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  1. Agree. I was curious what the threshold is to make a ship return.
  2. Yeah I thought the same as I wrote the post. 🙂
  3. I just saw this notice on MSC's USA website. I do not know if if this is new, or been there for a while and I just missed it. If the cruise ends early will there be a partial refund? What is the threshold that would cause the ship to return to the port of embarkation? I do not feel like calling and being on hold for a long time and then get misinformation. INFORMATION FROM THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL & PREVENTION In the U.S., MSC Cruises is working to comply with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other relevant authorities’ requirements and guidelines in order to restart cruising operations out of U.S. ports in a safe and responsible way, similar to how MSC Cruises has restarted in other regions around the world. Please consult the CDC website prior to booking for CDC travel advisories, warnings, or recommendations relating to cruise travel. If a certain threshold level of COVID-19 is detected onboard a ship that originated from the U.S., the voyage will end immediately, the ship will return to its U.S. port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel, including your return home, may be restricted or delayed. Due to the changing nature of current health and safety protocols, advertising may not accurately reflect the onboard and destination experience, which is subject to change without notice.
  4. Log into your MSC online account. Click on MY VOYAGER CLUB. Scroll down the page to add a child. I am curious so please let me know if you see points for your child. Thanks!
  5. Click on the link provided in post #2. It is the roll call for your sail date and ship.
  6. I read this information via mobile. I didn't realize that I had to swipe right to see that part you posted. So it looks like our daughter will be able to dive. For her dive, I actually prefer to go through the ship. Thank you!
  7. Skier 52 (Pete) is a wealth of information. Check out thread - see post 11:
  8. I also read on the website that because our 11 y.o. is unvaccinated, then we will not be able to be on any ship excursions. Additionally, passengers are not permitted to go on their own excursions. Does this mean we cannot get off the ship for our 18 day cruise? Our cruise is in Dec - lots of time for things to change...crossing fingers and toes!
  9. Our friends are on Mera since Aug 2. They have different booking numbers for the B2B. The night before disembarkation from the first leg, they switched cabins and left there stuff there. They did not have to pack to disembark.
  10. You can have the bed split into two twin beds for your teenage kids, and you take the sofa bed. 😁 j/k
  11. I see that you are in the UK so I do not know your familiarity with US geography. Washington State is cold, rainy for a good portion of the year. i do not believe cruising is available year round. Florida - cruising is available 365 days.
  12. Sofa bed that converts into a bunk bed is only on the newer ship - not Divina.
  13. Sofa beds. By bunk bed, do you mean pullman bed? The one that come down from the ceiling? These are in the inside cabins.
  14. All passengers in the same cabin, not linked reservations, have to purchase drink packages. Yes, you can use the OBC for drink package once you are onboard. If you purchase the drink package before you board, you will have to pay for it.
  15. I posted the link because I was told in the past that the cabin layout/ configuration alternates... every other cabin has the bed next to the balcony door. If you find a cabin with a picture near the cabin you want, count from there.
  16. Not on MSC website. Does this one help? https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/MSC-Meraviglia
  17. US Cancellation section is back now, but last update was Oct 6.
  18. Very least - do the status match. This way you get an additional 5% off your cruise fare.
  19. Couple of options: 1. Use a Travel Agency. They will apply that for you, or call MSC on your behalf. 2. Since you trip is not until 2021, book online. Then email them with your booking number and ask them to apply the discount. MSCExistingReservations@msccruisesusa.com BTW - if you have status on another cruise line or hotel, MSC will match the status. Then you get another 5% off.
  20. Looks like we are on the same sailing I am being optimistic.....
  21. I am very curious how your son (at 3) earned this high level status match. Our daughter earned her own Diamond status at 6 years old on Royal, and that is cruising 3-4 times a time for almost 6 years. She started cruising at 6 months. I thought that was quite an accomplishment for her age. We matched our status in 2017 and have cruised exclusively with MSC (3-4 times a year) since then. I am curious how your son did this at 3 years of age. Did he get this status based on your status?
  22. We booked last week 2 cruises on this promotion. We paid $0 cruise fare (just taxes) for our daughter. DH and I got the OBC, but not our daughter...and not complaining. How can I expect OBC for her when we paid $0 for her cruise?
  23. Just booked today! First T/A for us.
  24. Thanks everyone. I remember tubing...but I do not recall if it was on Mera or Seaside. We are booked for the holiday cruise this Dec...crossing fingers it will sail! Now I think about it...the pool, slides and zip line will be packed with kids.
  25. Thank you for the responses. We were on Seaside the first month after she arrived to Miami. At the time, zipline was a fee. I agree it is slow and short. I remembered the water slides and we (and our little daughter) enjoyed it. We didn't F1, 4D or bowling back then and do not intend to do it again this time. I was curious if the waer slide is a fee now. 🙂
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