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  1. On 3/24/2020 at 10:39 AM, orville99 said:

    And this is a tragically predictable outcome when one couples investigational myopia with media-generated hysteria. It changes "ignorance is bliss" to ignorance may be fatal"

    Media-generated hysteria? They took it because the President hyped it as a cure. The wife's eventual response? "Don't trust anything President Trump says."

  2. We all want good news, but perhaps this study doesn't quite qualify. There's no scientific evidence that this drug is effective against covid-19, and a man in Arizona just died after taking the drug (as it was incorrectly identified by President Trump) in the hope that doing so would keep him from catching the virus. 


    Right now there is hope but no good news. There is a difference - hope is an exercise in faith, news does include information that quack remedies are being promoted, but it's also hard facts - see Governor Cuomo's press conferences for transparency and truth. 


    Rainbows and unicorns aren't my idea of facts. 


    And oh boy,, am I sorry I can't take my April cruise.

  3. Yep, you can. I think tips and casino are the only exclusions. And I wasn't aware of the casino until your post...probably b/c I have enough charges on my account to cover the shareholder benefit without the casino lol.

    Hope you have a great cruise!

  4. I'm a big Carnival fan, but my first impressions are, at best, meh.

    The ship is going to be CROWDED - there's simply no way around it with the passenger space ratio being what it is.

    And where have you gone, Havana Pool?  A tiiiiiiiny pool on Deck 8, no hot tubs, but a heckuva lot more Havana cabins than on Vista class.  The Havana area was the best part of my cruise on Horizon - after a tranquil, relaxing day hanging out around the Havana Pool, a trip up to the crowded, frantic, and noisy Lido deck for a Guy's burger made me want to skip the food and run for my life.

    The Neighborhoods....whoops....Zones look OK but they are definitely derivative.

    I don't really see anything here that makes me want to cruise on Mardi Gras instead of any number of other Carnival ships.

  5. Not quite.

    On all but the $25 minimum tables, player blackjack pays 6 to 5, not 3 to 2. This is a sucker's game - if you bet $10 and get a blackjack, you get paid $12, not $15. Got it?

    If you want to gamble on Carnival, play craps - $5 minimum, double odds, a fair game.

    If you want to play blackjack, you can't get anywhere near a fair game unless you're prepared to play $25 minimum.

  6. I did a back-to-back on Breeze in a cove balcony and loved it. As RTR says, the only obstruction is from above, and any cabin between the lifeboats won't have that.


    If you have rough weather, my recollection is that the barrier they put up only covers the door to the balcony and not the window. If that's right, you wouldn't lose your view, just the use of your balcony. But we didn't encounter bad weather, so I may be wrong about this. Anyone know anything different?

  7. Shucks, I'll keep this thread going, why not?


    Sailing Horizon in July, but my first Carnival cruise was in '94 on Sensation - 7 days from Miami to San Juan/St. Thomas/St. Maarten, sound familiar?


    I remember the casino being a lot bigger then - it included the area that's now Club O2, I think. The ship was pretty new and of course was (Joe) Farcusian in the extreme. They played Kathie Lee on the public address at sailaway, there were lots of tuxedos and gowns, and on the second formal night, one of the appetizers in the MDR included caviar.


    20 years later almost to the day I sailed Sensation again on a 4-day. A lot had changed but not everything - she's still as purple as ever and those fiber optic trees are still a hoot.


    Good times!

  8. Great discussion and thanks to all for keeping it polite. I'm about to sail my 21st Carnival cruise so you could say I'm a fan. But my two RCL cruises, both transatlantic trips, were fantastic - loved the ship, the people, the programs and staff, great trips both. Carnival does some things better than Royal, Royal does some things better than Carnival. And there's probably at least one cruise line somewhere that pretty much does almost everything better than both of them.


    I cruise to be on the ocean, away from everything that's back on land - and for the service, for having someone do basically everything for me while I unpack once and let them wait on me hand and foot. White glove service? Butlers? Hardly - but the waiters and stewards are hard-working and friendly and at least on Carnival, once they've met me, they call me by name for the rest of the cruise.


    I'll be back on Royal, almost booked Harmony OTS for this trip but was a little put off by the idea of sailing with 6000 or so of my closest friends....a bit overwhelming for me, I think. So I went with Carnival Horizon, a Havana Cabana, and "new ship smell." But other lines are in my future for sure.


    Happy sailing, everyone! :ship: :tropical-drink::cool:

  9. I've never used a PVP, but that's not because of any perks. I use a cruise specialty TA because they can show me options with other cruise lines which I might not have otherwise considered. I'm Platinum on Carnival so yes, I'm a big fan and do usually book Carnival, but I've enjoyed other lines too and will probably be trying some new ones soon to have the experience of some variety. Carnival is great value, but I sail to be on the ocean and let's face it, Carnival cruises are pretty similar...you could practically set your watch by what's on tonight's MDR menu.


    Even though I don't use a PVP, I've booked direct with Carnival, either onboard or through the website, when I absolutely know I want to sail Carnival on a particular ship and date. Then I can often transfer that booking to a TA and get whatever perks the TA is offering.

  10. DAM, that's a shame. I'm glad you enjoyed the food, though, at least once it came. My experience is that the extra-cost steak in the MDR in fact isn't the "same steak" as served in the steakhouse. It's good, yes, but not steakhouse good, probably because a lot more steaks are being prepared and they're not being prepared to order. To me the steakhouse is worth every penny of $35 - that meal would cost at least twice that much in a restaurant of similar quality on land.


