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  1. Well said, Hank! I am so insulted by the attitude of Florida's governor and Fll mayor.....neither seems to have any ability to formulate a plan of action. South Florida profits heavily from tourism overall, it is very disappointing to see such a lack of care, whether that starts from a financial point or from a base of compassion for others.
  2. We are finishing a Celebrity Equinox cruise arriving FLL on Feb 29, and move over to Nieuw Amsterdam departing Fort Lauderdale the same day. Does anyone know which dock the Nieuw Amsterdam will be.....will we need to Uber or can we walk from one ship to the other? It should be easy, but I want to be sure ….
  3. I emailed Maya Chan about massages yesterday, they replied quickly that yes, they have massage available at $25 half hour and $45 full hour.
  4. Just off the phone with X Customer Enhancement person. Our sailing is Feb 22 on Equinox. I had tried to purchase/book the first night dining special, and the only times shown online are 9,9:30, 10 PM. So I called to see if "Customer Enhancements" would find an earlier time. Nope. Not even "gosh, I'm so sorry, but all the times are booked, ". Just "NO". Same for Tuscan. Is this likely? Wondering about booking the 9 PM and trying to switch to an earlier time. 5:30 would be better than 9, IMO.
  5. What is the best way to request a 1 category upgrade that is listed as a loyalty perk for elite status? Do I call my TA? Is there a timing that must be followed? My cruise is 3 months out....
  6. Thinking of booking RCL out of Galveston, Jan 5-12....anyone have experience with this timing? Will parents be keeping their children out of school for this sailing? Thanks!
  7. For mef_57....we were just in Dubai in March. It is well lit, safe, easy to maneuver. The airport is so close to town you could drop your luggage and come back in pretty easily. We used public transportation, the metro is immaculate. But a taxi would probably be your quickest in your limited half day. You could sightsee till 9 or 9:30 PM and then go to airport. You say you’re not much for shopping, but Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates world be open and is great for people watching, checking out the indoor aquarium or ski area, depending on which mall. Or a trip to top of Burj Al Khalifa, the
  8. Regarding taxis at the cruise port: there is a surcharge. My examples here are from Abu Dhabi, which I remember best from our March cruise, but I am pretty sure that Dubai is the same. When you step into a taxi at the cruise port, the meter reads 25. When you start with a taxi outside the cruise port area, it starts at 5 dirhams. There is a minimum taxi fare of 12 dirhams for any trip. Note that 25 dirhams is about $US 6.81. You cannot walk around in the Dubai cruise port, some sort of transport is necessary. Also note that there are choices of taxi sizes. If you choose a larger taxi (fo
  9. I’m adding real-time information to what Anne has posted as we are now at Millennium Plaza in Dubai. It was a great suggestion by Anne to stay here as the location has many advantages. Standard taxi from airport was 41.50 dirhams at 4 PM Friday, took about 15 minutes. There are numerous restaurants and services around the hotel within 3 blocks, as far as we have explored. There is a Lifco Grocery 1/2 block on SZR and a pharmacy the other way on SZR. Inside the grocery is a laundry/cleaners. They are washing hubby’s jeans and will deliver to hotel within 24 hours for 10 dirhams... significantly
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