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  1. you can have your pic taken at the pier no problem
  2. talked to NCL rep said antigen test was ok
  3. same here probably my least favorite carnival ship. public spaces were too small for such a large ship. there wasn't big open areas always felt closed in. when this ship is at full max it is not going to be pleasant . as for the food very poor just my opinion. Steakhouse and Emerils were both very good.
  4. ye got bid accepted from balcony to spa club balcony suite for Nov 7th. only bidder $125
  5. Does anyone know if the 72 testing before cruise is like other cruise lines that if your cruise is Saturday then you can test Wed , Thurs or Friday Meaning the time dosent matter just three days before
  6. for people flying in from other states i think it would be smart to test before you arrive in another city and then you test positive at the pier. you would be stuck in anther city away from home so i will test before i leave home
  7. did your results list it as a NAAT test , Carnival reps seem to not know what Rapid Diagnostic Test is . so hoping the results say more than the wording Rapid Diagnostic Test Dallas here by the way
  8. was the NAAT wording listed on the report or just Was the NAAT wording listed on the result page
  9. this is the answer i was looking for Carnival docent seem too know. I wish Walgreens would list as a NAAT test it would make it easier for us old farts to figure out. so I m assuming you used it for your Magic cruise?
  10. did you use the ID NOW from walgreens to get on the cruise, was it accepted ? I'm assuming the ID NOW is a molecular NAAT was that printed on your results
  11. was it theRapid diagnostic test( ID NOW) and if so did you use it for cruising and was it accepted
  12. Cant get a very good answer from Carnival Is the Walgreens Rapid Diagnostic Test ( ID Now) accepted for cruising if vaccinated And has someone used it yet to cruise
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