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    When should I expect to hear from TWE?

    I am getting married in 6 weeks and I haven't heard anything yet. From what I hear it is like a week or 2 (if you are lucky). Don't worry.
  2. I am not a girly girl( I try but was raised by my dad so you see where my problem lies) anyway I am trying to decide if I want to wear a veil or just a tiarra. What do you think??

    Welcome Letter questions

    I am getting married 8/6/07 on the Ecstasy. We have a lot of out of town guest so I wanted to make a welcome letter and mail it to their homes before they leave for Houston. I wanted to know if anyone has done this and if so what information did you include that was very heplful. I don't want to forget anything important. Templates are welcome, m_holley77@yahoo.com. Thanks a million. Melinda

    First Cruise Questions

    I am getting married on a cruise in August and have a few quesitons that I can't find on the website. Drinks - I have read in various places that you can take some Non-Alcoholic drinks on board. True or False?? We are renting tuxedo's for the wedding on board and I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with them not fitting and not being able to get them fixed before the ceremony. Just a couple of questions for now. I have a call in but just thought I would check with ya'll in the mean time. Thanks

    Petticoat question...not sure.

    I think I will try my dress without it cause it looks like a have a lot of junk in my trunk with it!!! :p
  6. I already ordered my dress and when I tried it on at the place I used the petticoat that they had there but not sure which one to buy. I am getting a strapless A-Line gown so I don't want it to poof out really far. Do you even need one??? Thanks

    Do you think you'll cry?

    This is actually one of my problems because I know I am going to cry when I see my fiance but the biggie is when I do the father daughter dance. My dad and I are really close so it is going to be hard. I want a song that is sentimental but I don't want to cry...not sure what to do.

    What are your colors?

    My colors are "shrimp and white" this is the dress my girls are going to wear and I have a dress with shrimp on it as well!!

    Seeing your Sig. Other the morning of the wedding

    Rosebud, I am at the Port of Galveston. I2BX2W8, I am going to get my hair and makeup done in our hotel room, he will be there but once we get on the ship he will hurry and get ready then go somewhere while I get ready. I am sure he will find someone's cabin but he won't be in ours!!! LOL..

    Seeing your Sig. Other the morning of the wedding

    I am starting to feel a lot better!! Thanks guys!!!

    Seeing your Sig. Other the morning of the wedding

    That is what I think too!! And hey, I wanted that Glacier wedding for myself so I want pics when you get back. I couldn't get the fiance or family to pull it off but I am glad you are doing it. Congrats!!!

    Am I being crazy?

    I don't even know what my mom or my MIL will be wearing to my wedding. Someone on here asked me about that a few days ago and that is when I realized that they may not match. I guess it doesn't bother me. They will be there and that is really all that matters. I say to do what you want to do.
  13. We are going to stay together in a hotel the night before the cruise leaves and I have a stylist coming to the room the morning of the wedding to do my hair and such..we are riding to the terminal together but he won't see me after I put on my dress until the wedding. Not a big deal, huh? Obviously not traditional but not to many other options at this point. My sister said we aren't too see each other...we already live together. Anyway, whatever comments you have. Thanks.
  14. Has anyone had these taken? I am nervous that they won't be good. Let me know. Thanks!!

    Galveston weddings

    I am so glad to find someone. We booked our cruise/wedding in January and I managed to get the wedding party and guest booked already but now I need to focus on the actual wedding! I have the packet and know what I am going to order but there are a few little things that I need to call and findout. I want to know how the reception is done, my fiance doesn't think we need to have a DJ or any music for the matter because it is only like an hour and we have to eat and everything during that time. There are so many little things that I can't think of right now but what have you found out so far?? about anything!! One more thing, what do you plan on doing for the guest favors?? Melinda