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  1. Do we have to use their money or do they accept US dollars and/or Euro's?
  2. We did the Salzburg tour and it was very good. Saw a few places from Sound of Music, also they have an Easter Egg store there that is really cool. Real eggs that are decorated. I bought 6 and they made it home with no problems. Even if you do not buy, they are worth looking at them. https://www.enchantedserendipity.com/christmas-salzburg-hand-painted-egg-shop/
  3. Just returned from the Gems of Southeast Europe on AMACerto. It was a very interesting cruise. We did a lot of touring and learned a lot about communism and the different views (as stated above). We did many long tours and also some days had 2 and 3 tours. I figured I would rest when I got home. We loved the tours and the cities were interesting. We were able to get to them all as the water level must have improved. The highlight of the tour was being able to meet the Crown Prince of Serbia and his wife at their palace. They were very friendly and welcoming. They took pictures of the group with them. One of the pictures they stood right between my husband and myself. Wouldn't you know that is the one picture that they did not print. We did the extension in Romania and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Dracula's Castle (Bran) nd also Peles Castle. Peles Castle was the most lovely castle I have ever seen both inside and out.
  4. Thanks so much fo the quick reply. I hope we do not have river level issues; however, I am sure AMA will take care of us regardless. We have a hurricane heading this way so a bit concerned about leaving home. Water levels, hurricanes--deep breaths, deep breaths--LOL.
  5. Did you enjoy this cruise? We leave tomorrow for Vienna and board the AmaCerto on Saturday. We are hoping we can take the ship the entire way as we have been hearing that the water levels have been very low.
  6. In case anyone is wondering we have a pre-cruise stay starting 9/12 and cruise starting 9/15 and our documents just showed up today.
  7. Looks like we are doing the same cruise but 1 week before your cruise. What a shame it is not the same one.
  8. We were on AMAPrima 4 years ago and had no problems with under the bed storage. Interesting how some work and others don't.
  9. We were on Amacello 2 years ago and our bags would not fit in the "under-the-bed pull out storage bins." However, they did fit in the closet and you could put other things (i.e. shoes) in the storage bins. The rooms are small but if you put everything away it is definitely not a problem. And, unlike the big ocean cruise cabins, you truly are not in the room very much. There is always a tour each day or at least a scenic cruise where you want to be where you can see both sides of the river. We were only in our rooms for bathing, dressing and sleeping; otherwise we were on the top of the ship (weather permitting), in the lounge or on a tour.
  10. We are on the cruise right before you and would love to hear more information.
  11. Thanks Mike, we are looking forward to it.
  12. We will be in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria for a day or less. We will be in Vienna, Austria and Bucharest, Romania for a few days (beginning and end) and plan on getting the appropriate currency for both of those countries. If I see something I want to buy I would either hit the ATM or try to use my credit card. Mostly, I was thinking about post cards, ice cream or some other small type souvenir. I am thinking of getting the US equivalent of $20 for each country but if I could just use Euros it would just be easier. Not worried that the exchange rate would not be good or that the change would be in the countries own currency. So what do you think? Get around $20 of each countries currency or take my chances with Euros? Also, for those that did this cruise (or similar) before, did you like it? We have done the Danube (Budapest to Nuremburg) and the Rhine (Amsterdam to Basel). We thought this would be all new places to see and we get to see Transylvania and Dracula's castle! What was a highlight for you on this cruise? Any do's or don'ts's?
  13. We are doing Amawaterways Gems of Southeast Europe in September. We will be in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Has anyone done this before and are Euros widely accepted in these countries. I know they would prefer their own currency and I know the exchange rate using Euros won't be as good but was wondering if I had to get a little local currency for each of these countries?
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