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  1. Everyone has to do their own risk analysis but for us not likely for the next year +.
  2. Consider the following statement from the U.S. State Department ... “While the U.S. government has evacuated some cruise ship passengers in recent weeks, repatriation flights should not be relied upon as an option for U.S. citizens under the potential risk of quarantine by local authorities" No one knows how quickly a situation will evolve overnight. Am sure the passengers aboard the Grand Princess did not expect to be in the situation they are right now. Now with official statements from the Canada's Chief Public Health Officer recommending Canadians avoid all travel on cruise s
  3. We each have to evaluate our own situation re: travel. One of the main concerns regarding the coronavirus is the spread of it to those who are older, have weakened immune systems or more susceptible to it because of underlying medical conditions. With symptoms not appearing till 2-14 days after exposure, it is a concern. We have a cruise aboard the Sky Princess later this year. We will be monitoring the situation and in the end will decide what we will do. One hopes for the best … but you have to plan for the worst, as one always assumes that it won't happen to them … until i
  4. Safe travels … have fun. Look forward to hearing more about the Sky …
  5. Very nice review layout - appreciate the photos of the menus and the Princess Patter (which we haven't seen in a very long time as we've been cruising other lines). Surprised to hear about line-ups that early in the AM when boarding … when is the earliest one can board? Appreciate your culinary reviews …
  6. Am definitely going to try each and every one of the drinks you have listed - LOL. Thanks!
  7. The last incident of an outbreak of GI we encountered on a cruise was back in the 90's where we were boarded by CDC upon return to port. DW ended up being one of five hospitalized in the ship's infirmary, receiving IV for rehydration. So she was one of several interviewed one-on-one by CDC and asked to provide samples. CDC also collected rectal swabs, whole stool samples and serum from a number of the ill passengers; serum samples and stool sample were also collected from well persons. As per the CDC, the illness was characterized predominately by diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiti
  8. Try "Luke3DP Watch Adapter" … this may be what the OP is referring to …
  9. I would say that you are fine on both occasions. Your jeans are not in any state of disrepair that would prevent you from the MDR during regular dining ... and your dress is perfectly fine for formal dining, as my DW has dressed similarly a number of times before. (Would love to see a Maitre D' argue with a lady whether or not her 'dress' clarifies as an evening gown or cocktail dress -lol). Enforcement of the dress code, particularly for formal nights really comes down to the whim of whoever is standing there at the entrance. There is an article by the Washington Post last ye
  10. What did you think about the Cabanas in the Sanctuary? Were they pretty well all booked for your cruise?
  11. She surprised me with the LE 'James Bond 50th Anniversary Omega Seamaster Diver 300M' celebrating 50 years of James Bond … which features a black dial decorated with the James Bond 007 logo in a diagonal pattern, a unique caseback stamped with the gun-barrel design shown in the opening sequence of James Bond movies, a "bullet" decoration on the rotor that is visible through the central sapphire crystal glass, a helium escape valve and … etc. Love the watch 🙂 I just now learned Omega released last year, another LE James Bond Seamaster Diver 300M, this time celebrating the 50
  12. Just caught up on your Sky Princess Pictorial Travel Journal - great way to document your trip! Is it through a blog hosting service where you purchase your own domain name and web hosting service? In re: to your description of the Sanctuary, it sounds you can pre-book a lounger for the entire length of your cruise or for certain days ahead of time - correct? If you reserve a Cabana, can you specify/request a particular Cabana (i.e. looking for one with the best view so to speak). If you've cruised with Princess since the 80's you must remember the Fair Princess …
  13. $69?! Guess I won't be packing my lucky Bingo troll … LOL
  14. Congrats on your Tag purchase - checking out the latest in watches while cruising was/is still my favorite past-time. It's how I picked up my first Tag. 🙂 Now I just window-shop after DW got me my dream watch. B2B's are nice - hope you are enjoying it. Just got our Amazon order of stainless steel straws ordered specifically for our upcoming Princess cruise. Paper straws just don't cut it. When you boarded, did you notice if the Internet Packages were better priced when purchased on embarkation day as opposed to pre-purchasing it on the web?
  15. Wow. Did not realize or it just slipped past me that 5 pm is the start time for TD and ATD - that is early! We love to try new cruise ships so when I learned of the new Sky Princess last August, decided we had to come back and check out how Princess has evolved over the past decade plus since we last cruised with them. So it was quite interesting to read everyone's dining experiences aboard Princess cruises, especially about ATD and TD. Certainly wasn't expecting to read about line-ups before 5 pm - lol. From the look of things, we'll probably stick with our usual 'early or f
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