    RWolver, if the steakhouse doesn't float your boat, don't go there. To each their own. I agree, if you'd rather eat at a chain restaurant than a fancy one, the steakhouse isn't going to do it for you. I like it as a special treat, something out of the ordinary, a meal that's maybe about more than just what's on the plate. For me the more personal service is part of that experience. But then again, I'm hardly ever disappointed in the MDR, and I've been on more cruises where I didn't go to the steakhouse than ones where I did.


    Bon appetite, y'all!

  11. I bring a 'tablet' that contains movies, some TV shows, and my favorite solitaire game!

    The cabin tv is only 3-4 movie channels, and 4 news channels, so I enjoy having the option of my tablet when we're relaxing in the cabin. My wife also bring hers with her movies and games!-))

    My tablet is also what I use for my delayed CC thread from the ship each day.

    Can't wait to see if the Vista's internet is as good as some have said.

    And we can download the Carnival Hub which we both like.


    I do bring a tablet for those reasons - plus it's my e-reader, easier than carrying books. I've used the Hub, easy to understand why folks like it - if I were traveling in a group, I'd probably use the text feature a lot.

  12. Have had no issues meeting courteous gay folk on any cruise line, gay guys on Carnival are as friendly as any. Assuming that they've heard you, people who don't respond to hello with "hello" are just rude, has nothing to do with anything else.


    I came out in 1975. Even then I knew that being gay, by itself, wasn't enough reason to be friends with someone - to be part of a community, yes, but that's something different.

  13. Greetings, D's Friend! I remember meeting you and your friends on Navigator on the TA in '12 - I was traveling with my buddy Hilton from Atlanta. Hope you all have been well.


    I did the same trip the next year but solo this time - a lady on the roll call grouped a bunch of solos together for dinner and we had the largest table in the dining room - 14 of us! Had a great time doing all sorts of things together, which really made it a terrific cruise. RCL otherwise was not on its game that trip, and there was lots of grumbling both during and after the cruise. But because of the friends I made, it was one of my very favorite vacations - there was also a gay group organized by a fellow from Fort Lauderdale, who arranged several gay parties in the disco - that was also a lot of fund, and one of the guys on his tour was especially friendly....


    I would love to be joining you again but probably can't do it...I now have a partner, and we have to save up and coordinate our vacations as I have more leave time on my job than he does on his.


    But if that changes, perhaps we'll meet again. Meantime, I hope all of you have a fantastic time!

  14. What are your thoughts on Spa rooms? The good, the bad and the ugly, please and thank you.


    The floor plan, including the balcony size, is identical to every other room of the same category on the ship.


    The soft goods are a little nicer - sofa, bed covers, towels, etc. The robes are a little nicer, and there are slippers that will fit up to about a size 9 man's foot.


    There are hotel-size bottles of Elemis shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner. There's also a little spritzer of freshener for your pillows or something else you want to smell nice.


    My experience is that the locations are a little quieter. But they're high up at the front of the ship, so if you're very sensitive to motion, you might have an issue. (I haven't.)


    If you're interested in using the spa a good bit and are planning on booking a room on Lido or Panorama deck, it's worth the extra money to book the spa cabin - otherwise, you'll pay more for your cabin plus the weekly spa pass than you would have if you booked the spa cabin in the first place.


    I've stayed in them twice, think they're a nice treat.

  15. I just noticed a most likely bogus review of Carnival Splendor on the Member Review page. It's located at http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=504946.


    It claims to be a review of a Splendor Western Caribbean cruise that began on May 26, 2015. Problem is that Splendor was on an 8-day cruise from NYC to San Juan that began on May 24 and visited none of the ports mentioned in the review. I know because I was on that cruise, which was fantastic.


    The reviewer apparently has 0 posts and 1 review. Guess what, the review is extremely negative.


    I have contacted the Community e-mail addy for Cruise Critic about this - hopefully they can make this "review" disappear.


    Happy cruising, folks! And remember, like momma and daddy told you, don't believe everything you read in the papers! :)

  16. My guess is that the Magic will be upgraded from the old style shows with the giant, costly sets to the Playlist Production style shows that are cheaper and easier to change out.:D


    ::ducks in case of rotten tomatoes::


    No rotten tomatoes here, just a bouquet for you. I am not a fan of the Playlist shows.


    But you're probably right about Magic - and the others - getting the PP shows, at least any ships that don't already have them.

  17. Other then a free cruise, what was the best deal you ever got from Carnival for a cruise? What you paid per night, or per person, etc.


    A solo B2B 6-day/8-day on Breeze in a cove balcony: $599 for the 6-day + $799 for the 8-day = $1398 for a 14-day cruise in a balcony cabin...and the cabin all to myself. Wowzers!


    I would also suggest that $75 for the Chef's Table is also a great bargain...but it's not the thread topic so please excuse the mini-hijack. :o

  18. My favorite in the MDR (besides the melting cake) was bitter and blanc...but on my last trip on Breeze they had changed it somewhat...still good.


    If you go to the steakhouse, the chocolate sampler is not to be missed. This wildly misnamed treat had my sister and me gasping at how good it was. I won't spoil the surprise with more details. Just another reason that $35 for the steakhouse is a screamin' bargain.

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