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  1. That's weird. I work for a hospital where we have weekly town halls to keep us informed. They said the CDC does not recommend testing after a confirmed case of COVID because you can test positive for up to 3 months after contracting it. So I wonder if they have provisions for someone with a confirmed prior case of COVID. My employer also sent us a link today to a study published in the journal Science that found that there is immunity after having COVID for 8 months. I had COVID in August and I just received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I have been carrying my vaccine card and
  2. I still haven't received our new cabin assignments after being told I should get them by the end of the day yesterday. She had said to call if I didn't so I decided to call. Good thing I did because she said that our 3 reservations were no longer linked. I had confirmed last Friday and yesterday that they were linked. She said she thought they unlinked them because they were moving them. She got the resolutions manager involved who put a note in our reservations that we should have the cabins together and she relinked the reservations. I hope that will be enough. She said that if I don'
  3. I am booked on the 5/8/21 Brilliance being moved to the Indy and I have not yet received the updated itinerary or cabin assignments for our 3 cabins. I double-checked my email which said it would be complete by the 28th and decided to call for an update. I was told that my booking still shows the Brilliance. She said they are behind and will have it done by end of day today. She said to call if I don't see the update by tomorrow. This is very aggravating. Why do they keep over-promising and under-delivering? You would have thought they learned from the refund debacle this sp
  4. We are booked on the 5/8/2021 Brilliance for 7 nights and I saw it go down to $46 a couple of times. Finally I saw it go down to $46 again last week so all 6 of us in our group bought it. The next day we got the email that our cruise was being changed to the Independence! When I called Royal he said that the drink package would be refunded. I told him I was upset about losing a good deal. He said the same price would be offered for one week after we receive our new booking info about the Indy. I sure hope that pans out.
  5. Oh I understand that. I just meant I thought it would be better if Royal just let them choose a cruise in a longer time frame than the exact same week. Some people have been saying they would like the opportunity to cruise rather than just get cancelled.
  6. I'm not a business expert, but I would think that Royal would want to hang on to as many bookings as possible. If they cancel a cruise, why can't they just let the customer choose another cruise in the coming year that is a similar itinerary on a similar ship in the same category for the same price? Maybe have a few excluded sailings, that would be reasonable. I mean the customer has shown they want to cruise. If they outright cancel someone, now they have to convince someone else to book the cabin they could have just filled with the cancelled cruiser.
  7. I feel like our rep was legit on this because I could here him saying to himself, "OK, Brilliance to Independence, balcony cabin......It's $200." It sounded like he was truly looking it up. But I will wai and see.
  8. I just got off of the phone with Royal. I hope all of what he told me is true. We had an 8 night on May 8 on the Brilliance moved to an 8 night on May 8 on the Independence. We had 3 cabins. My husband and I in one, daughter and BF in 2nd and son and fiancee in the 3rd. We had been booked by a Royal agent after being one of the first cancelled in March so I wasn't sure if we were actually linked. I had gone online and added the kids reservations to ours the minute I got the email hoping we would get our new cabins together. The rep said that our reservations were i
  9. I was wondering what they do with linked reservations. I wasn't sure if the agent had linked our three reservations when we booked so as soon as I got the email that we were moved from the Brilliance I went online and linked us. I'm not sure if it will matter. I'm hoping the three of us stay next to each other.
  10. We are happy about the change. We were on a 3/16 Independence 5 day cruise that was cancelled on the evening of 3/13. My son and girlfriend were also going and he planned to propose. Our daughter and her boyfriend were going too. We were in Inside cabins to save the young ones some money. Needless to say, we were so disappointed. Luckily we were driving from Illinois to KY to pick up my daughter then driving to FL, so we just hopped in the car and made a trip to Clearwater where my son proposed on the beach. We took the 125% FCC's and were able to book on the 5/8 Brilliance for 8 days in
  11. We are booked for a free casino cruise on 11/1 Harmony. We paid for a few cruise planner items. I considered cancelling them just so I wouldn't have to wait for a refund. I had a 3/16 cruise cancelled and went through a very long wait for FCC's and refunds. However, we really do hope this cruise goes so we decided to not to cancel the cruise planner items.
  12. I am happy to see that my 5 points were posted. I am at exactly 300 points now so I just made Elite!
  13. That's great to hear. My cruise is Nov. 1 and I am concerned it won't sail. Great to know I can keep the OBC.
  14. We usually bring two bottles of champagne onboard. When we meet our room steward we provide a good tip and ask them to please have a bottle on ice for us with two glasses in the afternoon of formal night. We like to dress up so we take our time getting ready and enjoying our bubbly. The stewards have always done a great job for us. Even though we always have the drink package, it's nice to enjoy the bottle while we are dressing and unable to run to a bar.
  15. I got 5 points too! So I just made Elite and I'm very happy. That will translate to Diamond on our Harmony OTS cruise in November and we will get to sail as Elite on the Equinox in January.
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