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  1. For all those Philip Stein watch lovers out there - I wanted to give you the 411 on my St. Thomas Philip Stein purchase. Because I know before our cruise, I was looking for info. I bought my Philip Stein at Royal Caribbean Jewelers. There are only two stores in Charlotte Amalie that carry these watches: Diamonds International and Royal Caribbean. And believe me, I checked everywhere in search of the best deal. I bought a "small" stein with a single row of diamonds at Royal Caribbean. It was $1400. This included a lizard band and a black band. This was a better deal than at DI where they would only give me 1 band for the same price. I also saw this same watch in San Juan Puerto Rico for $1350 -- and they also offered me 2 bands. Either way, wanted to give Cruise Critic the info I had on this purchase. Hope this helps the Stein lovers out there.