover.
  10. Flying into ISP when you need to be in NJ is an absolutely wretched drive. I live in Long Island/NYC border and would consider that only out of sheer desperation. That could easily be a 3hr drive. Taking the LIRR to Penn Station from ISP/Ronkonkoma and then NJ Transit/Amtrak out the other side to Newark would be far better.....or you know, flying a different airline and then use points on a different trip.
  11. I know people love Southwest (I'm not one) but to can your whole family trip because you can't fly Southwest seems a touch extreme... Ubers to a Southwest serviced airport are going to be a rounding error on the cost of your trip.
  12. There's a few rivers with the bodies of drowned statisticians in them...
  13. CLT-NYC is maybe 75mins, it's one of my most regular routes. Why not drive or take the train if flying is that stressful?
  14. Why? There's no obligation to fly Southwest and one of the country's biggest carriers still has a huge hub there, plus other airlines still have sizeable operations there.
  15. Strikes can be called off at very short notice so nobody knows. You'll need to check the terms of your travel insurance as, for obvious reasons, not all policies are identical.
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