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  1. We rebooked our cancelled big multi-generational family reunion cruise for next year’s Alaska cruise. I just noticed that our sailing now has a Kids Sail Free promo. We have 2 families with small kids and the FCC was used as deposit. Now that the kids are sailing free and you can’t use the FCC to pay for taxes and port charges, can they be used for an OBC instead? Would really appreciate any thoughts on this matter. Thanks!
  2. It wouldn’t be safe to cruise until a vaccine becomes available. And a vaccine won’t be available for another 12 to 18 months. Already, cases are coming back to Hong Kong and China if they are not completely vigilant. Governor Cuomo thinks this will be a series of waves. Unless you want to be in the same boat as Diamond and Grand Princess, don’t book a cruise until a vaccine becomes available.
  3. This is an ongoing crisis until a vaccine becomes available. According to Dr Fauci, it will be available in 12 to 18 from now
  4. Royal Caribbean on Friday barred all travelers holding Chinese, Hong Kong or Macau passports from boarding its ships due to concerns over coronavirus. The ban applies to anyone holding one of those three types of passports regardless of when the person was last in their home regions, the company said in a statement. Additionally, regardless of nationality, any guest or crew member who has traveled to mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau, or been in contact with someone who has, less than 15 days before boarding won't be allowed to board the company's ships. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/royal-caribbean-cruise-passengers-n-j-screened-coronavirus-4-taken-n1132266?cid=sm_npd_ms_fb_ma
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