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  1. Thank you for starting this thread! We will be getting on the ship August 1st after you depart so we really appreciate the advance information. With our cruise we have so far been unable to see anything loaded in Journeyview, so the only info we are getting is from people on your cruise. Hope they have a big sendoff for your cruise in a week.
  2. Princess still has the obstructed balconies listed under the interior cabins. At least on the Majestic Princess.
  3. Lost the Green check for personal information this afternoon in the app. Took a look and found new fields to enter our airport to be returned to in event of an Emergency, and where to enter our Departure Flights information. Then finally got the Check Mark back.
  4. Where did you see the status for your Medallion shipment at? We are also on the August 1 cruise.
  5. From Princess CruiseHealth - Frequently Asked Questions "If you're sailing on one of these cruises, guests who are fully vaccinated can enjoy taking in a show, sharing a world-class meal, and other onboard experiences without wearing a mask or physical distancing. Ports will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces often and provide hand-sanitizing stations. They may also require mask wearing and physical distancing throughout the terminal. For your own protection, we may recommend wearing masks in crowded indoor spaces or while accessing select services. Unvaccinated guests will b
  6. Reserved the Group A 11:30-11:45 time for the two of us yesterday morning for the 8/1/21 sailing on the Majestic. We are Elite status and did not get any advance notice from Princess this is available; we've been checking each day and saw it available in the Medallion App. Disembarkation times are still not available, but we now have 4 Green Check Marks on our status page - only need to complete the Health Questionnaire closer to the cruise. I posted a note in our roll call and other parties replied that it was still not available for them to select a time. Not sure what the difference is
  7. Reserved our boarding time for August 1 cruise this morning. After clicking on the Early time, we then had a couple of choices of 15 minute time slots to choose from. We chose the first group boarding between 11:30 and 11:45. Disembarkation times were still not available today. We didn't get any notification from Princess. Was checking the Medallion app at lunch and saw they were available. Other people on our roll call still cannot select a boarding time. We are Elite with Princess so they may be making slots available to passengers who had Priority boarding in th
  8. The doors were magnetic the last time we were on board. We had some magnetic signs on our cabin door.
  9. Some friends of ours that do not drink wine told us they take the coupons to the Purser's Desk and ask them to credit the amount of the coupon to their account. They have never had a problem doing that.
  10. My wife and I enjoy playing the trivia games onboard whenever we cruise. We also play trivia once or twice a week when we go out to eat .We usually find some teammates on the first day of the cruise so that we have 6 people playing. We have found it helps to have some people from the North America as well as overseas so we can have a better shot at the questions. Unfortunately we have seen several examples of cheating, including: 1) use of phones and tablets, 2) reference sheets (both notebooks of old quizzes as well as sheets with notes for topic specific trivia games, 3) changing wrong
  11. Got off the Caribbean Princess one week ago. Could not tell there was any dress code enforced on board for the Dining Rooms. Saw some passengers on non-formal nights there in t-shirts, blue jeans, and shorts. Both in line and seated. Never saw or heard one comment made to these people. Most passengers make the effort to meet the dress code. Too bad a small group think this does not apply to them.
  12. The wristband I received from Princess two weeks ago will not keep the Medallion in it. Fell out of it within 30 minutes. If these are the improved ones I hate to think what the first ones were like.
  13. Very good reminder. We were on a cruise where two B2B passengers delayed all of us for over an hour because they did not show up and did not respond to shipwide announcements.
  14. A couple of days before the end of your first cruise you should receive a letter explaining the procedure for passengers staying on board for the next cruise. They should give you a time for them to move you. As previously mentioned, leave hanging items on hangers and pack loose items in your bags. The steward will bring a cart to move you to your new cabin. They are very quick and efficient. Many places you can leave the ship after moving. The letter will explain if you need to go thru Canadian immigration. You should also receive an In Transit Passenger card for eac
  15. As mentioned, cruises with large numbers of Elite take much longer. Our last two trans Atlantic cruises had over 1200 Elite on board and a 5 day turn around on laundry was routine. When we boarded we were told it would take 72 hours on each cruise, but took considerably longer. We always take one or two laundry pods to use if we get desperate.
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