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  1. We rented from Budget and the return and shuttle in PC couldn't have been smoother. The shuttle driver hauled all of our luggage (5 of us) and was as nice as can be.
  2. Sounds like a fun trip to me! When I was on Sovereign in May, several staff members told me about the Bud cruise and seemed excited about it. Everyone who drinks isn't a sloppy puking pig.
  3. Bufordite

    Showpeople: rest of the day

    On our 2007 Sovereign trip I noticed the dancers staffed the Coco Cay Waverunner hut. One of the singers was the tail guy rounding up the last of the waverunners on the excursions.
  4. Bufordite

    Little Souvenir

    Good luck with that! I burned up my souvenir budget before I ever took my first cruise but that would be a good memory.
  5. Bufordite

    Soverign of the Seas Rooms Deck 9

    I haven't stayed in those particular rooms but I have cruised in another room on deck 9. I really liked it, had a bigger shower and more storage and was extremely quiet. I made friends with our hallmates (we were up front close to the bridge door) and I had to apologize one morning because we came in around 4 am giggling and making a ton of noise. Our hallmates were a good bit older than us and they said we didn't bother them because they weren't even back to their rooms yet! We did not have a fridge. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. Bufordite

    Worried about size of showers

    Superior Oceanview on deck 9. I'd really consider that instead of an interior, the price difference is worth it! My disclaimer is that I have not been on the Majesty but I'm assuming it's very similar to the Sovereign.
  7. Bufordite

    Worried about size of showers

    I thought the shower in the SO we booked this year was larger than the showers in the normal OVs and Interiors. Maybe someone else can vouch for this. I'm only 5'3" so my sense of space may be different than your husbands!
  8. Bufordite

    Dolphin Encounter

    I did it and loved it last year. You can book directly for about $85, plus the cost of the taxi/water taxi to Paradise Island. It's around $120 for the same thing through RCCL. I don't have the web address handy but it's on Blue Lagoon Island, you can use a search engine to find it.
  9. I have young kids and I wouldn't bring them into the dining room if they had to be entertained by Barney. I wouldn't let them bring an iPod to dinner, nor would I let my husband bring his Blackberry.
  10. Bufordite

    Port Canaveral Car Rentals

    We used Budget last time and the service was great. The shuttle guy in PC is really nice.
  11. Bufordite

    Getting water on board

    I taped a luggage tag to a case of water and it was delivered to our cabin with no problem. I liked having bottled water in the cabin, and I liked being able to take water out on excursions.
  12. Bufordite

    Sovereign review

    We had a crazy experience with our waiter earlier this month but he was leaving the ship for vacation as we debarked so it probably wasn't our guy. We also had a very similar experience in JR. I did have a coupon in my gold book though so at least I wasn't out much money!
  13. I was just on in May and noticed the 2-liter bottles in the WJ. I didn't have any soda but I saw servers pouring from the cart of 2-liters.
  14. Bufordite

    Sovereign Of The Seas Deck 9

    We stayed in 9016 in May, 3 grown women. With 3 more grown women in the connecting room next door and 8 others down the hall. We had our connecting doors open and would all hang out while we were getting dressed for dinner, etc. and we did fine. The previous year we had done this in the tiny inside rooms on deck 2 so maybe we were just overly appreciative for the extra room but I never felt too cramped.
  15. Bufordite

    Sovereign SOV Conflicting Info

    I just sailed in 9016 and there is a small safe, no sofa, and no fridge to be found. We took a case of water and a 12-pack of cokes and wrapped a luggage tag around them with tape and they came right on through. (There were 14 in our party and we shared).