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  1. rosapdx

    Odyssey Tours??

    We booked a private tour with Odyssey Tours in Puntarenas during our Panama Canal tour. We were met as scheduled and boarded an air conditioned van. Carlos the tour guide and Herman the driver did a wonderful job. The itinerary was not followed exactly and when we returned to the ship we found out why - there had been a demonstration by the fishermen. Many of the ship’s tours were canceled or shortened and others were stuck on a bus for a couple of hours. We were not adversely affected at all and loved Costa Rica. I highly recommend Odyssey Tours.
  2. rosapdx

    Dora the Explorer, Cartegena

    We booked a private tour with Dora in December and had a wonderful time. We were met at the scheduled time and boarded an air conditioned van. She mentioned she likes to do the tours early in day before it gets too hot! Cartagena is a beautiful city and we enjoyed our tour.
  3. rosapdx

    Question that makes me think.... yikes!

    I just returned from a cruise on the Solstice last week. On the first formal night, there was a young couple (20's) ahead of us on the Select Dining line. The maitre d' asked the young man to put on a jacket. He replied that he did not have one and the maitre d' said that they would get him one. The couple was then led to a table and I don't know what happened after that. Rosa
  4. rosapdx

    Solstice Show Times?

    On my cruise last week the shows were at 8:45 and 10:45 pm on formal nights and 7 and 9 pm on casual nights. Rosa
  5. rosapdx

    Wine Packages

    My husband and I just returned from a cruise on the Solstice. We had decided not to get the wine packages we saw on-line. At dinner the first night, the sommelier suggested the Sip & Savor package. You could do either 3 bottles for a 10% discount or 5 for a 15% discount. Each night you ordered a bottle, they would just take our cabin number. On the last night, we received the bill for the whole cruise with our discount. The first page of the wine list was where we were supposed to choose from but we were told it wouldn't be a problem if we chose another wine. We were happy with the choices on that page so I don't know if that would work or not. Rosa
  6. rosapdx

    hiring a driver for the day

    My husband and I just returned from a western Caribbean cruise and we had booked Gerry for our day in Cozumel. We started by stopping at Los Cinco Soles for some shopping. We did a quick tour through some of the beach resorts and then went to the San Gervasio ruins. After that, we headed towards the east side of the island stopping for photo opportunities and finally a quick lunch at Rastas at Gerry's recommendation. He was standing at the head of the taxi line when we disembarked, just like Mike's instructions said and he was very professional and courteous. His English language skills are excellent and the car was safe and well-maintained with seat belts. I can highly recommend Gerry. Rosa
  7. rosapdx

    Need tour operator recommendations, please!

    Mike did get back to me about a week ago. He apologized for taking so long but he was having internet problems. I would try again. Rosa
  8. rosapdx

    Need tour operator recommendations, please!

    Beth, Would you please let me know if you hear back from Mike? I will be on the Celebrity Solstice and had contacted him about a private tour. He answered my original email but I have not heard back after I confirmed the date, time, etc. BTW, it is $95 for 3 hours minimum and then $25 for each extra hour for the station wagon that holds 4 people. This was with Gerry. Thanks, Rosa
  9. Kristen, You may want to check with the chamber of commerce, they have an email address and toll free number on their web site. I have no experience with any local tour services, sorry about that. The commercial district is east of the port and is flat. I would think someone on a scooter would be fine. There isn't much right at the port but there is a 'cruise ship bus' that runs from the port but I don't know if it is scooter accessible. Most of the attractions have web sites with contact information so you should be able to get specific answers. I'm sorry I don't have any more information for you. Rosa
  10. I moved to Astoria a couple of years ago and really enjoy living here. The Columbia River Maritime Museum is wonderful even if you are not into that sort of thing (I am not and still enjoyed it.) The Flavel House Museum is a restored Queen Anne Victorian with period furniture. There are other museums in town as well as shops, art galleries and wonderful restaurants. If you are in port on Sunday mid-May through mid-October, Sunday Market is fun. You can pick up maps to do various walking tours, including historic buildings and movie tours. The downtown area is very walkable and there is a trolley along the waterfront. The Astoria Column offers a beautiful view even if you don't climb all the stairs. It is a long uphill walk from downtown though. The Chamber of Commerce web site is http://www.oldoregon.com. I would be happy to answer questions if I can.
  11. I will be on the Sapphire Princess for Christmas 2008. We will be in PV on 12/24/08 and Cabo San Lucas on 12/25/08. Question for anyone recently returned from a Christmas cruise, were you able to book excursions, shop, etc at the ports Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Or was everything closed? I know I am planning ahead but I can't wait!! Thanks in advance!
  12. rosapdx

    Balcony for the Baltic?

    My DH and I were on the Star Princess in September 2007. We usually had breakfast and lunch on our balcony. The weather was great except while in St. Petersburg and the views while cruising through the archipelago and fjords were amazing. As another post said, the days are longer there and we also enjoyed watching the sunsets. I was very glad we had a balcony!
  13. rosapdx

    worth it to go to paid restaurants on cruises?

    My husband and I were on a Baltic cruise in September on the Star Princess. We ate at Sabatini's on one of the formal nights. We both loved the experience and thought the food was excellent. Our waiters were wonderful; we felt the service was superb. I had been afraid it would be too much food but you can just get a taste of all of the appetizers. They bring them around on platters and serve as much as you would like. The entree portion was a manageable size and my langostinos were delicious. I don't remember exactly how long dinner took but would guess about 2 hours. We definitely plan on going again on our next cruise.
  14. rosapdx

    Guide Books

    I was searching just yesterday on this forum for some good guide books but did not find any information. I ended up ordering a couple from Amazon, they are specific cruise ship guide books for the Mexican Riviera. They won't be here for a couple of weeks though.
  15. rosapdx

    1st Princess cruise next year.. what to expect?

    I just returned from a cruise on the Star a couple of weeks ago. My DH had put our anniversary in his Personalizer and midweek we received a coupon from the spa for 40% off. We had a couples massage earlier in the week but the coupon was not retroactive (it specifically stated that). I don't know if this is typically done. On the day of our anniversary, the door was decorated with balloons and we had a letter to give the Maitre'd at dinner. A little cake was delivered for dessert and the waiters sang Happy Anniversary. We had Anytime Dining.